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17-01-2006, 17:36
It would appear that the crusader squad has been removed from the games workshop website, meaning, to get the sexy robes for my own chapter, I would have to buy an upgrade sprue which includes parts for Black Templars Vechiles and my army will have none( I only want the robes and not isignia since mine will be a DIY chapter), resulting in a criminal watse of money, am I right or gravely mistaken?


17-01-2006, 17:39
The Black Templar stuff that is just a standard SM unit with the upgrade sprue are only a limited release. GW will soon be replacing them with the Black Templar Upgrade Box, which contains 2 Crusader Sprues and 2 Black Templar Vehicle Upgrade Sprues.

17-01-2006, 17:42
Such are the perils of a DIY chapter, I'm sure you could find an interested party to purchase the tank sprues from you.
Perhaps it'd be wiser to order the appropriate parts from mail order.

Either way, It can hardly be considered robbery.

17-01-2006, 17:53

A link to what you get. It shouldn't be too hard to swap off the vehicle sprues. I'm sure that people like me want a few, but aren't interested in the other stuff.:D

17-01-2006, 18:05
sell the sprues youy don't want on e-bay.
or learn how to use green stuff.

17-01-2006, 19:16
You're right. I was thinking of a DIY chapter using the Bt bits as well, but no longer:( See my last post in this thread:

Half Eldar
17-01-2006, 19:23
Weird. My FLGS got a shipment that had a BT box or two in it.

17-01-2006, 20:27
Thanks for the advice, i think i'll just use normal SMs, even if i could find people to sell the stuff off 2, i doubt i would fully cover the loss and it would be too much hastle, Thanks,