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02-10-2009, 22:17
Having been a long time lurker I thought it was about time I posted some things up.

I've always been a fan of true scale space marines, but it was Synapse that finally hit true scaling on the head for me and last week I caved in and built...


And a scale shot, just because its cool :D


He's a bit bump in one or two places (not half as many as the pictures make out mind). The legs for example, are as smooth as I can get them without reshaping the entire leg. I'm fairly proud of the work, especially the torso which got a bit nightmarish, and the backpack which has a flame design at the top you can quite see.

Any suggestions as to what chapter he should be from?

04-10-2009, 01:00
Anyway heres tonights awesome progress


The guy on the right isn't as out of proportion as he seems. Its more perspective, and the fact his left legs all bunched up.

I have to admit, I did my usual trick of getting distracted

Still have no idea on a chapter for the true scales - I'm currently leaning towards Salamanders by virtue of them being the only original founding legion that I've yet to see lots of true scaling of, but I'm not keen on all that green and black. Ideas?

04-10-2009, 16:49
Nice work so far, the priest guy looks cool as well.
Maybe add a bit of detailing to the torso of your first marine? looks a bit bare at the moment.

04-10-2009, 18:16
Nice work so far, the priest guy looks cool as well.
Maybe add a bit of detailing to the torso of your first marine? looks a bit bare at the moment.

Thanks very much, I'm quite pleased with him myself.I originally removed the head as it had an inquisition symbol on the back and I wanted something more ordinary but chances are hes going to rejoin the inquisition - ah well :D

I left the torso bare while I decided on a chapter. As I said, I considered Salamanders so this guy was going to get a flame pattern on his armour but now I'm not so sure.

So deciding I need a bit more to keep me motivated I've waded into the tale of 40k painters with not one but two armies - a battlefleet gothic imperial army of 1500pts and an imperial guard army of 1000pts.

For the battlefleet gothic force Ill be mainly using full thrust models produced by Ground Zero Games (http://www.groundzerogames.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1). Ill be mainly using there Neu Swabian League models as they look the most imperial/mechanicus to me but expect a few models from there other ranges to appear as I've been quite taken with the quality and price of there space ship range.

Heres what I ordered last night, with the product codes so you can get a look at the ships I plan to use.

(FT-525) Falchion Class escorts x 4 = 140
(FT-527) Endeavor Light Cruisers x 2 = 260
(FT-536) Defiant Class Light Cruiser x 1 = 130
(FT-530) Dominator Class Cruiser x 1 = 190
All for around £20 which I thinks incredibly reasonable. I could have chosen cheaper ships to represent the light cruisers, or got more ships if I had dropped the defiant, but overall I think its a fairly nice little force that'll take me through till christmas and at a very reasonable price.

Having not played gothic since its paper release in WD, I could do with some advice on my next choices, what list I should use, etc.

Anyway, onto something more interesting.


They look a little messy and shiny, but its only because I didnt want to use white spirit with the oil paints so had to settle with linseed oil which takes forever to dry. Once the matt varnish goes on and the rest of the weathering they should look fine.

05-10-2009, 21:42
That's a very nice start to truescaling, Gomez, I like the modifications to give it real personalised style. Good idea keeping the chestplate clear until you've decided which Chapter to go for.

That Priest looks hardcore, I wouldn't mess with him. Ever. Darn it, he'd probably make me follow him to eternal glory (getting shot)!!

Those Sentinels are looking good already, can't wait to see where you go with those! Never tried oil washes myself but would like to start weathering vehicles at some point. Linseed oil eh? Arts and crafts store I take it?

Glad to see another user of GZG stuff, and I'm pleased that my own little log helped you out with some of your questions! I have posted a size comparison for you- think you may find BFG stuff a little larger. I think it would still be fine tho- just tell your buddies this particular fleet comes from a less manpower oriented design ethic :cheese:

Fleet list looks nice and solid- the BFG lovers on this forum rave about certain IN ship types, the Dominator being one. So maybe a Gothic to play off against all that Firepower on the Dom?

Haven't played Gothic in years but I still love it. Your fleet looks an Armageddon fleet list setup. The Dominator can still be used as a Reserve.

And here's a lil link (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?catId=cat1290319&categoryId=1100007&section=&aId=4300022#)for you with all the Gothic goodies you MIGHT have missed ;)

Loving your work, lets have moooooore!!

07-10-2009, 04:13
Those Sentinels are looking good already, can't wait to see where you go with those! Never tried oil washes myself but would like to start weathering vehicles at some point. Linseed oil eh? Arts and crafts store I take it?
Yeah it was from 'The Works' but its been far much more trouble then its worth to be honest. I would have been better off using white spirit or ordering some oderless mineral spirits but... meh I'm impatient :D Having said that, there varnished now so there ready for painting just in time for month 2 of tale of 40k painters.

Haven't played Gothic in years but I still love it. Your fleet looks an Armageddon fleet list setup. The Dominator can still be used as a Reserve.
Well then we'll have to sort a game out :D Got a friend stationed in the Navy somewhere further North then Edinburgh so I'll be heading up there sometime soonish.
As for the list, it has the option for Space Marine ships so its definately a strong contender as theres a few other GZG ships I'd like to buy and have fit in with the fleet.

Couldnt get the link working - where abouts is that stuff on the GW website?

Any, on to the minor update. My GZG order arrived today which was impressive. The casting isn't brilliant and you can see it in the pic below - the bigger ships were a bit of a headache to put together and the endeavors were a complete and utter mess but seeing as I only have to do one a month I've got plenty of time to fix them.

I did however, get this little beauty built while watching stargate universe...

Bought this by mistake, meaning its much much bigger then my light cruisers so its going to have to be a cruiser. Sadly, and annoyingly, there isn't a dedicated 'aircraft' carrier in BFG. so looking at the lists theres only one cruiser it can be - a dictator. Just wondering though, should I try and add some weapons batteries to the sides?

I also did some work on the marines, you can see them in the background, I'll update with those tomorrow as the fiancees calling me to bed to watch Buffy.

08-10-2009, 21:48
Well then we'll have to sort a game out :D Got a friend stationed in the Navy somewhere further North then Edinburgh so I'll be heading up there sometime soonish.

Bought this by mistake, meaning its much much bigger then my light cruisers so its going to have to be a cruiser. Sadly, and annoyingly, there isn't a dedicated 'aircraft' carrier in BFG. so looking at the lists theres only one cruiser it can be - a dictator. Just wondering though, should I try and add some weapons batteries to the sides?

I also did some work on the marines, you can see them in the background, I'll update with those tomorrow as the fiancees calling me to bed to watch Buffy.

I'd be well up for a game, keep me informed! :) Odd that the link doesn't work- look at Specialist Games on the GW site, under BFG you should find 'Resources.' Otherwise will just email the stuff you want to ya.

Dictators are fluffy- the Mars is rare and dying out anyway. I think it looks fine without batteries but you could always improvise using plasticard squares with holes drilled dead centre. Looks better than it sounds!

Buffy? Your missus has good taste.

11-10-2009, 01:37
Sorry the silence of late - Gomez is on the move!
My fiancee has got a job up in Manchester so were moving up there and its been a bit of a mad dash to get everything organised.

This has mean a bit of a halt on the modeling side of things but fear not - come Monday I'll have a desk and a proper painting desk which is a lot better then the small stool I've been working on at the moment.

AH I saw the resources section (the bit with the Ad Mech 'fleet' - I mean seriously, one ship and the rest is just IN??). Its wwhere I got the armageddon fleet list from.

I might have a try at the holes when I get settled but sounds good to me. On some of the bigger ships I dont see why the guns would have to be on the outside. Better to keep them under some sort of hatch 1800 navy style.

Anyway, see you guys monday :D

23-10-2009, 23:49
Actual painted models! Whodathunkit?!

Comments and crits always welcome


''Icarus Abides'
'Built in the great ship yards of forgeworld Arnesk, Icarus Abides is a variamt on the common dictator class cruiser. Shunning the duel role of cruiser and carrier of its cousin, the Icarus focuses solely on being a carrier. Having seen use as both a fighter carrier, a rescue vessel, and a troop transport, it has proven its invaluable more then once. However its reliance on fighters has often been its downfall. With no serious firepower of its own, it would be easy prey for a well armed foe.
The ship currently bears the symbol of Arch Magos Djancaz-Bru who has made the vessel her home during her time seconded to Battlefleet Obannon. Whilst she has responsibility for maintaining the fleet, it is the Icarus where the majority of her attentions lye.
Not that this deters Admiral Mapes. A true blooded fighter pilot who earnt his way from meat to brass the hard way and has enough bolts in his body to prove it - the ideal commander for the Icarus Abides. His green eagle emblem adorns the ships hull'

Felt it needed a bit of fluff as I'm quite proud of the little bugger especially the little eagle on the hull and the Aquila on the base. Didn't take me long to paint either - I probably spent more time thinking/waiting for paint to dry then actually painting the model. Even though I wanted to wait and paint the fleet slowly for the tale of 40k painters, I'm itching to paint the others now. I've contented myself by spraying up the four escorts so... we'll see what happens.

I've also finally manged to put some paint on the sentinels. Nothing major, but there now based in quite a funky way and I've made a start on another base which I'll be showing shortly...

Oh and a cookie for someone who gets the ships name without reading the fluff - two cookies if you get all the references :D

26-10-2009, 10:07
Triple post! Bah.

Anyway, I've had 900+ views so somebodies looking, so for those that are heres what I did last night. Its the first time I've ever really invested a lot of time into a base (nearly all of yesterday really), and I'm pretty happy with it but as ever comments and crits welcome.




Not entirely happy with this guy for some reason.. but I like the idea of him looking for directions.


Hoping to get this painted this week ready for next months Tale pf 40k painters, but I've got the sentinels to finish off for this months first so its going to be pretty tight...

Oh and the patches of space are going to be filled with water effects but more on that later. I hate it when I pic up the wrong stuff...

And as something to keep me busy over the next few days, I'm working on a campaign book. More on that as things develop.

26-10-2009, 11:04
nice marine :) though i think the thighs need to be a bit wider... or if not, at elast a positioned a bit closer to ech other. other than that - nice, and i liek the little plasticard details you added too :)

26-10-2009, 22:47
That cruiser looks very nicely done, now I can see why you were encouraging heraldry with mine cos yours is very sharp and cool! I also like the fluff but sadly am unable to pin down where your inspiration is coming from. Very nice paintjob and the work you did on the basing really compliments it.

Excellent scenic base for your flyer! I think a radio mike in the kneeling guys hand would be better myself but they still look sweet- sarge looks like he's shouting 'get your damn head down!!'

The battered signpost is great by the way! Where did you get the bedroll on the rightmost guardsman?

Keep up the good work and I hope you've settled in after the move :)

29-10-2009, 17:24
@ Synapse - Cheers fella :D I see what you mean about the thighs, those armour plates dont exactly help although I think its more the pic then anything, that and the fact I've gone for a different style of armour (just to be awlward :D). But I'll see how the next four go but I make a firm decision.

@ Jihad_Ragsta - The names are all pillaged from Farscape :)

I did want a radio mic but then hes got that rebreather style helmet and I figured it'd all be built in so I had to make do with his.. thingie. The bedroll came from my bits box, but I'm vaguely sure its from a tamiya kit.

Things are settling down nicely, although it being nearly November the lack of a job is seriously starting to worry me. I keep hammering the job sites but.. oh well. I've had a bit of a ponder and come up with a possible solution but I'll let people know more about that when I have pics. In the mean while, I have a sentinel to paint.

05-11-2009, 22:21
Well I finally got the sentinels finished :D

'Pegasus' Squadron, 4TH army.


I'm really happy with these after they turned into such a nightmare. Note to self: if instructions say to use white spirit, use white spirit. ANyway the pegasus logos aren't as bright as in the pictures but I do wish I could darken them a bit. I'm kinda tempted to do some detail work on them - as if its the only bit of the vehicles the pilots tend to.

Oh and the blue from the pipe should clear up a bit given time. I think I might add some static grass or something to the base as its a little plain. AH well.

Comments and criticisms welcome always :D

Wednesday Friday Addams
05-11-2009, 22:25
Great work, almost makes me feel like I should do some painting and building.

06-11-2009, 23:59
Woo another Addams :D

Thanks very much, glad to have helped (thats if you have started painting, and if you havent then get on with it! :D).

I've bought some copper paint from the vajello model color range today so the pipes and metal looks a bit more reasonable. I've also got everything I need now to have a crack at some NMM but unfortunately I'll be PCless till Monday so.. tara till then

Commissar Molotov
07-11-2009, 02:04
Nice work. Do you have any more pictures of the Priest in Post #2? I'm really interested in him.

(Thanks in advance!)

09-11-2009, 17:18
Great diorama on the Valkyrie base! Your Guard and navy stuff looks very promising, and the truescalers apper quite good. :)

18-11-2009, 23:04
@Comissar Molotov - Thanks very much, I'll dig him up shortly.

@Nothing Can be Elves - Cheers for the support, its always appreciated, I should be back on the navy stuff in a few days time.

I've been bad and got distracted.. again. Not a good thing with it being the middle of the month and having next to nothing done on my Tale of painters entrys...

Recently I bought some sisters of battle stuff from a warseer member called Its Coming This Way, thinking it'd be a small addition to my guard. Suffice to say, I ended up with a small army and got distracted.


(I've used tinypics auto fixer thing to make it a little brighter but you get the idea between the two pics :D). Ill get a picture tomorrow in the manchester gloom called 'daytime'.

Ignore the robes, got giddy and buggered up :(

This was my first attempt at using NMM, and the first model I've ever painted using a windsor & newton brush so I'm glad its paid off but I'm unsure where to go from here. Any advice at all would be really appreciated.

So please, guys who know there NMM, please comment and tell me where I should go next with the mini!

20-11-2009, 18:47
interesting color scheme on the sister, I can't wait to see it done.

20-11-2009, 21:41
@Wolf40k - Cheers mate although I'm glad I didnt paint her as the following shows...

Because tonight we have a basic lesson in painting.

Never, ever, ever, ever paint - when you know your in a foul mood*.

Looks cack. Anyway I tried covering it up with some scorched brown but that went the same way, so just enjoy some pics of the Valk as it stands so far - which isn't very far done at all in any way...


I'm half tempted to paint the whole cockpit dark angels green and dry brush up till it looks illuminated but it does seem a bit of a cop out, and it means I'd have to do it on the next one/s.

I'll see how I feel Sunday. Morticia wants to go shopping tomorrow. For clothes non the less. Pfft. Might nip into GW and treat myself....

*Wouldn't mind if I had some metal on and was painting something a bit less fiddly but seriously, why the hell did I wait till now to paint those guys.

22-11-2009, 20:11

So firstly, that Sister looks very nice indeed- the blue robes look great against the ivory (?) armour and I'm sure en masse the effect will look even better. If I may, a very limited pallette of colours might go a long way here- keep whatever extra ones you use to a minimum- maybe black and metal for equipment and guns?

Hum, not sure what went wrong with your Valk pilots! I agree that one's mood definitely effects the painting tho- maybe just take a breath and try again :)

Actually, why don't you use the Sister of Battle scheme on the pilots? The brown effect will look good as overalls and you can decide on a different colour for helmets and gear! PLUS you will know exactly what to do with the scheme- if it ain't broke etc!

Let's have some more painted stuff please, keep up the good work!

