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19-03-2005, 20:53
It does not matter what unit or detachment you take as long as the have shields!!! 'Cause when you are actually are in combat, it is rare that you kill some one! Instead, you are only going for combat res. and the flanking twice, ranks, ranks for detachments, and outnumbering are the things that will win the combat!!!!

If anyone thinks this is wrong, please tell me.

Thanks, and may the Empire reign forever!

19-03-2005, 21:03
Well if you go with hiitng guys, the enemys you kill can't strike back.
Anyway, if I'd play empire, I'd take swordmen as they have WS4, light armor and shield. Both good in attack and defense.

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19-03-2005, 21:04
That is not always true, plus you only get one point of CR for hitting the oponent in both flanks I think.

It moreso depends on what opponent you are facing low armour t3 troops like efls or other humans would be relitivly easily wounded by the higher strength of haliberds of the many attacks of free company. For the most part that is the point of detachments but they can certnally cause wounds.

Aganst chaos or lizardmen or any other eleit troops you are probably right so take swordsmen for a save or free company to get as many attacks as possable for te cheapest point cost and hope your opponent rolls a 1 or two for his armor save.

20-03-2005, 11:52
It is certainly true that in most cases imperial infantry is looking for CR, not for casulaty infliction.

The same is true of all low quality infantry.

20-03-2005, 11:54
Swordsmen are the only unit that can have shields when fielded as a detachment (as it says in the book that you only get the basic options with a detachment unit)

20-03-2005, 12:30
I thought spearmen also had shields?
I it an option then?

20-03-2005, 12:33
no, they just come with light armour, the shield is an option