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28-09-2009, 07:07
I've got my first ever game coming up against Orcs next weekend.

I'm pretty unfamiliar with the Orc army and particularly how it plays against Beasts.

I have watched a game of Empire v Orcs and guessed I need to pull out any fanatics with hounds and avoid any Boar units like the plague/feed them more warhounds.

Orcs look like a tough match to me.... they seem to be able to shoot, manouver and do combat very well and their magic looks pretty scary too.

Is there anything I should be aware of, any surprise nasty units?

If I come up against a Wyvern I am likely to be stuffed....

Is there anything I should be wise to?

My big banes against other armies (mainly elves of various stripes) have been magic, shooting and fast cavalry....

My usual list is basically all Tzeentch.

I have available

1 Giant

4 chariots

3 minotaurs

6 Ogres

5 Centigors

80 Beastherd

20 Warhounds

1 Shaggoth

6 assorted Beastman characters (no Doombull)

Any help appreciated!

28-09-2009, 07:44
How many points is the game? anyways, to assistance, if you have enough points a Shaggoth and a Giant will soak up pretty much all of the ranged fire, but try too use the ambush rule to attack him were he least expects it. In straight up combat your Gors should be able to hold up to Orcs, although I would recommend the 2 hand weapon option. 2 level 1 Bray Shamans with 2 dispel scrolls each will shield you from most of his magic. And Giants i find usually beat Wyverns in combat, but if your worried through a chariot at it first. And take all of your chariots. Tzeentch will work well with the magic theme, however O&G have very average leadership so consider MON for fear causing.

29-09-2009, 12:39
2 or 3000 I think. probably 2 due to time

I'll try and post a list tonight.

likely to include Beastlord, 2 Wargors all w/ MoT and a Shaman w/ Beast magic.