23-11-2009, 01:11
Evenin :)

So firstly, that Sister looks very nice indeed- the blue robes look great against the ivory (?) armour and I'm sure en masse the effect will look even better. If I may, a very limited pallette of colours might go a long way here- keep whatever extra ones you use to a minimum- maybe black and metal for equipment and guns?

You know, your the second person to say it looks like bone - was going for NMM gold but... sod it, might do them the funky bone instead. As for the limited palette I think your right and I think its why I've been reluctant to continue work on her as it is as the blues a bit.. loud.

Hum, not sure what went wrong with your Valk pilots! I agree that one's mood definitely effects the painting tho- maybe just take a breath and try again

Well I did last night :D Morticia wanted a crack at painting after a long break and had a go at an Ork which'll get posted up when its finished. While she was distracted with that, I took the time to get the pilots finished.


Simple, lots of foundation paint and wash work, a bit messy but it'll do. I think after the canopys rims are painted it'll be glued shut rather then trying to figure out a way of keeping it on during games and all that hassle.

I would have had the valk finished today but the model magpie within me got distracted yet again. I had this idea for awhile and haven't been able to follow it through, so its sat in a bundle of wires for far too long, until today!


Can you tell what it is yet? Cookie for anyone who guesses...

23-11-2009, 01:32
A landspeeder scout with working spotlight, landing lights etc?
It does look good. Is the switch mounted on the bottom?

02-12-2009, 11:52
Nope, close, but the clues all in the red and blue lights...
Theres no switch currently. I'm trying to get hold of a battery holder for the back (which is why its on the back burner once more, doh!), and then I'll just leave the engine turbines unglued as they slot in quite snuggly - I can always add a plug and socket at a later date.

The valks nearly finished. I've decided that as I haven't painted the inside of the valk I'll leave the doors closed. Nothings glued yet so I can always go back and change my mind but its starting to get to me a bit now. Pics to come in the next day or two.

Anyway, people in the TO4KP have asked about my infantry, and with the missus wanting to start her necrons I thought I'd have a play around with a test model.


Its probably about half done but comments would be appreciated especially on the rifle as its something I'm thinking of doing on all my guard. I'm currently pondering whether or not to do the fatigues in camo...

Please guys, thoughts and opinions would be really helpful!

(Oh and if anyones got an elysian lying around spare.... pm me)

02-12-2009, 16:20
The chap is looking good so far and I like the silencer mod :D

Commander Zane
02-12-2009, 18:00
big ass silencers = major win

im making a vetern squad soon so the silencer idea will go along great with them

what kinda elysian are you looking for? i think i have some lying about so pm me or comment on what ya want

02-12-2009, 20:32
The rifle looks very cool. Personally I think you can do without the camo and just ding up the armour plate edges a little. Also, perhaps some highlights on the Pig Iron head visor too, that will inject a little extra light colour for him!

Did you get any of those equipment pouches in your Pig Iron stuff? Just wondering how they scale up... I'll get some anyway :)

Morticia Addams
02-12-2009, 21:20

Hello! Gomez's other (better) half here.

This is just a quick test of the colour scheme for my up-and-coming Necron army.
Please be nice :) it's only the 3rd model I've ever painted (I'll get the other 2 up some time).

02-12-2009, 22:08
@Wilsonian - Ta muchly :D

@Commander Zane - Its quite odd. See from my perspective there a little bit big but its the smallest rod I could get that was hollow. Ho hum. Its done now and people like it so I won't complain.

@Jihad Ragsta - *Head slap* yeah, thats whats been iritating me about the armor. No bloody highlights. Ill sort that tomorrow morning I think. As for the camo, I'll trust your judgement :) ding up the armour, muddy them up, jobs a good un.
As for the pouches, the backpack is from this set (http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=30). Its just about right but I'll take a better picture tomorrow when he's finished.

The main reason for using it was necessity. I really want these guys to look properly kitted out. This means a shed load of pouches and more importantly backpacks, but to do it will cost a fortune and to be frank, no companys doing it at a reasonable price.

You can see my first attempt at making a back pack on Lt. Tveskoeg below and whilst its not exactly complex it takes time and patience.. two words that dont combine well with massed infantry...


Having looked into casting but being unable to afford it this side of christmas, I think in the new year I'm going to get some rubber and cast some up along with some pouches to make the process of kitting out the 4th a whole lot easier.

EDIT: Oh and very shortly my other half, my ball and chain, will be posting here. Please pop by when her posting goes up to comment, it'll really help :)

02-12-2009, 22:25
Very nice mate, the painting is really nice and the modelling is top notch.



02-12-2009, 22:32
Great stuff! Ill keep a watch on this one :)

04-12-2009, 09:52
@Sheep - Thanks very much :D. I've always loved your krieg stuff and I'm rather tempted to head in the same direction myself at some point as the camos excellent.

@Lord Moriar - Ta muchly :D

Well Morticia's finally here, although due to her being a noob her posts are modded, then posted in order, so her postings back up there which means no one sees it - please go have a look and give her some comments guys!

Small update from me. Got my escorts finished for my BFG TO4KP entry:
Nothing special.
Rather then the imperial eagle I put on my cruiser, I thought I'd put two different symbols on them - that way if there were ever fielded as seperate groups there'd be a way of distinguishing them. I'd have liked to have done more detail, and I might yet add some windows, but theres just not the room on the minis.

Anyway off to a job interview today, for what could be a very good little job (15k a year, salaried, with more then a good chance of promoting). Here's hoping I get it because under the Addams family rules, the first pay check of a job can be spent on yourself, and theres a certain chunk of resin that weighs in at 530 pounds which'd fit that bill just nicely....

04-12-2009, 15:48
First off' Morticia your Necron looks nice and neat, while having a hint of age to it. And for only your third model im impressed:), my first attempts were truely horrendous.

Gomez, i love the stuff you have done so far, particularly your guard. Ive done something similar for my guardsmen's lasguns, but where you have used the styrene channeling to make a sight' ive put it right across the top of the gun to make a rail for mounting ACOG type sights.

I also suffer from the magpie affliction so you have my sympathies when it comes to concentrating on one force/model/project at a time:p.

04-12-2009, 15:53
Please be nice :) it's only the 3rd model I've ever painted (I'll get the other 2 up some time).

It looks a lot better than my 3rd model (or my 30th, or 300th...)

04-12-2009, 23:26
If you remove the knife from the backback (no shovel) from the heavy weapons kit they are very easy to GS mold. When you fill the mold you can even leave it hollow to save on the GS.

I've started using these, plus GSmolded SM pouches (2x per model) to give more kit to my troopers and i really like the results. I'll try to get a picture up.

Nice backpack sculpt btw

Purge the Heretic
05-12-2009, 10:45
Well if you weren't across the pond, I bought a resin casting kit made by Alumilite for $60 USD at hobby lobby here in the states, maybe they have a retailer over there, or direct sales?

05-12-2009, 12:25
Gomez, i love the stuff you have done so far, particularly your guard. Ive done something similar for my guardsmen's lasguns, but where you have used the styrene channeling to make a sight' ive put it right across the top of the gun to make a rail for mounting ACOG type sights.

Ta very much - I did think of doing the same, but I thought it might involve more work (remvoing that pipe in the middle), so I took the easier root :D

If you remove the knife from the backback (no shovel) from the heavy weapons kit they are very easy to GS mold. When you fill the mold you can even leave it hollow to save on the GS.

I'll give it a go but.. I'm after variety as well, and it doesn't sound the kind of thing that would stand up to much punishment. I'd be interested to see it though if you have pictures.

Well if you weren't across the pond, I bought a resin casting kit made by Alumilite for $60 USD at hobby lobby here in the states, maybe they have a retailer over there, or direct sales?

I have had a look at alumilite, and there is someone selling it (http://www.nigellawton009.com/MiniCastingKit.html)over here selling it. Having said that, it looks like a small kit, and I don't know a lot about it. However Hirst Arts recommends Smooth on products, and I don't mind paying a bit more. Plus the supplier I've found sells the rubber in larger amounts*, meaning I've got more room to make mistakes :D

Thanks for all the comments, its a great motivator and stops the ModelMagpieitus. I even avoided picking up a chimera... for now.

Anywho, last night I pull the valk back out of the hanger, and decided to completely bugger it up...

As you can see, thought I'd be clever and try and do engine burns and such.

Added after the weathering mishap - probably explains the stupid names. And finally...

See from some angles it works, and shes a pretty thing, others it horribly disheartening, but I'm not sure how to correct it. Advice would be more then appreciated please guys and gals.

I also did some work on the base, but its a four pic limit so you'll have to click here. (http://i48.tinypic.com/mltswn.jpg) There also missile pods under neath but there nothing special.

Morticia will be along to reply shortly - shes been working long shifts these past few days so hasn't had time. So while shes away I'm going to try and finish converting the vets, and finally get the sister finished so I can throw her into the pot for this months TO4KP.

*As in, yes I'll have to spend twice as much to begin with, but I'll have twice the rubber/resin and according to hirst arts, a higher quality product. Besides, if I end up casting a million back packs I can always sling them up on ebay.

Commander Zane
05-12-2009, 12:30

Hello! Gomez's other (better) half here.

This is just a quick test of the colour scheme for my up-and-coming Necron army.
Please be nice :) it's only the 3rd model I've ever painted (I'll get the other 2 up some time).

for your 3rd model its really good, it has a nice even coat and finish, the green crest on the chest is nice and crisp

the valk doesnt look that bad gomez, its will probably look bad when you look at it close up but from afar its better

05-12-2009, 13:32
Morticia, I like the finish on the gun, it's a very nice job all told.

Gomez, can we have a shot of the Valk's base at some point? I think she looks pretty good actually- I assure you that you will like it given a day or two looking at it, that seems to be what happens with my stuff anyway!

05-12-2009, 15:28
Triple post! Bah.

Anyway, I've had 900+ views so somebodies looking, so for those that are heres what I did last night. Its the first time I've ever really invested a lot of time into a base (nearly all of yesterday really), and I'm pretty happy with it but as ever comments and crits welcome.




Not entirely happy with this guy for some reason.. but I like the idea of him looking for directions.


Hoping to get this painted this week ready for next months Tale pf 40k painters, but I've got the sentinels to finish off for this months first so its going to be pretty tight...

Oh and the patches of space are going to be filled with water effects but more on that later. I hate it when I pic up the wrong stuff...

And as something to keep me busy over the next few days, I'm working on a campaign book. More on that as things develop.

Please finish this!!!

05-12-2009, 19:23
Gomez, can we have a shot of the Valk's base at some point?

Please finish this!!!
Tell you what, I'll do both :D

Ignore the whiteish hue to the water, thats already disappeared...
I'm quite happy with how the guardsmen came out - its rough and ready, but its a lot better then it would normally be for my kinda basing.

I had to cut down the comm guys board thingie because I couldnt get my paint brush in. Might have to change his hand at some point to the one from the command set.

Really happy with the organs on this guy. I kinda like the mini narative this guy adds to the piece. He's got no gear, he's been flayed, and wheres the rest of his body..

The boring side. It has puddles...

Some bits need more highlights, theres weathering, and I've just realised I haven't painted the boots (although they don't look bad so... sod it). Sadly theres little patches of white that I'll never be able to get rid of, but overall I'm really happy how this has turned out. I'm tempted to add another got of badab black to the ground, but I think now, on the plainer side, I might add a standard bearer being blown to bits.

In all honesty, it does what I want it to do already, which is to tell an interesting narative :D

I think she looks pretty good actually- I assure you that you will like it given a day or two looking at it, that seems to be what happens with my stuff anyway!

Thing is, at Morticias suggestion, I went and had a look at planes and realised something that explained why the weathering didnt work - smoke goes out the back, not out the front too... Anyway after that special moment I'ts been repainted a dirty metal and its in the shed after its first coat of oil. Should hopefully be finished tomorrow.

Thanks as ever guys, comments on the base would be appreciated.

05-12-2009, 20:12
That corpse is just... Ewwww. I love the base narrative- to me that sarge is yelling for extraction- 'Get us out of here before whatever ate Jones comes back!!!' I don't think that you need to add to this, mate.

By the way, your missus sounds awesome... I wish I could find one where I don't have to hide my models under the bed :P

Purge the Heretic
05-12-2009, 21:39
Ooooo ooooo, *raises hand* what are you going to put on the signpost?

06-12-2009, 00:12
Ooooo ooooo, *raises hand* what are you going to put on the signpost?

Cemetary Lane, I hope.

06-12-2009, 00:24
I don't think that you need to add to this, mate.
Then I sharnt add a single thing. Unfortunately the waters gone cloudy but Morticia says it looks good so... I ain't arguing.

By the way, your missus sounds awesome... I wish I could find one where I don't have to hide my models under the bed :P
She is :d and she recently agreed to me having a 10 pound a week spending limit on warhammer, which could be saved in order to buy a certain forgeworld kit of awesome.

Ooooo ooooo, *raises hand* what are you going to put on the signpost?
No idea. I did think of adding barcodes, explaining why he's looking at it in the middle of a fire fight ('what the frak is line line thicker line line suppose to mean?!')

Cemetary Lane, I hope.
Theres one - suggestions would be apprecited though so lets have them :D

Thanks guys for all the comments, Ill be posting the finished valk (with its newly redone engines) tomorrow. Morticias out for the day with my future mother in law, so definately time to get battering some infantry.

Morticia Addams
06-12-2009, 00:32
@Deathcat147 - I was going for an aged effect, pleased that it was actually noticed, thankee! :-)

@EmperorNorton - Thankee muchly :-)

@Commander Zane - I'm really pleased with the chest, there was a tiny bit of correction but not a lot (and no-one seems to have noticed). I was allowed to use Gomez's expensive Windsor and Newton brush for it, which definitely helped lol

@Jihad_Ragsta - The gun was fairly simple: drybrushed in boltgun metal, the a couple of brown washes, and a thin black wash to finish. I really like the contrast between that and the green on the body.

Thanks for all the comments, I will post up the first ever attempts at painting soon.

And a quick apology for the delay in a response, as Gomez said I've been working long shifts this week.. I'll be a lot speedier in future :-)

07-12-2009, 16:14
Quick update for this months TO40K painters. Sly Marbo...




The minis from hasslefree. Wont be around much for the next few days - got various things on and my PC has decided to go to silicon heaven :(

Commander Zane
08-12-2009, 00:31
the model of marbo is lookin good! iv made my own version of marbo, you should check him and tell me what you think of him

Morticia Addams
08-12-2009, 21:05

As promised, the first models I ever painted.. slightly more appropriate for an Imperium log lol

Ignore the boot on the right model.. the paint's chipped in transit.

A small cat statue I got with a Basti Priestess from Crocodile Games.. I tried to make the ruby stone look like a proper ruby with all the light refraction etc.. that may have been a bit ambitious for a rookie, but I think I managed to pull it off.

As always, comments welcome :-)

11-12-2009, 01:53
Love your silencers. Can I ask? Is the Plasti Rod you use .08" (2mm)?


Commander Zane
11-12-2009, 14:12

As promised, the first models I ever painted.. slightly more appropriate for an Imperium log lol

Ignore the boot on the right model.. the paint's chipped in transit.

A small cat statue I got with a Basti Priestess from Crocodile Games.. I tried to make the ruby stone look like a proper ruby with all the light refraction etc.. that may have been a bit ambitious for a rookie, but I think I managed to pull it off.

