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29-09-2009, 22:59
the war in heaven

the old ones n the ctan were polarised.
lines were drawn both tried to force or convince the demiurg to join in , they considered both to be children, and had no real interest in fighting them

they defended themselves when necessary, but otherwise the race as a whole didn't take part , occasionally a brotherhood would be forced to pick a side or die, and the majority of these, stopped as quickly as the situation changed

the old ones had always considered themselves superior to the demiurg

the demiurg wouldn't join the old ones for one simple reason they thought they were superior, they weren't the core belief of the demiurg was equality

when one takes a title its handed back as soon as the projects finished . titles are seen as a burden not a thing to be gained

another reason is if a brotherhood chooses to do something they talk every member has a voice every opinion is valued

the ctan were seen as a nightmare and they were never going to fight along side something that would turn n devour them later, a brotherhood was investigating abnormal solar activity it turned out to be a lesser ctan, it was captured ,and studied, it however broke out n killed most of the brotherhood, it was eventually killed / stopped.
when the ctan revealed themselves as gods, this abhorred the demiurg even more, as the war became more intense the demiurg decided to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy, thus avoiding the majority of the wars of the children, the old ones arrogance and the ctans impudence would destroy them, as they had seen many races do before

maybe its not great, but just my idea of how long they were about for

30-09-2009, 15:13
If the demiurg were about 60-odd million years ago, how come they are not further evolved and developed now? We know that the Eldar and Orks date from the War in Heaven so we should be looking at them. Orks were created as fighting force and as such don't really need to evolve or change. Everything they need to fight is coded into their DNA.

Eldar have gone on to develop incredibly sophisticated laser, plasma and warp technology. They can store the souls of their dead and use them to animate artificial bodies. If the Demiurg were contemporary of the Eldar, it would seem very odd that they are still using projectile weaponry that seems on a similar tech level with the Imperium or maybe the Tau.

I think that the Demiurg are a younger race that played no part in the War in Heaven. Their ancestors were probably living in burrows at the time like ours. Of course with so little established fluff on them I could be wrong but I don't see them being tied in to this part of the 40K timeline.

30-09-2009, 15:24
Why would they be less high tech? Same reason you have Slann warbands with no real consideration for the greater issues of the galaxy and relying on a basic level of technology. You'd think they'd behave a bit more like their Fantasy brethren, trying to stick to the overarching plan. They use what they need to survive, with an attitude that just because you CAN do something, it does not necessarily follow that you SHOULD.

30-09-2009, 15:53
I like the idea, but remember 'the Old ones' were not a single race. They were an alliance of ancient races. These ancients then went on to uplift multiple races as they went around. The Demiurg could be one of these races, but I like the idea that they were a race which evolved independantly of either faction.

Then the old ones started making warrior races, specifically to screw up the C'tan/Necrons (Eldar, Orks, etc). I imagine the war in heaven being a vast proxy war between the allies of the C'tan (Necorns, slave races like the silvae possibly?), versus the allies of the Old Ones (warrior races, uplifted races). Perhaps Demiurg was one of the possible 'unaligned' races during said massive war?

30-09-2009, 16:09
I concur.

They've left it wide open on the options here.

01-10-2009, 01:31
Even assuming the Demiurg haven't advanced technologically in 60 million years (unlikely...) there's no way they would have been able to stay aloof of the C'Tan or the Old Ones. I mean, look at the fully functioning monstrous war engines that the two were able to create in such a short period of time (Necrons as we know them; primitive Orks/Eldar/Jokaero/etc; plus the super weapons like the Blackstone Fortresses/etc).