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Guardian of the Rage
28-09-2009, 06:48
Hi all,

Of all the races, i think that high elves are my favourite. I have found it hard to write what i call a 'good' list (with all the things i like in any numbers). This is the best i've come up with so far.

Prince: Armour of Caledor, Starlance, Phoenix, on Moon Dragon

Nobel: BSB, Gem of Hoeth, Great Weapon, Dragon armour.
Mage: L2, Scroll, jewell

Spearmen (20) Command
Spearmen (20) Command

Sword Masters (12) Command, Am. of Light
White Lions (11) Command, Lion banner
Dragon Princes (6) Command, Ellyrion Banner

Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

As always, any and all C&C is appreciated.

Kind regards,

Desert Rain
28-09-2009, 13:33
Looks like a fine list to me. But you could drop some command models and replace the star lace with an ordinary lance. That would free up ~80 points or so, which can be used to buy some more troops.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
28-09-2009, 16:20
I think that list will get owned. Not to be offensive or anything but a twelve man unit of swordmasters= 1 magic missile or anything besides goblins to shoot atthem and they are done. 11 White lions are just screaming for either the same thing or a chariot. The dragon princes and bolt throwers are allright. Might want to take eagles. In my experience two are better than one. Your noble is very squishy :( You dont have any significant magic resistance nor any real power to cast anything. The spearmen are good. Just avoid getting hit with cavalry or chariots with them and they are sturdy.
I will also say if you are going to go Prince on dragon go big or go home :) Take the star dragon. I have only used it a handful of times but its a monster!!!

Guardian of the Rage
29-09-2009, 15:13
Right, well to be honest, thanks for the Honesty!

Assuming that one sucks, might this fare any better, baring in mind that i'm not playing in a highly competitive setting. It has a rare Lothern/Eataine feel to it.

Prince: Sword of Might, Armour of Caledor, Vemb. of Defence, on Sun Dragon (representing Sea Lord)

Mage: annulian Crystal
Mage: Scroll x2

Seaguard (15) Command
Seaguard (15) Command

Lothern Knights (Dragon princes) (6) Command, Banner of Ellyrion, Scroll
Guardians of the Glittering Light House (White Lions) (18) Command, Arcane resistance, Am. of Light
Eataine Chariot (Lion Chariot)

Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

I'm well aware that Seaguard aren't that competitive, but could this work in a friendly setting? As always, C&C is appreciated.

Kind regards,

Desert Rain
29-09-2009, 17:07
I would take a lance instead of the Sword of Might on the lord. The rest looks fine though you might want to drop some white lions and buy and eagle instead. I would also change the banner of arcane portection to either Lion Standard or War Banner, depending on opponent.
Otherwise I think that it would do fine in a friendly environment.

30-09-2009, 21:37
Right, I think this list needs some work.

Let's begin.

Firstly, you need to decide what each unit will do in your games. A fairly common strategy I use is the pincer movement. For this you will need some solid units in the middle to take the brunt of the fighting (Phoenix Guard with a fighty Noble is best but Swordmaster with good protection will also work), and two elements of fast units to do the flanking. I would pair up the Lion Chariot with the Princes as a tag team and the Dragon with perhaps another chariot or more Princes. The White Lions, in my opinion, are VERY fragile and will not do enough damage back to warrant having them take up a large chunk of your army, so I would drop them.

Core Choices; you can either make your core choices small and cheap to hold table quarters (2 or 3 10xMan Spearmen units with nothing+10xArchers) or you can have them do something in your games (in which case 2 20xSpearmen could work). The first strategy they are expendable and the enemy is welcome to busy themselves trying to kill them, the second strategy you will have to be smart and pick your fights as Spearmen are very soft and don't pack the punch too well.

Shooting; Bolt throwers are great but are fairly expensive. Currently you have 300pts in them. That means if you have some bad terrain or a fast enemy, you will have a fair portion of your army unable to do much and be easily wiped out. I don't take more than 2 in 2250 as anything that 3 can do, 2 can do just as well.

Magic; you will want to decide what the purpose of your mages will be. If I take two mages in a game, one will be a defensive one with High Lore to protect the Swordmasters, and one will be an offensive one (Ring of Fury is good on this one) to try and whittle the enemy down. Lev 2 mages are OK but don't expect them to do that much damage. You should consider whether two will be worth it.

So, in my opinion as to the above list: swap the Seaguard to smaller, bare core choices; drop a bolt thrower; drop the White Lions; get either another chariot or some Dragon Princes to team up with the Dragon; get a nice solid unit of Phoenix Guard to hold the middle with some swordmasters assisting. The points cost of this will likely be through the roof but with a bit of tweaking you can have a workable list.

These ideas are for doing well in a competitive scenario (as I tend to play) but there is no reason why you cant substitute some units for those you have or fluff reasons. High Elves are NOT as easy army to master and you will find that at first you will tend to lose more games than you win. Once you get sick of losing you'll want to start thinking more tactically. By the time you've realised that you'll likely not need any help from us :P

Good luck!