As always, comments welcome :-)

are you sure you havnet painted before now? lol cause they look quite good for your 1st models painted.:D

what size of plati rod do you use? cant wait to see your finished marbo Gomez

Morticia Addams
12-12-2009, 02:09
@Commander Zane - To be fair, on the two IG models I was instructed every step of the way by Gomez.. technically I painted them, in so much as I held the paintbrush, but which colour/where to paint was dictated to me.. but even so I don't think they're bad efforts..

I'm hoping to dinish building and painting my full Necron battleforce in the next week or so (assuming I can find time between work and baking Mince Pies).. as always I'll post pics.
After that I'll be starting on a monolith which might be a bit of a long-term project - ideally (and in the spirit of running before I can walk properly) I want to give it a glowing green crystal and glowing green lights that pulsate on-and-off, with an LED setup. Might be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the end. (I knew my Electronics GCSE wouldn't be a total waste of time..)

13-12-2009, 01:58
Remember the land speeder from earlier?



Woop woop! Its the sound of the... welll you get the idea.

I blame fifth element. Its has red and blue lights underneath... well... a blue light anyway, the reds broken (bah) and a white search light.

The last guy is how I wanted them all to look (more akin to the classic arbites) however, it was hard after doing the helmets I felt pretty lazy. Besides which, this guys going to be the provost marshall (sarge) so he should look more detailed. He's going to have a clear plastic shield when he's painted.

Oh, and I know the speeder looks cack. Had a row with the airbrush. It won.

I might, might, do a squad of arbites with shock mauls and shields if this turns out okay. Oh and theres also a detective on the painting table..

13-12-2009, 19:14
You must get that red LED working!!!!! The idea is a very cool one and I like the conversions so far. Arbites don't get alot of press these days, I like what ur doing.

13-12-2009, 19:24
I must know how you made those organe sooo ewww. Im planning to have a 1/2 eaten guardsmen or Eldar on one of my Thunderwolf bases. Bolth of you, your stuff is looking great!

14-12-2009, 08:39
Loving the Arbites!


14-12-2009, 19:20
Hey guys

Firstly, to those who asked about the tubing, I'm sorry for being ignorant I was just rather egger to post the speeder. I'll find out the width on Thursday - when I got it I took a guardsmen into my local hobby shop and eyeballed it, ignoring the size.

@Jihad Ragsta = Where've you been?? Why arent there more updates on your space marines? Hmm? HMM??? Anywho the red light is a complete dude. I've plastic glued everything in, and it wasn't that bright anyway. I could paint it blood angels red and it'd be far brighter...
I'm getting tempted to do the arbite squad that rides in it on foot.. I'll see what Santa brings :D

@Loki = I'll do a tutorial sometime this week if you like :)

@PrecienctOmega = Always been a great fan of your models so thanks for the comment.

Anyway sorry for the lack of updates, I've spent the day rebasing my sisters of battle force and gearing up for this months tale of 40k painters.

This works out at... 366pts.
Plus the arbite speeder...
And Marbo :D

Quite a tidy sum and if I can get it done I'll have earnt back at least one joker if not two.

Had the pistol guy for awhile, then I found the dog and the whole squad came together quite nicely. As I don't really want to use an Inquisitor with this lot, I thought a detective would fit much better and it allows me access (along with the priests) to everything in the SOB codex.

Anyway thats it from me tonight. Morticias on her way home and I'm cooking tea. Which I haven't started yet. And she'll be home any minute. BAH!

Arbite update tomorrow!

15-12-2009, 02:37
Ugh I love the cyber mastiff. makes me regret selling my last guard army. That was my Col. pet! I look forward to the tutorial on the ripped up dead guy. I'm subscribed, so take your time. Im in the mood too plog but paintings been slow latley. Starting to look good though cant wait to see them painted.

15-12-2009, 03:56
Okay thanks. Its because I love the size of your silencers but I don't want to buy the wrong size.


18-12-2009, 20:51
Sorry for the lack of updates. I had a bit of a nightmare while trying to paint the speeder (to the point where I nearly stripped it, bloody thing). Its now on the right track thankfully and the arbites are coming along nicely.

So, small update on detective Chapman


Not great (although much better then the cack photos show) but meh, it'll do for now. Should get his lot finished tomorrow, or the speeder, haven't decided which.

Anyway, the model magpie strikes again!
(Its a Hurn prototype from Heresy Miniatures)

I saw this model many moons ago and its evolved a lot since the initial sculpt but I knew I was going to buy it as soon as I saw it. And to be honest, looking at it, its hard to think of any other metal kit with such a variety of options.

Anyway, its going to be painted in true predator style although god knows how I'll pull that off (although I think that gore practice on the valk base is going to come in very very handy :D).

Commander Zane
19-12-2009, 01:09
painting that predator will be hard but will be worth it in the long run, where did you get it? i would love to have a hunting pack of them.

cant wait to see it painted up gomez

19-12-2009, 23:17
Heresy, I mentioned in the posting :) He's now assembled and based, and is looking at me with great intent. So I best crack on with the speeder.


Got the red one to work :D Gomez is happy. Although not happy that both the white and the blue are much much brighter, and that the red doesnt actually shine any light on the base...


Highlights arent so severe in real life although I'll be neating them up. The crimson fists icon oon the shoulder pads will get removed - it was a nice idea, just didnt.. you know... work.

I know it looks a bit of a mess, to be fair, thats been the case with this thing all the way. I should really stick to infantry. We'll see how things pan out in the long run.

21-12-2009, 15:15
Well the red light decided not to work again, but I finally got all the arbites mounted up. Theres plenty of stuff left to finish (various speeder details, the judges shock maul, markings etc) but I'm pretty happy with it now.




I'm quite happy with the riot shield. I was worried that something like that would really detract from the rest of the model but its worked out okay. I'm fairly happy with the highlights as well - there fine until you get close up but hey, I'm happy.

Comments as always appreciated

21-12-2009, 16:37
Looks great Gomez. Did you think about building up the drivers side with a perspex screen? (akin to the riot shield) I'm sure he's gonna have a lot of Molotov chucked at him by underhive skum

21-12-2009, 19:23
Speeder's come together nicely there, I think the red bits helped pull off a win. The riot shield looks good, I think Spaced may be on to something about the windscreen but it would look good either way I reckon.

That pesky red light!!!

Nice looking detective too, well done, mate :)

09-01-2010, 23:55
Happy New Year everyone!

Looks great Gomez. Did you think about building up the drivers side with a perspex screen? (akin to the riot shield) I'm sure he's gonna have a lot of Molotov chucked at him by underhive skum

Yeah I had thought of that. My original plan was to use the same mesh on the search light to cover the drivers side but because theres no support on the left side to hold the window, it looks odd, and building it up would have made it stand out a mile. I might have a crack at it when I build the second one though.

Speeder's come together nicely there, I think the red bits helped pull off a win. The riot shield looks good, I think Spaced may be on to something about the windscreen but it would look good either way I reckon.

That pesky red light!!!

Nice looking detective too, well done, mate

Ta muchly

Due to real life and various bouts of illness, I haven't updated. However, spent the past few days pulling the proverbial finger out and heres what we have.


Got the detective squad finished. Not great but for gaming, they'll do fine. I'll revisit them over the next few months to get them up to spec but I've gotten really fed up of them looking at me.


Same goes for Marbo. His skin needs work, a lot of work, and theres various areas that need highlights but again, he keeps looking at me... weirdo..


My two favorite models. I really shouldn't buy models that I like as I tend to make a complete hash of them, but this time it turned out alright. The robes were originally brown but after painting the green I decided bone and.. well it all went from there :D

Speaking of which, I really shouldn't have gotten this...


The daemonhost models suck. I mean, look at the inquisitor scale one, and look at its 40k counter part and its a crying shame, and when I saw this little beauty from wyrd I knew I'd have to get her. She's going to get some kind of bubble around her (or maybe just on the base) to represent a psychic bubble/shield.

And finally, I had a bit of repair work to do...


Made from two very broken, very beat up chimeras. Had no turret, no front, and as you can see, the track guards are on backwards. So out came the circle cutter, a quick nosey around bungaroos log and this came out. I've got to say, had it not been for the vajello putty I picked up (on the assumption of 'one day, I might need that') this wouldn't have worked at all.

This month (well next week) I'm finally ordering my airbrush so this beauty's going to get a rather nice paint job if it works out. I've also got some backpacks on the way from west wind (7 quid for 40 packs, much cheaper then the resin for now) so finally, after four pages, I can start kranking out some infantry!

Comments and crits as always appreciated.

10-01-2010, 00:14
The daemonhost models suck. I mean, look at the inquisitor scale one, and look at its 40k counter part and its a crying shame, and when I saw this little beauty from wyrd I knew I'd have to get her. She's going to get some kind of bubble around her (or maybe just on the base) to represent a psychic bubble/shield.

Intriguing. How are you going to do that?

10-01-2010, 00:35
I.. er... dont actually know.

I have some clear plasticard which I could melt into a bowl shape (so you could see the bottom, and not obscure the model). You can get various plastic balls on ebay, or maybe one of those things you get kids toys in, they always seem to have a plastic half.. maybe...

Morticia Addams
10-01-2010, 01:46
Thanks to rather a lot of snow this week I've managed to get some Necrons built and put on bases :-)



I've gone with a dry/cracked earth base, intending on painting it a creamy white colour and adding a load of dust to really make it look bone dry.

Also fiddled with a couple of scarab swarm bases too..


Tried to make it look like they're emerging from deep underground - I think it works quite well (or at least, I'm hoping it does once they're all painted and such..)

As always, comments welcome :-)

12-01-2010, 21:37
Gomez, those preachers (?) look very cool, loving your work! I like your development of the detective and retinue too, cool change from the standard Inquisitor idea.

That Chimera rescue looks awesome! Any bits left over? Turn them into ships ;) Tell me more about this Vallejo putty, it looks like it makes awesome zimmerit, was it hard to work with?

Morticia, your basing looks very cool indeed on those Necrons. For someone who's new to the hobby I like that you're being so creative already. Will probably take a few coats of PVA to seal in that cork, look forward to seeing more. Those Scarab Swarms look great!!! I love the effect, would be nice to see more Scarabs per base but I know that would cost more.

Nice work both of you :)

15-01-2010, 18:49
That Chimera rescue looks awesome! Any bits left over? Turn them into ships Tell me more about this Vallejo putty, it looks like it makes awesome zimmerit, was it hard to work with?

Sadly not a scrap that wasnt torn to peices and twisted before use. Had I thought I would have kept them and used the bits for basing but my work table did look like a bit of a bomb after the initial carnage.

The vajello putty is rather awesome. Its like green stuff, but grittier and less durable. Its rubbish for trying to do anything other then fill cracks but because you can wipe off the excess its great for filling tiny holes. The zimmerit was made using bungaroos nifty tutorial which is white miliput dented with a screw driver. Its horrid stuff to work with as it turns to a paste and gets everywhere, but comes out lovely. I've now finished one whole side, just need to do the second and a bit more under the chin :D

Right, finally had my last christmas present arrive today, and its a cracker :D


I've been waiting for one of these for awhile and I've got to say its rather great. Did have a bit of a scare when it stopped working, only to realise it has a cut off switch to stop too much air building up. Had a very small play earlier and some of the fine lines you can make with this thing are slightly astonishing.

I've also reached a conclusion with my guard. I've been too scatty with my painting recently and whilst its kept me in To40KP its left my army looking like a complete carnivale. So I'm writting up my background fluff tonight for the slightly techy guard that I initially intended, and this tanks getting sold. If anyone wants to buy it please PM me before tomorrow morning, otherwise I'll give it a quick job, play with the airbrush a bit, and sell it on ebay.

So, if anyone wants it feel free to PM me an offer, otherwise it gets painted up tomorrow and goes on ebay Sunday night :D

20-01-2010, 22:35
Gomez, really like the base for your valkyrie!

Can you give a link to the back packs you got from west wind? looked around the site and cannot find them anyway! Thanks!

20-01-2010, 23:20
Well after just over a week I finally received my order from wargamesinc and I'm a bit annoyed.

I had to ring them three times to find out where my order was. Now they had my number, there was no reason why they couldnt have phoned/messaged me at any point to say 'there gona be late' and I wouldnt have minded. The packaging was appauling. It came in an empty pokemon trading card box. I mean come on, seriously, thats pretty bad. I don't send stuff that way when I trade on here or on ebay. They sent me free stuff - a pair of cadian officers so I suppose I cant moan too much but in all honesty I would rather have had the £1.60 I paid for postage refunded.

There new to the online market by the looks of things so maybe I was just unlucky but.. I wont be ordering from them again because...

I ordered something from Wayland games today and they couldnt have been better. The lack of a phone number annoyed me, but there ticket system is brilliant - will definately be ordering from them in future.

Having rambled on though, the backpacks have turned out very disappointing...


There tiny on guardsmen because of the pouch. If that was twice as wide it wouldnt be too bad but *sigh* I've currently got a few glued up with the back packs flipped upside down so I could add a bedroll on top but.. we'll see. Definately needs a lot of playing around with to make work.
Oh and the mould lines are horrid.

More progress on the sister finally

Decided that if I was going to get the sisters done I should finalize the scheme first and.. I like it a lot.

Oh and the wonderful airbrush broke.. on its first day :( luckily its being replaced for free so, woot!

Better updates over the next few days.

22-01-2010, 20:20
Really enjoyed having a scan through the Addams family plog.

The guard stuff has really taken my interest - it is an army I am never likely to do, yet love looking at well conceived examples of, and I have to say I am impressed with the stuff I have seen so far.

With the true scale Marines, Morticia's growing Necron contributions, the Inquisitorial elements and so forth, this is a nicely eclectic plog. Kudos to you both.

22-01-2010, 21:13
@leonmallett - Glad you like the log :) Keep reading though, its going to get weirder..

But before that, I had a play with the backpacks and ended up with this.

Really happy with it. Should have really added a pouch or something to either side of that box but.. really could not be bothered as I'm itching to get stuck into my infantry so instead, I built first platoon.

No heavy weapons yet. There a long reang recon army really so I need some way of modifiying the heavy weapons to be very portable.

Anywho heres whats in the works, and oh boy is she a big girl..

The Icarus Abides rocked with energy as real space split asunder. Admiral Mapes shielded his eyes and frowned. There weren't many ships he could recall making such a large exit from warp space - the planet killer spring to mind. He acknowledge the chimes on his command lecturn as the hornest nest of the flight bay errupted with life. Within moments dozens of fighters filled his scanner to protect the Icarus and Mapes smiled at the crews efficiency. At this range, they might just be too close for the enermy too...

"Contact! bearing dead ahead sir.. shes a big one sir"

NCOs. Werent worth the food they ate when stating the obvious.

"Give me a clear visual.. now damn it!"

The rolling waves of energy began to subside as the pict screen flaired with life. The busy hive of activity that formed standard staple of imperial ships across the galaxy, seeingly froze for a moment as deckhand and officers alike gazed at the behemoth on screen.

"By Him on Earth" Mapes gasped "recall the fighters, we're getting the frak out of here"


(Oh yes, shes a big one. Size comparison with Icarus can be found here (http://tinypic.com/m/8vvvnr/4))

31-01-2010, 15:59
Post a link to where you got those backpacks from, mate, I think you missed that request in an earlier post. I like the green stuffing, it improves them considerably by giving them a bit more body.

