View Full Version : Sacrificial dagger or darkstar cloak on a lone lvl 2 sorceress?

28-09-2009, 14:49
So which would you prefer? The flexibility of the sacrificial dagger, allowing you to add the die after you've rolled? or the darkstar cloak for a 'cheaper' magic phase.

This came up in a army list thread. thought it would be interesting getting peoples opinions on it. Of course this scenario is limited to a low points game, in a higher points game you'd probably take the dagger on a lvl 4 and have both items in the army.

28-09-2009, 15:04
Well in an optimal setup (Sorceress has access to a cheap warrior unit to sacrifice) the Dagger will provide up to 3 extra dice each magic phase, so for sheer magical power the Dagger is much better.
If you don't have the points to spare for a sacrificial unit the Cloak is better though.

28-09-2009, 15:09
In which case would you consider investing in those additional warriors a worthwhile investment at a low point game?

28-09-2009, 15:16
I really don't know, where I play we don't play very magic heavy, so i wouldn't feel the need for such an overwhelming magic phase at that point range, and if I did, I would rather buy an additional Sorceress for a bigger chance to get Black Horror.
The problem with investing in a sacrificial unit and Dagger for a lvl 2 Sorceress is that there's a good chance she'll get crappy spells that aren't worth hacking up a unit to cast.

28-09-2009, 17:25
I've got to go with the darkstar cloak. First of all I'd never ever run a level 4 sorc in a unit of spearmen. That just screams "Come kill me! I'm an easy target!" The sac dagger on a level 2 is actually very effective. The problem is that spearmen are horrible and you have to take a unit of them to use the dagger. Xbowmen and dark riders with xbows are so much more effective.

28-09-2009, 19:22
Spearmen are an amazing value! I say go for the dagger, but don't be so bound to using it that you'll get taken out. Take enough spearmen that they still can fight after taking some hits, and don't feel the need to sacrifice a spearman on every spell.

But the dagger is better for miscast management.

28-09-2009, 21:19
Personally, I'd take the darkstar cloak and either a steed or a dark pegasus. I'd rather mobility than casting power. I want the magic in the right place at the right time.

28-09-2009, 23:24
If you want my honest opinion, then a single lv 2 wizard shouldn't be trying to get spells off on his own, even at low (I'm assuming 1000) points values, and a lv 1 wth scrolls or one of the many defencive items would probably serve you better.

Though, out of th two the dagger is definately my choice, it makes a single ward able to use the dice in the pool with some efficiency (4 dice for her 2 spells tends to end up as1 spell with 3 dice and a single trying a 5+). This way you can actually justify the lv 2 upgrade as she has the output. However, this is assumng you've got your nice unit of 8 pt sacrifices at hand.

28-09-2009, 23:28
(4 dice for her 2 spells tends to end up as1 spell with 3 dice and a single trying a 5+).
Except he's playing Dark Elves and can use as many dice as he wants to when casting spells ;)
Plus he's got Power of Darkness to get even more power dice.

29-09-2009, 01:30
spearmen are cheap and their lives are cheaper, I'd go for the dagger in allot of cases. A small unit of spears are cheap and you need to stick her into some kinda unit, and if danger rears its ugly head then jump out of the unit and use the spears as a speed bump