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17-01-2006, 12:14
Hey guys I have just started playing with Plague Censer Bearers in my pestilence list and I am having a little trouble with the rules for them.

OK this is where I seem to interpret the rules differently to other people who I talk to about this. Lets for ease of working it out take a character armed with a censer in a unit like so:


Now I know there should be an enemy unit in there but I'm just concentrating on self test for the moment.

According to combat rules all the guys in green are in "base to base" contact with the guy with the censer, as even diagonal contact counts in combat.

so for this situation there would be 5 tests for my unit plus one for the bearer of the censer ?

Now if this is correct if we look at a unit of censers: (I made one an "O" to illustrate my next point.


The first "X" is touching the "O" and one for himself would be 2 tests for the first guy.

The "O" is touching both "X"s and one for himself would be 3 tests.

The final "X" is touching the "O" and one for himself would be 2 tests for the last guy.

So for a unit of 3 CB we have a total of 7 tests. All of which are worked out by using the "Base to Base" contact rule as stated in the BRB (Page 68 5th paragraph) and the Skaven book (Page 32 1st paragraph)

So you can see how this would build up a lot of tests, this obviously applies to the enemy as well so one CB would cause 3 tests on same sized base enemy models :


I really want to like PCB so someone please state me rules where I have gone wrong, and no speculation or opinions please people I really just want rules pages or quotes to clear this up once and for all.

Thanks all.

17-01-2006, 12:49
You only ever take one toughness test, no matter how many plague censers are in base contact.

The rules state that-
'All models in base contact with one or more models armed with a censer must take a toughness test'.

The words or more and a are whats important here.

17-01-2006, 13:10
Yes thats what I wanted to hear ! I can see it now.

Thank you Flame for quickly pointing out my mistake and clearing this up for me.