If these Guard are long range recon p'raps they shouldn'h have heavy weapons at all? Keep the heavy stuff in heavy weapon squads and mount them on tracks for speed of deployment maybe? The models look very cool tho, this particular choice in helmet from Pig Iron is rarely used.

Tell us more about the airbrush please- never used one and the idea scares me. Doesn't look like there are TOO many components to it but correct me if I'm wrong. Cleaning it must be a total mare.

You were right to warn me about Firestorm's scale. Flipping huge! ;)

11-02-2010, 02:14
*Blows copious amounts of dust off*

Jihad Ragsta - Hoi again. The backpacks are from west wind productions, its the rebreather set (http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=126_187). There quite a funky company too although definately best ordered from wayland et al. And I agree on the heavy weapons, they'll be out for now which reminds me - must update my army list.

Right, been rather busy so, in no real order...

This months tale of 40k painters entry. I also have a veteran squad on the way but got distracted by nostalgia critic.. (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic). Needs a bit of weathering, faces and bandanas need doing, possibly more detailing on the guns but they look good so.. woo!

Also had a dabble with a tech priest for this months tale entry but after a bit of fiddling and him breaking in two (I kid you not..) I'm pondering building him so kind of floaty disc thingie.

Awhile back, I sold my 40k army and went back to scratch, and with Morticias necrons on the rise I picked up these victrix highlanders (http://www.victrixlimited.co.uk/online_shop/product_info.php?cPath=32_33&products_id=55&osCsid=5580e116e38d0f13a4ef226406403854) which after a week of filing and building got relegated to the bits cupboard of bordem when my idea of giving them all gas masks clashed with my natural laziness. However, after victrix previewed there greatcoats this week, and knowing morticia would have my bits for a key fob if I bought more of these without painting the first lot, i ended up with steam punk nepoleonics!
I have to say, I really like them. I wish I had pulled my finger out and added the cabling to the rifles but I suppose that gives me something to do for the veteran squad as I still have 10 men left.
These were all undercoated using my airbrush, although I need to find a way of getting a wider spray area if I ever do this kind of thing again.

And finally
Really really unhappy with this. The patterns nice but the black sprays bled into the red in areas, and some bits have simply chipped off despite me scrubbing them clean. Oh well.

Oh go on, one last pic. The guard army so far!

Not massive, but its getting there.

Oh and while its not really deserving of a picture update, I have been slowly building those true scale marines again having finally settled on a chapter. Just in time for IA8...

11-02-2010, 02:47
I like the land speeder. Very nice work. :D

11-02-2010, 11:51
I like how you painted your Plasma Gun, and how it gives the impression of the lights cycling.

11-02-2010, 21:52
KAOSBLIZZARD - Thanks very much :)

WOLF40K - Its not too difficult really. I used vajello game colors brightest green, mixed it with different quantities of orkhide shade depending on where it is in the sequence. Much easier on the sentinels I have to admit.

So today I had a crack at one of my highlands. Deciding that speed painting was the best way to do these I cracked open the dip and limited my palette to foundations only.. oh and a metallic..


I'm fairly happy with it. Took a grand total of 5 minutes I kid you not, with the majority of that time spent deciding which colors to use and whether to paint the kilt or not. It does need a coat of matt varnish but for a speed paint job - its turned out well.

I'm going to see if I can fire out the whole platoon tomorrow as that will boost my tale of painters entry up considerably :D.

Still chewing over whether to add snow or not... or some tundra. I dunno, it needs breaking up though definately.

12-02-2010, 19:55
Okaaaaay *Flexes literary knuckles*

Hey, buddy :)

Right then, so I really like your work on the oldschool Stormtroopers- they really do have a lot of character and I too like the work on the plasma gun! They look good as is but another highligh on the guns would be fine. Up to you naturally.

Personally, I would leave the Techpriest standing instead of a disk. While I like the idea something doesn't sit right in my mind about it- your landspeeder should be the only floaty thing in this unique l'il force! Unless you have a really cool idea about what to do...

That Highlander looks most excellent! Was it the Army Painter Strong Tone? Did you brush paint it on? Personally, I think some tundra would be in keeping with the basing- would you be extending this to your IG too? I twould match the green armour.

I should be honouring your update with one of my own soon- hopefully this weekend should see some painted stuff! Keep up the good work!

Dragon Lord
12-02-2010, 23:36
Some great stuff here. The psychic bubble idea for the daemonhost is a nice idea, the trouble is getting it to work without obscuring the rest of the model, I'd suggest doing a sort of partial sphere at the bottom that only extends part way up but has a ragged edge with some bits extending up further, as if it is in the process of forming. Not sure how to do that or if what I said makes any sense but maybe it will help.

Your work renovating that Chimera is most impressive, it doesn't even notice that it is a rescue job.

I really like those scarabs of Morticia's too, the impression of them emerging out of the ground is very good, and very appropriately chilling.

That Firestorm Armada ship is rather big isn't it! Was that a battleship or a cruiser? (I have a couple of the Sorylian cruisers on their way to me in the post).

15-02-2010, 02:29
Well its been a long few days but time for an update :)

@Jihad_Ragsta - Firstly, sorry for not posting in your log in awhile, I had been looking but been a little busy, but I'll sit down and reply tomorrow.
Guns will definately get another highlight then, thanks.
I kinda agree with your comments on the techpriest, which I only read after building him his lovely throne... so that it doesnt got to waste, I'm working on a small diorama thing. More on that tomorrow.
Yep its army painter strong tone. I dipped this guy although ended up working it with the brush. For the rank and file below I painted it on but had mixed results both ways. Its rather capricious stuff but does what it says on the tin - gets you high if used in confined spaces :D
I'll pick up some reeds this week. I;m currently thinking chenobyl from COD4 kind of look now. We'll see, but yes i'll carry it on throughout the force.

@Dragon Lord - Thanks bud. Had real difficulty following the idea through after making a complete hash of it the other day so shes definately back to the drawing board.
The ships a battlecruiser I think. The biggest one currently available although I've heard there doing bigger ships then this which is... well.. worrying.

Anyway I've got my scots mostly finished!

The little empty patches on the base will be filled with water as per the valk. Just unit markings and bases to do now. I'm pretty pleased the wire looks okay as well. The only gripe I have is that this it it for them. I can't add any more because to do that I'd have to spend another £20 quid on a full set, of which I'd get 44 men.

I suppose I could get the set, and convert the rest into special/heavy weapons etc but.. hmm.. unless its fairly cheap, I think I'd rather spend the money on a different regiment to add to the rag tag look. I mean the victrix grenadiers look great, and I'm thinking of turning them into conquistador style guard. Still throwing ideas around at the moment though while I crack on with my main platoon.

Once I get there camo cloaks done I'll be cracking on with a veteran squad for these guys as every platoon is going to have one veteran squad (whether that be my mech guard or anything else, it just makes more sense to me). I've already converted two into snipers with simple scopes, and converted a suitably heroic looking sarge. Might try converting up some mines too.

Thats all for now. Sorry for the ramble, think the varnish in the dips gone to my head..

15-02-2010, 02:42
The only thing missing from this plog is some variety, I dont think you're painting and building enough stuff at once...:D

Great work.

16-02-2010, 21:42
I've been admiring the Victrix sets for quite some time now and am delighted to see how nicely these have turned out! Nice addition of cabling to the rifles by the way.

And commenting on my log isn't an obligation you know, mate, it's not everyone's cup of tea after all ;) PLUS it's somewhat lacking painted stuff right now- I should really think about signing up with the Tale of Painters myself!

16-02-2010, 23:42
JIHAD RAGSTA - Mate, I enjoy commenting on your log, I'm just a lazy sod sometimes and get distracted by nostalgia critic and such. Plus theres been family things...
They are quite nice sets. The reason I originally bought them was because the price was really reasonable, I could see myself finding some kind of use for them, and it made a nice change from guard.
With the cabling it was more of a need to do something. I mean Ice Swords doing the french set and hes gone to the trouble of building rifles and weapons and everything so it would have been a bit of a cop out to do nothing.
As for tale of painters, its really helped me get this lot done and whilst I am quite random it would have been worse without the focus. Give McMullet a shout and jump in, more the merrier :D

SIC - Well I'm sorry to disappoint :D Theres something further down thats had a bit of a lick of paint. And I haven't mentioned the biggest suprise yet...

Anywho the family dog died yesterday so I've been a little down. At the rip old age of 15 (or 73), she hasn't done bad of a terrier. To take my mind off it though, I attempted to do a little painting.

He looks miles better in real life.
I've printed off some pictures of the Predator from the first film and I'm kinda trying to work to that - mottled skin and all. Seeing the pics I can see I need to shade more the recessed areas but trying to get a color match for predator skin is proving... tricky...
The netting is the real problem though but I do have some 1/32 tank netting from about a decade ago that might work.

The scots are totally finished. No name yet, or background, but there the 6th of something. I've added the winged skull from the guard transfer set to every model, along with the squad number on the back. Sargeants and members of the command squad also get a skull. Aside that that I've also added pools of water (like the valks).
I'm going to pick up a pack of long grass tomorrow which should hopefully set these off nicely.

Finally a scale shot as I know someones going to ask.

As you can probably see there roughly the same height, its just the proportions that are off so the scots look quite weedy but it doesnt look to bad but I also think the heads have a lot to do with it - the gas mask heads are too large for the scots but the mask erm.. masks it quite well, where as I've cut the pig iron heads really short at the neck.

Anywho, I'm taking Morticia out for the day tomorrow to the manchester museum and possibly the pictures if shes good. Night all.

16-02-2010, 23:53
I like the Scots quite a bit. Oddly enough, the heads look right even though they are a little big, and instead make the body look feminine.

17-02-2010, 01:39
All purdy, purdy stuff. There's a bit of something for everyone. Almost too much to rave about in one post.

On the sentinels, way back at the start: did you use white spirits on them, then? How do the oil paints handle for this kind of thing? I know 'scale model' hobbyists use them a lot, but I've always been a tad intimidated.

Those guys on the valkyrie base are excellent. Very characterful. Can I ask what's the flesh recipe?

Also, sympathies from a lifelong dog person.

17-02-2010, 12:09
TERRIBLETRYGON - Your right the more I think about it they do look a little feminine although the knees are a little bit nobbly to be lady-like. I might have a play around with this with the vets squad maybe.. thanks for the comments :)

VERM1S - Ah the sentinels, the one time bane of my existance.

They were the first attempt at using oils for weathering and at the time I couldnt use white spirit due to where I was living so I used linseed oil because the bottle recommended it. It took about a fortnight to get remotely dry, and even after several coats of varnish theres still the odd few areas where its a little soft and malliable. I wouldnt touch linseed oil again with a barge pole. The valk was done with white spirit and you can really see the difference as theres a lot more control. I have however been experimenting with sansodour which is a windsor and newton product - effectively, odorless white spirit. Works exactly the same, bloody brilliant.

As for actually using them, its a complete doddle. For the sentinels in my innocence I simply splashed it on as you would a wash, and then worked it a little so there was more brown in the recesses. I use two coats, one of burnt uber and the second of lamp black (I use a cheap five pound oil set though.. nothing fancy). Leave it about 24 hours between coats but come back after an hour to see how its going. If it looks a mess, get some sansodor/white spirit and work it around. Its definately trial and error.
I should be doing another sentinel at some point if you want some kind of stage by stage thing.

Sorry for the long ramble - if its unclear or you want to know more feel free to shoot me a PM :)

Right, the flesh, I'm pretty sure its tallarn flesh with a light ogryn flesh wash, and then just tallarn flesh highlights.. I think.

Ta muchly

17-02-2010, 21:57
Sorry about your dog, friend. I'm not much of a pet person (therefore by default everybody elses pets fraggin LOVE me) but I can sympathise with losing a friend who's been with you for 15 years.

Interesting points on the gasmask head for your Highlanders masking scale issues- I'll remember that should I go down the Victrix road in the future.

Regarding the colour choices for your Predator chappy- have a look at the painting method this guy did here (http://www.dysartes.com/model/painting/Dipping1.php)for his Kroot. I think the final effect on the skin is very similar to a Predator's mottled flesh- you already have the dip for it ;)

Enough talk! Paint stuff! Paint stuff fragging NOW!!! *Fires boltgun wildly in the air and runs away laughing*

18-02-2010, 01:46
Cheers bud.
I'll have a closer look at that but I'm kinda wanting to avoid dipping and washes. Its quite a fantastic sculpt and while I'm happy to crack out the victrix kits without a second thought, this is different because Predator was one of my favorite movies as a kid (arnie rocks!). I want to get it as close to the movie as possible.

No painting tonight though - me and morticia spent the day at the museum which was brilliant. Quite a large Egyptian exhibit which was rather cool to wander around, along with various stuffed animals and suprisingly, a reptile house with live reptiles in. Highlight of the day was reading all the comments left by the kids such as 'needed more toilets, I nearly pooed my self' and 'this was good but not as good as america'. Awww.

HOWEVER! When I got in I had a fiddle with something.


Former rival and now faithful servant 'Egor 209' along with Hover chair. The round space is where the techpriest will sit when on display. Throne needs some work though but I'll post a better picture soon.

Comments on Egor would really be appreciated. Very simple conversion so I'm tempted to do some more as a convict squad... what do you guys think?

the damned artificer
18-02-2010, 02:09
Egor looks nice, kinda makes me think of Igor, any link there ;P
The hover chair looks pretty good as well, but who/what will be seated in it ??

20-02-2010, 15:04
Comments on Egor would really be appreciated. what do you guys think?

Great. 'Nuff said. :)

Ta for the oils talk. I'd read up about then for painting painting, but I've still to properly use them for that too; and I haven't seen many tutes or guides about painting and washing minis with oils.

24-02-2010, 00:04
Egor looks nice, kinda makes me think of Igor, any link there ;P
The hover chair looks pretty good as well, but who/what will be seated in it ??
Beyond my dodgy spelling? Not quite sure :P
No one as of yet. I had built it for the magos but now... I figured its one of those indulgant things like Egor - he doesnt need either, but every now and then he feels like communing with the Omnissah (aka, having a kip).
Thanks for the comment though - I've been pondering whether I've got the skill to have a crack at a knight titan similar to yours for awhile now.

Great. 'Nuff said.

Ta for the oils talk. I'd read up about then for painting painting, but I've still to properly use them for that too; and I haven't seen many tutes or guides about painting and washing minis with oils.
Ta muchly, theres more on the way - enough for a counts as penal squad..

See I hadnt considered that (painting painting) until this week. I saw a video on awesome paint job where the guy paints a scything talon using oils and it looks awesome. I'm thinking of trying NMM with it for the sisters of battle a few pages back but thats a couple of months off yet.

Sorry for the absence everyone - had a bit of a crisis in the Addams household (so Jihad if you read this, this is why you havent got your bases yet!). However the worse seems to be over now, and Morticia has treated me for being a good husband with one of those awesome robots from pig iron. Much woot!

Anyway, picture updates tomorrow - just putting the final few bits on the Battle Magos...

the damned artificer
24-02-2010, 01:54
Beyond my dodgy spelling? Not quite sure :P
No one as of yet. I had built it for the magos but now... I figured its one of those indulgant things like Egor - he doesnt need either, but every now and then he feels like communing with the Omnissah (aka, having a kip).
Thanks for the comment though - I've been pondering whether I've got the skill to have a crack at a knight titan similar to yours for awhile now.

I'm glad you like my knight, and I'm pretty sure you have the needed skill to build one :D
If you have plans on designing it to look like mine I would be glad to assist you with any insider knowledge and detail photos on it's construction :)

I hope for your own enjoyment that you decide to build one as it is great fun.
And hey do you have a sharper image of the hover chair, I would like to see its details :D

25-02-2010, 00:47
DAMNED ARTIFICER - Ill post the chair up tomorrow, cant seem to get a good picture atm. Thanks for the comments, you should have a PM in your inbox.

I did promice an update, but the flagellants arent quite ready yet (had a bit of a change of heart regarding color scheme) so instead, heres Battle Magos Oma Desala


Techmarine body, tau stealth suit facey bit, devestator heavy bolter, bit of the valk, and the gun shields made from a watch part :D Very very happy with this, especially when hes next to the flagellants as he towers over them. I'm also really pleased with how the shoulder pads turned out.

Battle Magos Oma Desala
The servants of the Omnissah are as varied as His creations, and whilst many Arch Magi are happy to toil away in the blessed manufactoriums, great virulant poisons in the gene-vats, or explore for archeotech, some cannot find peace. There work output is low, there quality poor, and a life time of training begins to errode. Many in the upper echelons of the machine cult believe this to be the result of bad code, where as some believe it to be simple genetics. What ever the case, these members are of little use to the forges and are assigned to more aggresive roles.
It is unknown quite how Oma Desala chose this path. Some have guessed her past holds dark secrets, but she says little. Her creations these days are rather mundane in many ways. With unlimited access to Picons prison population, she has created a small force of arco flagellants that she is more then willing to unless on an unsuspecting foe.

Seeing as thought the flagellants havent got guns (and penal legionaires do) I thought this might balance it out a bit. Although I musn't get tempted to do yet another veteran squad based on an Ad mech theme using this as harkar... must... resist...

Comments appreciated :D

the damned artificer
25-02-2010, 01:07
It looks great, and nice idea with the gun shield :)
Do some more admech stuff, please :D
Thanks, PM answered :P

06-03-2010, 22:00
Right, not having a particularly good time with the painting at the moment.

Scrapped the penal legion squad because I cleaned them up terribly. They need serious resculpting to get looking right. The heavy bolter guy is on the list of things to paint but until he has a use in the guard army, I'll leave him where he is. No point rushing him. This leaves me up a rather brown creek for this months tale of painters. I've also got a mountain of commission work to do this weekend, and I've been severely distracted by..


Mmmm red alert ladies.

Anywho, after fighting with the airbrush and finally getting the hang of it (in other words, after it decided it was happy spraying things), I managed to paint this...


The picture doesnt show the amount of work thats gone into it very well - theres about six shades of grey on there and besides the odd little mistake it looks pretty swish.
The red stamps turned out quite nicely. I did want to do zig zag stripes much like bungaroos however my without zigzag scissors it proved impossible. Luckily my mum makes cards, and so I had a hole cutter. Some are a little messy but... meh, nowt I can do about it.

I'm currently pondering though whether to add horrizontal stripes in a black grey to break it up a little more though - thoughs and ideas appreciated.

07-03-2010, 16:47
Mmm... Red Alert ladies... Mmm... *Decides to consult with Slaanesh*

You could always use your Techpriest as a counts Sergeant Harker.

I'm sure the Penal squad will turn out fine, maybe you just need to take a breather, do something else :) You strike me as a hard taskmaster haha!

That vehicle (are you going to be swapping the turret out for different thing? I sthat the idea behind the turret ring?) looks most excellent. I sympathise with photos washing out all the nice stuff and highlighting all the minor irritants! I have to admit to being somewhat bemused at the red symbols... I assume its an ash waste camo scheme but would prefer zig zags (yes, I know you couldn't do those hehehe!).

I say just stick with it and finish it as is.

Hope you and Morticia are doing well, mate :) Commissions eh? Aren't we coming a long way! Heh.

07-03-2010, 23:07
Usually I wouldn't have replied without pics but.. it is the hundreth posting, so let me say thanks to everyone whose posted replies and offered support, its been greatly appreciated these past few months.

You could always use your Techpriest as a counts Sergeant Harker.
I was thinking that, but then I'd have to build some skitarii to act as the veterans, and then they'd need a vehicle, and whilst thats going to be music to damned artificers ears I still havent painted the infantry that goes with the valk and sentinels (not to mention the guard I have on order...)

I'm sure the Penal squad will turn out fine, maybe you just need to take a breather, do something else You strike me as a hard taskmaster haha!
Yeah they've been thrown into the bits box of doom for now, so we'll see what happens next month.
As for being a hard task master, its pretty true. I've finally got into a steady routine of painting and I'm trying to keep that up because I know if I stop I'll stop for a good few months (yet, still buy models. Morticia does not approve!)

That vehicle (are you going to be swapping the turret out for different thing? I sthat the idea behind the turret ring?) looks most excellent
Kinda, I originally built a gun shield for the lascannon thats in the heavy weapons set to act as an automated gun, then I realised they couldnt have one so I cobbled together an autocannon. As thats the only option thats reasonable viable for the mount, I'm probably just going to glue it in place.
I'll put the first wash on that tonight I think between coats on the knights.

Hope you and Morticia are doing well, mate Commissions eh? Aren't we coming a long way! Heh.
Cheers bud, Its actually old stuff from before I signed up here, but with all the manic moving around its been battered and needs a lot of fixing up. My painting in this logs been... sketchy at best, but I did used to be fairly good and consistent until the washes and foundations came along and I became a lazy sod.
Anywho now this lots finally out of the way I'm planning to start taking comissions again in the vain hope that some charitable benefactor will bestow large sums of money on me in time for the forgeworld open day :D

I can live and dream :P

*Trudges back to the painting desk to finish the 20 knights*

19-03-2010, 03:45
Well the knights are nearly done (they'll never be done. I'm still having nightmares..) and having spent the last week or more in the midlands, I thought I'd share whats made its way onto my desk this week.

Victrix napoleons old guard mixed with SOTR US heads

Autocannon team

The mortar team - Paul and Barry :D

Need to green stuff the hand tomorrow, and probably add a tripod to the autocannon. I'm really pleased with how the mortar team came out. My plan is to shave off all the epulets and replace them with shoulder pads. The heavy weapons are from Tamiya

I'm definately picking up a second set as there really characterful and I've enjoyed building them so far. I think I'll be adding plenty of heavy weapons to these guys (at least two heavy weapon teams), and as there non GW models and so not constrained by model range, possibly a couple of old crow slingshots to make them mechanised. At 9 pound a tank, its a fair price when they fit with the models.

Having said that, its the forgeworld open day next week and my wallets twitching for death riders...

19-03-2010, 08:26
I've been pondering picking up some of these greatcoat Victrix myself- have to use that colour scheme you were badgering me about SOMEWHERE eh? Personally, I don't have much of a problem with the epaulets but I understand your desire to add shoulder guards.

Old Crow eh? I know an amazing guy who's picked some of those up, oh no that's right it was me! :D

19-03-2010, 13:52
I see, i am not the only fan of the victrix troops ;)
Take a look if you want: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181822&page=12

What scale are the hvy weapons? 1:48? I´m still not sure what i am going to use for meltas etc.

19-03-2010, 14:38
Pretty cool looking. Once again they all look like chicks, which is ironic, considering the only female in these recent pages is a Tech Priest based off a very manly looking tech marine body.

19-03-2010, 14:55
JIHAD RAGSTA - Do it do it do it do it! As a fellow job seeker, I can whole heartedly say there a blast to play with. Even without the westwind heads a simple gas mask would sci-fi these up appropriately.
Color scheme? I've forgotten (although bobbing around the country for the past two weeks will do that to you..)
How do the old crow size up? For the price they seem like a bargain but with these guys being true scale I dont want to pick up a tank and have it be too large/small?

SIAM-TIGER - I remember seeing your log awhile back but totally lost track of it. I nearly picked up a box of those perry cavalry a few weeks back but decided to get this platoon out of the way first - how do they look next to the victrix? They seem like fairly chunky models.
As for the weapons I THINK there 1:48 but I'm not sure. I'll nip into my local model zone in the next week or two and let you know :)

TERRIBLETRYGON - I think you missed the red alert ladies on the previous page :D
I dont see it with these to be honest. The scots sure but these look a little bulkier to me. I think once the shoulder pads are on they'll look bulkier and more manly.

Well having decided these greatcoats are getting old crow vehicles, I'm going to repaint my chimera today for my tech guard. As for those almost mythical tech guard I'm hoping to get them all built and sprayed over the next day or two as I'm heading upto the midlands again on Tuesday and if I dont take at least some painting with me I'm going to start falling behind.

Pictures later :)

19-03-2010, 15:07
I´ll hook you up with some pictures as soon as i can, as i am going to convert the helmets into a mix of the dragoons and gasmask design.

19-03-2010, 15:18
Awesome (I can already hear my wallet sighing with relief at the thought of a cheaper alternative to death riders :D)

19-03-2010, 15:23
This is an older picture, that may give you an idea for the dimensions, but i ´ll take a new one.


19-03-2010, 15:48
I dont see it with these to be honest. The scots sure but these look a little bulkier to me. I think once the shoulder pads are on they'll look bulkier and more manly.

The shoulder pads will help, but this time the problem lies, not only with the head to body size ratio, but also because of the bagginess of the uniform. It looks like they got given a one size fits all Uniform that is slightly baggy on the female form, made even more so with their little feet. Though as I said, the shoulder pads would defiantly help.

19-03-2010, 16:01
SIAM-TIGER - Yeah thats the one I saw and thought that they looked a bit chunky. Maybe its because the horses are better proportioned.

The head to body ratio is actually better on these guys then on the scots. Heres a shot from a side on perspective.

Whilst I dont have any unpainted scots, some are vastly out of proportion with the necks which the gas mask kind of hides, but these guys fit perfectly - its just chunky face mask anyway (check out some of the US SOTR minis to see what I mean.

Having said that, they are true scale minis. Slender arms, fingers and feet can look feminie if this were a GW sculpt for there guard range but.. as it is, they look right to me. You could also point to the waists being thin, but again, thats not the case - its the various gubbinz and the coat shape that implies it. In your hands you can see it looks right.

I'd be interested to hear what others think though.

19-03-2010, 16:09
You’re right. It does look better side on. It might just be the heads looking bigger from the slight angle of the previous photos.

And yeah, I know they are true scale. If the whole army is like this, it will look right. It only gets odd if Heroic Scale minis are added.

And anyways, is it really all that bad that they look a tad feminine? Everyone loves a mystery. ;)

19-03-2010, 16:11
Here is a quick picture.

21-03-2010, 22:27
TERRIBLETRYGON - Not at all. To be honest I wouldnt mind adding the odd female guardsmen in (I've been reading Ciaphas Cain again and the regiment hes with is mixed) but I'm worries about mucking it up. I've yet to see someone do female models without adding enormous breasts...

SIAM-TIGER - Cheers for that. He does look a little chunkier so I might wait for the Victrix cavalry. Might email them about that now actually..

Okay, having decided that my long coats will have Old Crow tanks, the chimera is now extremely out of place so I cracked out the airbrush and re-painted it to match the sentinels and valk.

Even without float tanks its still amphibious :D


Getting there. The chipped paint turned out much better this time although its still not great. I think its just a case of doing it till I get it right. Still a fair way to go on it but so far its looking good.

22-03-2010, 14:21
I've yet to see someone do female models without adding enormous breasts...




22-03-2010, 16:59
That standard bearers the buisness. Fine, I conceed, I'll convert some, happy now! :D

I've been meaning to pick up those hasslefree heads for awhile. Might as well scatter a few women into the ranks then.

22-03-2010, 23:08
Women, sir, in the Guard?! Are you mad, sir?! I bite my thumb at you, sir!

It's a good collection of stories is Ciaphas Cain, was rereading it last night. Yes, adding some female troopers will inject more spice into your (already worryingly) diverse force.

The Chimera looks good AGAIN! Stop beating yourself up about it, the chipping looks fine! Heh. I have some tanks to do myself, think I'll try the ol' chipping thang.

I would like some squad shots, please, this log needs pics of large groups of models. Nice work :)

23-03-2010, 01:44
Worryingly diverse? How dare you! My armys only comprised of.. 3 different guard regiments, never mind the storm troopers, krieg death riders, arbites, sisters, space marines... see... hardly diverse at all!

About the chimera- I know I know. Thing is, as it sat there on the desk I just didnt see it working. Its not often I do scrap something entirely to start again but this just didnt work. Looked a bit too modern/stylish for a chimera. Might try it again on one of those Old Crow tanks.

No squad shot though I'm afraid as the vast majorities been packed away ready for a potential move (yep, I'm on the road again...), however here's a nice army shot from last months tale of 40k painters


Missing from that is:
10 Highlander Vets
Ad Mech odds and ends
Techie looking guard back from page 4
The new guard

Anyways, I'm off for a week or so. If anyones heading to the Forgeworld open day feel free to PM me. In the mean time Ill be having a trio of job interviews, building up the guard, and buying death riders :D

02-04-2010, 00:08
Well the forgeworld open day was very cool. Couldnt get Morticia to pose next to the space marine sadly but plenty there on the day that had me thinking. Could afford the death riders in the end sadly however I did ge the comissar but I wont start him till I'm settled.

I've still been plugging away at the trenchcoat guard which I've enjoyed immensely. There a lot better equiped then there highland counter parts. However, enough talky talky. More tanky tanky.


Very happy with it. I picked up a pot of that rust powder forgeworld do and.. well...


They look a lot more.. lived in if that makes sense. Hoping to get the trench coats sprayed up tomorrow, possibly the armour painted as well if I'm feeling active which I'm not. Been feeling a bit bummed out recently so might just spend a day on Modern Warfare instead...

Comments and crits welcome, although votes would be good too :D

02-04-2010, 00:33
That rust powder is amazing. I only just noticed it just now too.

02-04-2010, 08:10
The rust powder looks most excellent. What's the price for such a magical thing in comparison to MIG pigments?

Seeing as you're going to be painting them anyway, how about a brief tutorial on how you do your greatcoat Guardsmen? I'm curious to know what greens and browns you've been using.

Most frustrating that Morticia wouldn't pose next to the Marine. Mind you, it's impressive that someone's girlfriend went there at all!

02-04-2010, 12:33
Thanks TerribleTrygon - should have the other sentinel finished today and might tickle the Valk. Seems wrong to rust a plane even if it is the future.

The rust powder looks most excellent. What's the price for such a magical thing in comparison to MIG pigments?

£2.75 a pot, or £20 for a set of eight. You get a little less I think but you dont need a bit tub of some colors unless its for specific things (wet mud, rusty ork vehicles etc). For those I'd be tempted to go for the mig. At the moment, I can't really argue with the price. Might get a few more of the rust shades and the black soot next time though.

Seeing as you're going to be painting them anyway, how about a brief tutorial on how you do your greatcoat Guardsmen? I'm curious to know what greens and browns you've been using.

Do you mean the highlanders or the newer trenchcoats? As the newer stuffs going to be a fair shade darker...

Most frustrating that Morticia wouldn't pose next to the Marine. Mind you, it's impressive that someone's girlfriend went there at all!
There were a suprising amount of WAGs to be honest.

Then again, I can't imagine any of them heading home pondering about Orks..

05-04-2010, 01:34
Well with Morticia down in Burton and my folks away I thought I'd take the opportunity to make a mess..


Its something I've been chewing over awhile but after seeing a rather lovely diorama at the forgeworld open day I knew I had to crack on with it.


Things still left to do -
Rebuild the engines
Build the tail end
Fill a gap underneath
Add a few detail panels
Add the straws for the pipes
bolt holes
fill the gaps

Not a lot really, with only the first two taking any amount of time. This thunderbolts going to be a present for my next door neighbour - partly because hes a nice chap whose really into the 40k background but cant game due to family commitments, but also because the poor little bugger wouldnt survive a move. Next time I'll probably build in sections and fill each hollow section with some kind of filler to give it strength.

Not entirely sure how to paint it up yet as the scheme on the forgeworld websites boring. Ideas would really be appreciated - crazier the better!

Comments and crits appreciated as ever.

05-04-2010, 10:40
Wow, I'm impressed! Trying to flex your OWN scratchbuilding muscle eh? Well, we can't take that lying down you know, old chap...

Here's some random ideas (http://www.megahobby.com/productimages/nry/NRY20227.jpg)from a quick google search of WW1 biplanes- their schemes were definitely eccentric. Oh and this one (http://www.kessockmodels.com/acatalog/A-GPMA1143.jpg).

But THIS (http://www.moorewallpaper.com/ww1-23.jpg)is what I instantly thought of when you asked for the crazier the better! Now I don't know if you could make it work BUT I am pretty confident that you might get some inspiration (http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.moorewallpaper.com/ww1-22.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.moorewallpaper.com/aircraft-ww1-22.htm&usg=__aJ0eAp25ieyKRopPB_oLcPoM49U=&h=766&w=1024&sz=130&hl=en&start=114&itbs=1&tbnid=Ej6snxC_AwusFM:&tbnh=112&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3DWWI%2Bbiplanes%26start%3D100%26hl%3De n%26sa%3DN%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D20%26tbs%3Disch:1)!

By the way, its the Highlander Victrix I was curious about for the colour scheme but you can do the greatcoats too ;)

05-04-2010, 12:16
I have been meaning to have a look through your log for a while, and I am really glad I did. The guard army is really nice, especially that Valkyrie and the Sentinels.

On another not, I cant beleive that that Necron is the the third model you have ever painted, Morticia. Nice job, especially on the chest plate with the green.

05-04-2010, 19:18
JIHAD RAGSTA - Ta very much :D To be honest, it wasn't massively difficult. It looks ropey but thats just because I'm a beginner.

I dont think my plane has enough confidence in its masculinity to go to battle in lilac..

The scots were..
Vajello yellow green
GW Foundation brown
Vajello.. erm.. metally color
Dark Angels green for the eyes
Oh and tallarn flesh for the skin

The dip did the rest but you could probably get the same results from washes and such.

BIGCHEESE - Thanks very much for stopping by, glad you like what you see :)

Well, she aint pretty, but shes finished. Kinda


Still a few holes, the cockpit, turbines, guns, and then filler all over. Quite happy with it but then next one should be miles better.

Anyway massively behind on my painting schedule so going to crack on with that tonight but I think I'll just print off some more plans before I do...

Well, we can't take that lying down you know, old chap...

Oh rly... do I hear the faint snapping of plasticard from mr Ragstas house?

05-04-2010, 21:33
Oooh... :eek:

I'm always impressed by great scratchbuilt plasticard models. This one looks like it won't be an exception.

Dragon Lord
09-04-2010, 11:40
That's rather a nice looking scratchbuilt thunderbolt you have there Gomez, especially as it seems to have taken you very little time to build. You have one lucky neighbour I say!

09-04-2010, 13:20
I love the way your Naps look and I will definitely steal that idea from you ;)

14-04-2010, 22:14
Thanks for all the comments guys :) My neighbours the sort of chap who'd do anything for anyone, including popping by at 11am when the washing machine stopped working. It seems only right he should have it.

Anyway whilst away I bought new materials (including a different brand of plasticard) and had a crack at an Avrus lighter..


Maybe it was just me, but it felt horrible to cut out the templates, and nothing quite lines up. I'll trudge through but I think this is another vessel heading my neighbours way. Not quite sure to do with this stack of dodgy plasticard though :(

Before I left, I thought I'd have a stab at a thunderbolt pilot. Not finished yet but in fairness I have been distracted by A Thousand Sons


In other news I happened to chance upon someone selling a 40k board. A few emails back and forth and come next Friday I'll be the proud owner of a 4' x 4' 40K board. To say Morticia squealed with glee would not be an understatement. I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives, along with pictures of my guard arrayed upon it :D

Speaking of my other half, she now has all her necrons along with paints to get them finish, with plenty of time to do it in so she should be updating soon. Although she does keep prodding me and mumbling something about koptas and AOBR...

As for me, tech guard tomorrow, along with sisters of battle normal metallic gold mini test on the way.

17-04-2010, 04:03
No love for Gomez? Oh well, moving on...

I'm currently negotiating a bit of commission work for a blood angels force, and the customer wanted a test mini for some sanguinary guard. Having grown tired of looking at my unpainted sisters, thought I'd killed two birds with one stone


To say these are seriously pimping would be an understatement. I'll be adding a wash or two of brown ink I think to darken them a little.


Tried to take a more detailed shot but the cameras had trouble dealing with it... anyone know how to take pics of metallic models?!

They'll be getting dark blue guns of some sort, to go with the ethereal flame, along with white stripes/patterning to break up all that grey. I'm hoping to finish them off tomorrow, mainly so that I'm ahead for this months tale of painters, but also so I'm clear should I secure the commission as things have been slightly hectic recently.

I had a crack at a second Avrus lighter.. lets just say that it went about as well as the first. I'm pretty sure now that its dodgy plasticard but theres nothing I can do about it really now, so I'm just going to have to persevere.

Anyway, bed time!
or maybe a bit of a chill out time with Jamiroquai.. yes.. that would be better..

17-04-2010, 17:08
I'll be the proud owner of a 4' x 4' 40K board. To say Morticia squealed with glee would not be an understatement.

You need to get out more, the pair of you!

Speaking of my other half, she now has all her necrons along with paints to get them finish, with plenty of time to do it in so she should be updating soon. Although she does keep prodding me and mumbling something about koptas and AOBR...

I still have trouble accepting that you have a girlfriend who likes this hobby. You are very lucky! I look forward to seeing Morticia's latest stuff on this log soon then!

By the way, I like the start of your pilot, was just tired before so didn't comment! Personally, I look forward to seeing your finished Lighters- you could always sell them on or trade for something else if you're still unhappy once they're finished. But I for one insist on seeing them first!

The Sisters are... blinding me. I think they will turn out nicely but I did like your original test piece y'know. Blue guns- good move. My Brazen Minotaurs used the same.

Hmm... Can't help but notice the lack of Inquisition love recently... Disappointing ;)

17-04-2010, 17:46
the gold on the sister is exquisite.

I am looking forward to seeing them completed and how that gold looks on the sanguinary guard you will paint up in that commission.

17-04-2010, 22:09
A gold sisters of battle army? That would looks really interesting with that colour scheme.

18-04-2010, 03:05
Woot comments

GONFRASK - Yeah thats what I thought. Some of the codex schemes are a bit dull for my liking.

HUSHRONG - I wouldnt go that far myself but thank you very much :D

JIHAD RAGSTA - Fiancee :) She goes through phases of it, which is fine by me as she kicks my teeth in at space hulk, and the less said about her game against my Tau the better.
Dont worry about not commenting bud - you should be busy moving and building ragnaroks anyways. I'll post up the Lighters tomorrow as I'm going to give them once last prod before I admit defeat. I knew I'd see that gold/blue scheme somewhere before :P
And as for the lack of Inquisition love... well.. you'll just have to wait and see now wont you?

Anyway, I've finished the armour test for the BA (I know hes not finished, I'm being a bit lazy...)


I've balls up once or twice by being a bit over zealous with the highlights but its turned out well I think. Axe didnt turn out that well either as rather then reading the tutorial because I'd done it before and felt cocky I cracked on.. silly Gomez. I think I'll finish him off - he's not part of the commission but its quite a nice model. Worse case scenario he joins several other random finished projects on my desk.

Slight update on the SOB's. Got the bolters done, and started on the foot cannoness' base. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get the metallic silver properly finished before moving onto a face or two.


And because it seems warseer likes blinging battle nuns, thought I'd spray up the rest :D



Oh, and because two people have said I should crack on with it, expect the FW death rider commissar soon.. ish

18-04-2010, 04:36
Thats pimptastic!

18-04-2010, 04:40
They need a proper Pimpinquisitor to go with them.


18-04-2010, 05:23
Maybe Torquemada with his pimpalicious fur coat and gold armour.....

18-04-2010, 07:11
Maybe Torquemada with his pimpalicious fur coat and gold armour.....

In an open topped chevy... :D

Sorry, couldn't resist.

19-04-2010, 16:21
Thanks for the comments everyone, its really appreciated. There might be a pimp-quisitor in the works but you'll just have to see...

Spent most of the night watching Alias* and getting the first Cannoness of the 'Daughters of Aeryn' near completion.

Reverse of the blade..

Quite happy with how shes coming along. The armours been given a few washes of brown ink to bring it down a few notches, but I think some black linings going to be in order at some point to add some proper shading.
I'm not entirely happy with the face. I'm pretty sure I could do better on it but I'll come back to it once the rest of the force is done I think.

Oh and I've sussed out a quick fix for pictures using photoshop, so expect my pictures to look a bit better from here on out..

On to Inquisitorial things...
A death cult berserker, an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (Retribution Warmachine), his Acolyte, and a gunslinger/pilot (privateer press).

The inquisitor looks a little red because while I was cranking out the tank from a few pages back I have a go at shading his cloak using just the airbrush. It went really well, but he looked a pillock in a big red cloak so in with the dark colors.

Anyway, back to it. Comments and crits appreciated :)

*Its a really bad show. I mean theres moments where they flat out tell you whats about to happen, but... I can't seem to put it down. That and I've watched everything else I have. Apart from West Wing..

20-04-2010, 00:59
I think that the gold need a little shadow, perhaps inks or whashes, anyway I really like the how the models are going.

Funny that one of my friends have a Predator already called Ayrin

22-04-2010, 02:47
GONFRASK - CHeers bud.

Theres a cookie for anyone that gets the referance...

My mojos gone at the moment. I've sat at my desk every day, all day, since monday, and I've done nothing. Heres the grand total of all my painting...


Still a way to go but the bulks in place now. Ill be redoing the faces.

Thats it. Its not like I havent got things to paint - I've got plenty I need to get through but Im in no rush... just not feeling it at all at the moment sadly which means a lot of wasted hours picking up sisters, looking, and then putting em down again. Sigh.

I'm not sure what it is either which is whats irritating me most. I've cleaned up, I've even hoovered, but alas.. no mojo.

In an unrelated note*, I secured a Blood Angels commission which I should be starting shortly. Hopefully the change in pace and miniature should do the trick


*Its really not. I've had larger commissions then this before and its never affected the mojo this badly.

22-04-2010, 19:12
the sisters are still looking great and i am looking forward to seeing how you do the BA with that commission.

an for getting that mojo back...watch gladiator. it helped me out an i hope it can help you.

27-04-2010, 18:12
Cheers bud

Thought I'd do an update what with being silent for nearly a week - fear not, for I am not dead.

Firstly, I'm moving this weekend which means I have to once again pack up years of hobby gear and odds and ends but it does mean a permenant dedicated painting desk with Computer monitor so no more distractions by thinking 'ill just check warseer...'.
Secondly, and the reason for the move, I'm temping two days next week with a rather lovely model company which I've been told not to name (so you keep quite Ragsta) with a look to being permenant.
Thirdly, still no progress on the BA comission - think theres been a slight money problem but hey these things happen.
And finally, I've finished the sisters of battle... all of em :)

27-04-2010, 18:33
this is some great looking stuff, really interesting color scheme for sisters of battle.

29-04-2010, 23:05
Hey another Addams! Can I ask, what didnt you like about the color scheme? I know its a bit blinging for some but... hey, I'd like to know.

Thanks Logan, glad you like it. These should be posted up sometime Wednesday night as I'm now in the middle of moving house and everythings... well... my room looks like a bomb sight :S

29-04-2010, 23:17
I think the gold armor is a bit showy.
Or a lot, on the tank.
The black cloth looks unfinished.

29-04-2010, 23:28
EmperorNorton - Aye there very WIP in those pics with the black essentially a marker so I could get a feel for how it looked. Earlier in the log with the NMM standard bearer I tried white cloth and it looked quite good but wanted something a bit.. more 40Kish I guess.

Up N Addams - LOL I hadnt seen that at all but now you mention it.... I think the Pimp-quisitors going to have to be put to one side while I build an R2D2 :D

29-04-2010, 23:50
I'd start by rebuilding C3P0, The gold is showing up brushmarks quite blatantly. Try giving them another coat with a much more dilute gold.

And because it seems warseer likes blinging battle nuns, thought I'd spray up the rest :D


Not quite sure where your getting the brush marks on the gold from - these were painted with an airbrush.... several wafer thin coats over a brown base (also airbrushed on) - the main armour has never been touched with a brush...


There are a little rough in places (guns, hands) but thats because there rough models. These were released back in 1997 I think so these could very easily be a decade old as I got them second hand and caked in paint - the paint stripper has likely added to the damage.

30-04-2010, 14:11
If you say so :) Your wrong but this could go on forever so lets leave it at that.

Anyway, enough of all that, now for something completely different!


Stompy dropped this off today and I have to say its a wonderful piece of kit from the eye of terror campaign. A rough to do list:
-Strip it and general clean up
I'm not too keen on the brownish scheme, and the grit.
- Redefine some areas
The sandbags for example, and the transition between street and broken earth could be better.
- Fill the craters with water and bodies
The waters a definate thing. I've got a fair few puddles on my bases so why not. Theres also a few choice areas for some dead cadians - there areas where you can't really place a model so its not as if it'd be lost space.
- More terrain
I'm thinking of maybe getting some greek plastics to use as statues or perhaps one of those old sideshow statues. These will all be removable - its heavy enough as is!

Now all I need to find out now is how to strip four square foot of plastic... hmm I think a bath in dettol isn't going to cut it this time.

30-04-2010, 15:49
I was hoping for more sisters and possinlyblood angels but that piece if terrain was a pleasant surprise.

Have fun with it an I look forward to the modifications you plan to do.

*if i can make a suggestion for some ruins, try using wedding cake columns as part of a destroyed building. I had the idea bouncing around but I don't do anything terrain related an thought to pass it on.

30-04-2010, 15:57
I remember those things :) Lucky you!

I would do something about the flimsyness of the base though, either gluing it to a base board, or bracing it internally some how. Looks forward to seeing what you come up with though :)



30-04-2010, 17:45
Haha, I always wanted to tart it up a bit, but never really got around to it :P Will be keeping an eye on it, hope it goes well!

03-05-2010, 18:38
A number of trolling posts removed. Please post according to the psoting guidelines.


The Warseer Inquisition

Col. Wales
03-05-2010, 22:51
Thanks for chiming in on my Trench board. Now to return the favor.

Very nice work on the cat the ruby looks great.
If the rest of the Necrons get painted up as nicely as that first warrior they will look great.

Nice job on the conversions. Those IG look pretty good. I love the Valk base.

19-05-2010, 00:47
Ta for the comments guys.

Right, a lots been going on.

Firstly I moved house. Me and Morticia now live with my future in laws. The bonus point is that we now have a den where all the hobby gear can go and be messy. Cue desk shot!


I know its a bad desk, but it only cost a fiver so I won't complain. A much bigger sturdier desk will be on the way when we get properly settled. You can see all the sisters of battle lined up on the windowsill.

In other news some of you may or may not have been following my Blood Angels comission log (link in sig) so this log might go quiet again for awhile.

And finally I have not one but two jobs. The first job is working for a lovely little company where I couldn't be happier. Its only temping but I have to say I love being there. Plus I get free models :D

(Sisters repentia proxies for my SOBs)


And the second job, well thats also for a gaming company but you'll have to wait and see about that one...

19-05-2010, 09:12
Well done on the job mate, I'm sure its been everyones dream at one stage or another to be paid to do what we love.

Those critters look intersting, where are they from?



19-05-2010, 19:25
Cheers Sheep :) I've got to say its not exactly my love but no ones going to pay me to sit around playing call of duty eating KFC - not in a recession anyways.

There from Hasslefree miniatures - Mini Mawes. You can't see it too well but the one in the middle is scratching his ear. There on the lamp as a 'reward' for finishing the sisters.

Its not working too well.

23-05-2010, 02:17
And finally we come full circle. When I first started this log I posted a true scale marine. Several months later, I've finished the second whose a vast improvement.



Aboslutely love the pose. The original plan was to have him charging with his pistol drawn but I could get it to work. The armours smooth as a babys behind in the legs although the chest needs finishing. He's either going to be a raven guard or some new chapter I've been mulling over. Comments and crits would be appreciated.

23-05-2010, 08:25
He looks great, I really like the sheild, and the pose as you said, Is great :)



the damned artificer
23-05-2010, 13:05
Give him a little collar piece on the chest piece that'll suit him nicely :D otherwise great job dude !

23-05-2010, 14:12
Excellent pose, excellent gear. Very impressed, leave it at that I say- less is more. So long as you bling up the base!

Personally, I am totally for you making him a Raven Guard- they don't get enough press the gene-corrupted swine!

24-05-2010, 01:16
SHEEP - Cheers man, glad you like him

THE DAMNED ARTIFICER - Glad you like him. He does need something around his neck but as I'm trying to keep a pre-heresy feel (while I decided whether there going to be or not) and if I add the collar it might look like Mk8.. hmm.

JIHAD RAGSTA - I'm still umming and arring over the bases. Might see if I can find some pretty resin ones.
And Raven guard they shall be but... gene corrupted?

Minor update from myself, bit of doodling on another marine should have him finished tomorrow. He's going to be lugging a two handed thunder hammer.


Rather bigger update from Morticia. She's been painting away all weekend trying to get her necrons done - why you ask? well so she can buy more models :) see I've turned her into a true wargamer :D


We were hoping to have a game today but Morticia was on a roll so I left her too it. Hopefully having a game on Thursday evening. Comments and crits appreciated, but keep an eye on the general M,P,&T subforum as she's posting the whole lot up there tomorrow I think.

the damned artificer
24-05-2010, 11:29
Just do the mini edge-like collar like the one on the standard torsos :D Now spill it, exactly how'd ya turn a female into a wargamer ??? Must be your greatest achievement :p

25-05-2010, 07:29
It will be hard to depict gene curse on those Marines fella... Maybe a Vampire/ Zombie head might be a good start point. OR just some wires or chemical tubes feeding into limbs or helmet from the back. OR armour art depicting monsters.

Morticia, great work on the snow and the Necrons in general. I would like to see some highlights on the armour edges and the eyes of the Scarabs in particular, just to make them pop a little more :)

*Sigh* I wish Forgeworld still did that 'Order a hobby girlfriend' offer... :(

25-05-2010, 13:34
THE DAMNED ARTIFICER - I'll have a go but the gaps too small/im not talented enough. I've bulked up the front plate which should hopefully give the same impression. As for the missus - well she turned on her own.. crazy woman.

JIHAD RAGSTA - Hmm I didnt know that (just looked it up on Lexicanium). To be honest I was just going to go off there depiction in cadian blood of a more militaristic chapter but then I saw this

There is one documented incident where a Raven Guard force appeared herding huge bestial creatures ahead of it to defeat the defenders of an Iron Warriors held fortress

That could be rather interesting. Maybe some lumbering attendants and such but they'd need to be massive (I'm talking, 54mm tall...) Theres a few interesting bits on the bosses desk that might do, but... might be brave and try to sculpt one. Maybe.. Although I might do dreadaughts and such first.

They do still do that order but its show only :P

Morticia Addams
26-05-2010, 12:12
The Damned Artificer - It was more a case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' - I tried beating Gomez but he enjoyed it a little too much..

Jihad Ragsta - I didn't think of highlighting the Scarab eyes, but it's great idea.. will definitely have a crack at that tonight. As for highlighting the armour - Gomez hasn't shown me highlighting metallics just yet but it's something I'll probably go back and do in time.

Only got a destroyer Lord to paint now and that's (finally) my whole army done.. I'll post up all the pretty pictures in the M,P&T subforum when they're all done which should be either tonight or tomorrow.

19-06-2010, 06:12
Sorry for the recent lack of updates everyone. A combination of commission work going slowly, Hasslefree moving offices, and Wayland sending more work my way lead to a distinct lack of log love.

However, me and Morticia finally got round to a game of 40k now that she finally has her Necrons finished. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=260269). I'm quite proud of her in that she got the whole lot painted up in just over a weekend. Anyway, heres her kicking my rear in our first game.


Note to self: Veil of Darkness is not your friend.
First game I won with barely 200pts left, second game I was decimated in the first two turns so I capitulated. She's a rather ruthless opponent which leaves my rather fragile infantry heavy guard a little vulnerable... bah.

And now shes building an Ork army - you can just feel how glad I am can't you?

On to the new pretties


During the move, I came across enough bits for this model. Its a black resin version of Siouxsie (http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/pack.php?pack=2130) who stands at a slightly large 40mm. Sadly the resins OOP, but the metal one is just as lovely. She's currently vaulting off my monitor, but there some models you paint and some you don't - as its such a rarity, I feel this may be the later.


Morticia got me this and another Mike McVey model as a present recently. Its a great model and theres so many bits that just set it off nicely. I'm planning to run her as an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with the monkey being a Jokero :D

Why would I be needing an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor I hear you ask? Well...


I could tell you more about whats coming but... wheres the fun in that?

19-06-2010, 09:29

What gold is this? I've been looking to do something similar but can't decide on a paint to use.

19-06-2010, 12:18
Its a mixture of vallejo gold with a touch of brass and old gold added in to mute it slightly, delivered through an airbrush. I've also given that model a think pin wash of brown ink - does that help?

20-06-2010, 21:40
Hmmm, that's alot of pretty new toys you have there! Shame you haven't got round to finishing some of your OTHER toys, like dear Morticia has managed to do :D

You do seem rather infantry heavy with the Guard- NOTHING wrong with that but against 'Crons perhaps a Devildog might help spice things up! Actually, they might be no help at all, I haven't played for years :rolleyes:

What happened to that 'Predator' alien you got? And the Soryllian fleet? And didn't you have some IG APCs in there somewhere? Oh yes, and how are the Sister's looking... *Runs away into the woods*

20-06-2010, 22:09
I'm not sure I'm your friend any more :D I think you should send that little package back!

Devildog would work quite well, but there is something armoured on the way don't worry about that - I spent this morning putting one of the tracks together for it.

I would be painting all those things but I'm busy with commission work :D Ahhh the worlds greatest get out of jail free card :P

27-06-2010, 03:01
So I've been on a bit of a downer recently. Hayfever is knocking seven shades out of me, works been terrible because I haven't had the energy, and my paintings been off meaning I'm about two weeks behind schedule on my commission work.

So today, with Jihads words ringing in my ears, I pulled out a soryilian ship and set to work.



Not sure what exactly I was trying to get too, but it looks okay. I had this idea of it belonging to a Rogue Trader, and that the ship (and the others) had been in the family for generations. As his family is renowned for helping the Navy and other Imperial bodies, hes allowed to keep the ships.

I also figured that a ship that size would be a barn door for most enemy ships, so it needed camo - what better camo in space then a star field :D The white speckling effect on the engines was an accident. My whites nearly ran out and some cack must have fell into the dropper which then splattered on the ship. Looks alright though.

Anyways, in other news, new desk (1.6m by 0.7m...essentially triple my current desk space...) is arriving on Monday along with a very very nice chair. I'll post pictures when they arrive. Oh and I now have an official contract with Hasslefree miniatures - which is nice.

Comments and crits would be really appreciated on this one as I cant decide if it works or not.

27-06-2010, 04:51
If you were going for a nebula effect it needs some reds and maybe a grenn slash or 2 as well. Looking good though, not something I ever would have thought of doing. What scale is the ship?



27-06-2010, 13:05
That Isabella mini looks so great.
I keep wanting to get one, but I seem to keep finding other projects.
I Like that soryilian ship too.

07-07-2010, 14:51
That ship looks the sex, mate, I like the effect you achieved. Very nice use of an airbrush and some nice coloruful colouring to make them that extra bit special.

Camo on a starship- while I like the notion it doesn't make a lot of sense. We're talking about distances of millions of miles between ships but hey! that's 40K for you!

I keep entertaining uests so haven't got alot of painting done recently. Unacceptable, I will try harder as a result of seeing this stuff!

Sorry you've been under the weather, hope you're feeling better now with that contract! Congrats on that, nice work.

05-09-2010, 01:59
I am loving the valk base! Very thematic.

05-09-2010, 23:15
Sorry for the long absence guys. I've recently been extremely ill, had a pile of commission work (which is now done), and I've been running Hasslfree on my own. I've also been scuba diving, fighting crime, and being a superhero.

SHEEP - Its.. erm.. big. Spartan Games seems to be doing there own scale for there spaceship games which is slightly annoying. This one weighs in at a whopping 14cm.

TOMMYGUN - Go on... give in :) She looks fantastic in the flesh and the detail is simply incredible.

BRAVEY - Thanks bud!

MCFLURRY - Its an easy enough conversion :) I'll throw together a tute it you like?

Anyway the updates mainly so I can post this little lot!


Thats my Imperium army so far although its far from finished. I still have somewhere in the region of 150 guardsmen to add along with tanks and other pretties.

But Gomez I hear you all cry, its not like you to update without posting something you've magpied. We'll your right!


My Tau are for this years tale of 40k painters while the greatcoats will be joining the never ending ranks of my guard.

I'm moving house shortly though so expect me to go quiet for awhile. Next update should be pictures of the Addams Mansion and hopefully a finished Shadowsword.

06-09-2010, 12:53
lookign good so far mate, and from what i've been reading over a FOD bravo for holding the fort while kev and sal were away, hope you and morticia have a nice hassle free (see what i did there :P) move and i reckon i'll deffo be putting a 50 quid order in next month,

27-10-2010, 19:03
Been a while since I checked the plog, and of course I have missed a lot of yours and Morticia's recent stuff - you Addams' are a prolific pair, you know! :)

Great stuff as always.

I picked up that McVey mini that you plan to be an Inquisitor - I look forwards to seeing how yours turns out.

29-11-2010, 23:02
I'M BACK (kinda not really but I'll explain shortly)

NEDSTA - Thanks very much, it all went well and the companys going from strength to strength with about 40+ new releases in the pipeline. What did you end up ordering in the end?

LEONMALLETT - Thanks. She's currently sat upstairs. I've found if I keep her on my desk it ruins productivity as I come up with more elaborate schemes to paint her.

Right so the move went well. The washing machines only just been fixed, the walls are literally running with water, its freezing cold and after two months we still don't have broadband but aside from that everythings going well (The fridge is choc full of meat and I get a sunday dinner from Mrs Addams - result). After two years of unemployment, bouncing around the country looking for work, and general misery, its felt like a new start and I'm loving it.

Unfortunately its meant my productivity has took a nose dive. I'm barely on track for my 40k painters with this month looking so tight I might play my second jokers. Its damn frustrating as I have stacks of cool minis to paint and I know theres stacks more on the way.

Anyway I thought I'd show you the one pick I have been able to upload without too much hassle/cost (I'm using a wireless dongle - fat kid and cake I think is the phrase).


This is a squad of Hasslefree Grymn, along with a comms officer, Khyli B, and a heavy weapons specialist I cant remember the name of. They all have insignia and a squid motiff as my original spider logo was too complicated :D

Sorry for the bad picture but, its the best I can do until Sky pull there finger out. Seriously not impressed. Will be less impressed if we have to move because of the damp the week the internet gets sorted.

Comments appreciated, hellos from those who've posted before appreicated more as I know I'm behind on a lot of peoples logs (Sheep, what you playing at with this world eater malarky?)

29-11-2010, 23:46
Sounds like more interesting stuff to come, looking forward to.

btw: Did you receive my last email?

30-11-2010, 07:47
Excuses excuses! Some of us are buried in snowdrifts yet STILL producing stuff!

Good to have you back, mate :D

*Ahem* Think you'll find I have some logs that need some Gomez lovin'... *Walks away smugly*

Red Scorpion
30-11-2010, 17:07
Just read through the whole plog - some super interesting stuff there :) subbed!

03-01-2011, 00:29
SIAM-TIGER - Should be, if all goes to plan

JIHAD - Hey I've been busy, packing peoples orders and such. The pace will quicken up shortly, I've just been busy sending everyone else stuff to paint - In a way, I've helped in the painting of thousands of models. Wheres your smug look now! :p

RED SCORPION - Thanks for dropping by and the read through, thats really appreciated. Its nice to know my ramblings have been readable.

Anyway, some painted pics


Awhile back, Tim from Grey Matter Figures (http://www.greymatterfigures.com/index.php?p=0) (who own the workshop below Hasslefree and do our resin casting) asked me how to paint flesh. As I started to explain my process he started to look more and more worried, so I offered to paint it and the aboves the result. Theres a lot more work then the rather bright picture suggests, however as someone didnt prep it right the paint started to come off and I had to stop or that jacket would have stacks more detail.
I've got to admit, having my painting on show like that really does rock my world, and I haven't enjoyed painting a figure that much in absolutely years. So much character and not something I would usually have painted.


One of Hasslefree Miniatures (link in sig) 40mm Artemis miniatures. Absolutely love the figure, easily one of my favourite ever. The flesh isn't as olive as I'd have liked but the painting was a breeze and she looks pretty so I dont care. I really need to get her finished though as she's suppose to be a Christmas present for Mrs Addams...

I also got my mits on a master casting of Tomoko - I'll be running her as some kind of assassin in 40k.. she'll find a use anyhow.
Dont mention the mold line. I cringe every time I see it. Lovely model though.

And finally, because this is a 40k log and I can't exactly post an update without posting a picture of some guardsmen, here's the first lot of winter troopers.


The rest are in progress, but should be done by the end of the month. I've been using the same 'keep it simple then dip' method I used on the highlanders but as you can see, a little bit of extra work certainly brings them out. I'm also working on a team in ghillie suits.

I also ordered a boneyard truck from ramshackle games but you probably wont be seeing it. Its without a doubt the most terrible kit both in terms of construction and quality I've bought in 20 years in the hobby.

So whats coming in 2011? Well I've made a new years resolution not to buy any more models until I get what I already have painted. I've got one or two things on the way (Custodians...) but nothing much really. It also doesnt include a couple of hobby related items I'll be investing in over the next year or so (airbrush kit, brushes, casting gear). I'll also be getting more things from work because.. well.. its kinda hard to resist.

I'll be posting a full list of everything over the next week or so but until then may I wish you all a happy new year :D

03-01-2011, 02:57
Looking great. The Mrs. should be pleased with her present. I know I would be. Though, I doubt I would have married you. Life's funny like that...
aaaaany way, i have to say I'm fairly jealous of the finish you manage to get on minis. Any tips?
Also, I'm getting ready for a big move right now, so I feel your lack of time pain.

03-01-2011, 13:05
***Stares at latest update. Head explodes***

That head bust looks fantastic, simple as that. Shame the prep didn't work properly but it still looks fantastic, how big was the actual piece?

Artemis looks hot... Er, you know what I mean! Perhaps you could post up your flesh recipe here? I am using Dheneb Stone as a base, quite happy with it but tips are good.

Those Guard look pretty sweet - they almost seem to look worried! But that may be my hangover/ exhaustion talking. Like the shoulder pads you've sculpted on plus the WW2 equipment is a nice touch.

I'm with you on finishing what we've got! Perhaps we can help motivate each other! The gauntlet is thrown down, sir!!!

Happy New Year :D

SSG Snuffy
03-01-2011, 17:57
The glossy helmets on the Guardsmen are an interesting touch. Do you mix in gloss media with normal paint, or do you have another technique? I'm thinking of painting some Black Templars and I'm not much for highlighting black... so I thought I'd try a really glossy paint to capture "natural highlights."

05-01-2011, 02:41
Thanks for the comments guys, I'll reply to you properly tomorrow when I'm not quite so spaced from Insomnia. The glossy effect is part of the dipping process, which you can see better a few pages back.

Anyway, onto the reason for this post. RAMSHACKLE GAMES BONEYWARD TRUCK (http://shop.ramshacklegames.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=176)

Now, I've had my eye on this for a good long while. In fact theres several kits from Ramshackle that have caught my eye over the years such as the boring machine and the huntsmen spider tank, however as my winter guard needed transports this seemed the most appropriate so I placed an order. As Ramshackle also offer a free miniature with every order I also got a FREE TRIXIE MINIATURE (http://shop.ramshacklegames.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=76). Take a good look at both before you read on.

The package I received was slightly bizarre. It came in a bubble wrap envelope (yes, envelope, not a box), inside which were two plastic take-away containers holding all the bits. Here's a picture.


Now you'll noticed a few key things between these parts and the Truck:
An extra two sets of tread section (one isn't pictured)
An extra two tread coverings (again, one not pictured)
A plough thingie


This would usually all be fine and dandy but.. with out any construction guide, I had no idea where to start. Plus theres only one picture of the truck so some parts like the exhausts dont seem to have a place and could also be 'extras'. Lets take a look at those exhausts.


Now, I want to know something. How, in the name of hell, did that pass quality control? There is no way the caster made that by hand, pulled it out of the mold and went 'Yep, thats a keeper'. It defies belief. Take a look at the plough above and you'll see just how bad some of the casting is. They may look like minor holes, but in some places on other pieces there massive.

The pieces themselves have all been made, seemingly, from pancake molds. Think of a jelly mold and you'll have the right idea. This is great as it reduces production costs and makes models quicker however it means the top wont be completely flat. This is why the majority of resin kits (such as Forge World) use two part molds – the quality is simply higher. You can see how bad one of the track sections are in THIS PICTURE HERE. Nevermind I though, I have a dremmel, I have sand paper, I'll get to work. About an hour later, with the room caked in rather nasty resin dust I gave up. I simply couldn't get the pieces flat enough to work right. You'd need a belt sander. And then something to hold the resin in place.


Luckily I'd managed to aquire a shed load of privateer press putty for dirt cheap, so out it came and got applied by the boat load. Every single piece couldn't be glued because it doesnt fit flush, and the resin is so brittle (I broke a track guard piece – probably why theres freebies) that I simply didnt want to risk bending it. I just wanted it built so I could shove it into the box somewhere so I could forget about it.

As my picture limit is four, this picture sums up the build completely.


The light does shine under it completely. Granted this is a bit I hadn't sanded, purely because it was last in the queue and I'd gone beyond madness at this point, but it shouldn't be so miscast as to leave a 2mm gap. Surely thats not right? In the end I took to using my Xuron cutters to hack away at the resin in places to get it to go flush.

You'll also notice how the surface isn't completely smooth – well thats intentional! Yep every single surface is scuffed, mauled, and looks shoddy. As Kev put it, 'Ramshackle by name...'

As for the freebie? Well... at least it was free (http://tinypic.com/m/e0hjzt/4).


Okay I've been pretty harsh on the kit and I know what some of you were thinking – 'Gomez, its £8, stop complaining!'. Thats fair. Have a look through my log though and you'll see I'm keen on making the hobby as cheap as possible. And this is about as cheap as you can get (old crow tanks are the same price). However there has to be a balance between price and product. Would I have paid £10 for it? Yes absolutely. That extra money could have gone on an A4 instruction guide and components list, as well as a box because to be honest, resin parts should never EVER come in a bubble envelope. What baffles me most is that if the kit had been done as a two part mold it would have used the same amount of resin, weighed the same, but been higher quality and required a lot less building (tracks, rear door, front plough/lights would be seperate to the central body which would be one large block).

What capped it all off was when Tim of Grey Matter figures came up to the office and we got talking about the tank. He then explained that the resin used by Ramshackle is a rather nasty kind that they won't touch with a barge pole, because it causes bad skin reactions amongst other things. I'd been lucky, but if someone younger had been doing what I had there could have been serious health and safety issues.

Overall I know I might have had a bad experience but I just dont see it. From what I've been told by people I consider experts in the industry, this is the standard quality and its pretty terrible. When it comes to your vehicles kids, spend that extra tenner and make something truly awesome.

What do people think? Am I way off base here? Should I review more stuff (I have enough of it upstairs).

Admiral Koppenflak
05-01-2011, 02:47
Hmmm... Should there be an "NSFW" tag on this thread? I know the boobs are only 28mm scale, but still... That was the fastest I've ever panic-strickenly closed Warseer in the office.

SSG Snuffy
05-01-2011, 15:40
I appreciate the review. I'd considered ordering some things from Ramshackle (like their Scrambler Bikes for a Rough Rider conversion), but I've always been hesitant. I'm not saying that I won't order from them now, but at least I'll have a clearer picture of what I'm getting myself into.

I'd like to see more reviews in the same vein.

05-01-2011, 16:07
Love this log, I too have been pondering whether or not to make an order to ramshackle games but there is a lack or decent pictures etc so im glad you took the time to make a review, i think il give them a miss like you say its worth paying the extra to get a quality product (not that cheap and nasty is without its charms lol). Cheers.

05-01-2011, 23:13
nice stuff in this thread, re Ramshackle iv ordered a few bits form them, one being the bike which i just dumped into my bits box did not like it at all once in my hands, and other is a steam tracktor thing which is airing out at moment, the bike got delivered in a envelope with a takeaway plastic container lt made me laugh, also got some random freebies also.

07-01-2011, 00:01
ADMIRAL KOPPENFLAK - Shes actually 42mm tall :D I'll do a big NSFW thing next time though, but I did clear it with the mods first so s'all good.

SSG Snuffy - Cheers mate. Whilst I'd like to do other reviews I've been kind of asked not too as I work for Hasslefree miniatures and it could across as bias or me trying to damage the reputation of another company. By all means buy from them and see for yourself (proof of the pudding is in the eating and all that); if theres any problems get a refund as you would any other product. Curtis (the guy who runs it) seems like a pretty decent sort.

DEATHSKULLORK - Thanks very much. The thing is, you have to balance quality with time. If I'd had a belt sander and didn't have to work, I can imagine it being one of those 'labour of love' projects.
Take the victrix guard. There not great quality figures, but even dipped they come out well and I did spend quite awhile painting those.

DAEMON-FORGE - Let me know how you get on. I'd be interested in seeing some pictures too just to see if I had a really bad experience.

Thanks for all the comments guys. Its nice to know its been appreciated and I've had about a dozen people tell me they appreciate me doing it which I thinks immense. I really want to do it, maybe on my own website kind of thing, but I'm worried about seeming biased if the product isn't good (christ I tell Kev when hes made something I dont like). What do you lot think?

09-01-2011, 18:22
Hey all

So I thought this weekend I should properly inventory my collection, as an incentive to not buy anything else. This includes everything I haven't finished as well so.. bear with me.


And theres also the 'unopened box of doom' which contains more space marines, a staff of fantasy stuff, and other bits that I try not to think about too much. Think theres a squad of long beards in there somewhere. And a squad of custodians on the way, and the governess.. blast!
In all serious though my new years resolution is to not buy any more new miniatures. Freebies are a totally different story though :D

Anywho, onto some pics!


Having a rummage around by bits box I came across these four who are going to be part of a little joint project you'll be hearing more about soon. Suffice to say, its going to involve booze, zombies, and some kick ass models with warseers other laziest git.


Another ten Grymn finally based up to add to my growing Grymn army. I really didn't like them, didn't get them, didn't want them until I started working there and got to see them in the metal. In related news check out this link and look at the female and male light machine gun grymn (http://forum-of-doom.com/index.php?topic=14159.0). There named Merck and Sahmi - thats me and Morticia! How cools that :D

However all that might have to wait, because I got this on Friday as a freebie from Sal and Kev
I spent most of Friday drooling over the detail. Its something I think I'm ready to tackle skill wise having got Artemis spot on but... I dont think I'm going to . I think he's going to sit at my desk glaring at me instead

09-01-2011, 18:26
That Barbarian is sheer awesome. I´d prefer a different head (i liked the bald one more ;) ) but this could be something really cool.

11-01-2011, 22:44
Hey all

Suffice to say, its going to involve booze, zombies, and some kick ass models with warseers other laziest git.

I resent that :D

Man, getting models dedicated to you is cool! I don't care if that makes me sound sad!

By the way, I just placed a certain order myself so will keep you informed...

13-01-2011, 02:43
SIAM-TIGER - Well Mike McVey's egger to get his hands on it which I'm looking forward to immensely. I'm half tempted to see how much it'd be for him to paint this one up. The bald ones nice but, I dunno. This ones been sat on my desk for a day or two now and still looks better then the painted stuff.

JIHAD - When I first saw it there was a fair bit of dancing around although Morticia was more excited then I was because she did ask 'Is it really sad that Im this excited'. Asking the wrong person I think..

Anyway, onto a little something or five I did tonight :D Its called 'Lunch?' or 'The end of Owdyella' depending on the angle.






Green - Mega-Ally 229
Pink - Mega-Lynn 003
Red - Mega-Louise 088
Blue - Mega-Gillian 093

All lead by Mystic Commander Jen against a corrupted Owd-yella beast.

A couple of weeks back, Kev handed me a bag of Megalynn (hasslefree miniatures) masters he'd taken the gun from to see if I had a use for them. The above the result and there damn good fun. The gun arm and the hip hand come off fairly easily, so I've very tempted to make some more.

The conversions weren't all that difficult, and I do still have a handful of Mega-lynns left so I'm tempted to build some more for fun. Having said that, I've never injured myself modelling in nearly 20 years of doing it, and making these ******* things I've sliced my thumb twice which is annoying.

It really is a break for me as I never use a pallette quite this bright but I though 'hey there kids'. I wanted it to be something that'd really stick in peoples minds.

Anyway enjoy, and thoughts appreciated as ever.

Darsc Zacal
13-01-2011, 03:01
For someone who hasn't been busy painting, it sure seems like you've done a lot of painting. Some Very nice stuff there. Quite a varied selection of mini's you've chosen to do. Enjoy reading your log as I'm never sure what to expect next.

13-01-2011, 17:43
The hellbeast looks confused. Good work. Consider a diorama of kids kicking the crap out of a space marine.

SSG Snuffy
13-01-2011, 19:04
I like it! Old Yeller erm... Owd-yella looks like one of the statue-beasties from Ghostbusters. Do you know the ones I'm talking about? Anyway...

What did you use for snow?

14-01-2011, 09:21
Post 201 :D

DASRC ZACAL - The diorama took maybe 7 hours total, not including the build. I tend to find I'm a faster builder then painter and I'll happily sit there and put together models I have no intention of painting. Considering the amount of stuff thats in the pipeline and my old painting speed I am slipping a little..

THEIMP - Well... I've managed to get my hand on a pile of Megalynns, so I'm tempted to convert up a squad to use as grey knights or space marines. Probably grey knights as there new rules are suppose to be pretty hardcore :D

SSG SNUFFY - Its is! Its produced by Heresy miniatures and I'm fairly sure that was the intention. The snow itself was made by Morticia from baking powder and PVA. This was then applied like icing sugar to a cake before being sprinkled with more baking powder. What consistancy she uses for the baking powder snow though is beyond me; its why I got her to do it :P

No painting today though, got relatives coming around, but I'm egger to get cracking with the zombie hunters that have been gathering since I started at Hasslefree, and ideally I want to get my trenchcoat guard finished this weekend.

26-01-2011, 12:23
Post 201 :D

No painting today ... ideally I want to get my trenchcoat guard finished this weekend.

Are they done yet?

27-01-2011, 21:08
Just read through the log man, you have some amazing work there lad. Well done!!

And it seems like we're both part of a select few who have other halves that do the hobby* :p

But lovely work on that Valk base, it's really well done. And love those Grymn! Must get some of those soon...... :shifty:

see here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5188905#post5188905)

13-02-2011, 00:39
VEX - No :( I had intended to crack on with them this weekend as there nearly finished, just.. didn't have the mojo for painting these past few days which is annoying.

PARIAHZERO - Thanks bud! And if your after Grymn get them ASAP as theres a price rise on the way...

Anyway thought I should post an update as theres a lot happening at the moment.

Firstly me and Jihad Ragsta have started a joint zombie hunting project log (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=291459) with lots of fluff and pretty models so go take a look there - go on, go now! Speaking of which, here's a peak at the next member of my zombie hunting team


I've also made a start on the next dozen or so Grymn

I had hoped to get these finished by now and was on track until I completely messed up the cloth. They should hopefully be finished by next weekend as there something I can pick at without putting too much thought into. That and theres two new squads out soon I have my eye on :D

Onto guard related news now (after all, this is the Imperial section of warseer!)


This is a test model I've been messing with for awhile now (the barrel broke off by accident!). I really like the wargames factory troopers but there a little thin and dont have enough kit so...


A nice big chunky back pack. It doesnt fit perfectly on a cadian but with a bit of fiddling would probably work quite well and I'm pondering how to cast them up. I've currently got two press molds made from friendly plastic on the go so should hopefully have two more tomorrow. I've also been pestering Tim at Grey Matter figures about resin casting so thats also a possibility.

If anyones interested let me know and I'll look into it a bit more seriously but for now, I'm off to bed - night all!

icecream boy
13-02-2011, 06:36
I like what you did with that head. It's possibly my least favourite from the Pig Iron range, but it works well covered up like that. Maybe try to make the top part a bit squarer?

13-02-2011, 11:11
That's a nicely done kitbag, I salute your sculpting skill. icecream boy has a point when he says the fur hat needs more definition at the top - maybe more cylindrical?

The Wargames troopers with IG arms is a pricey conversion - are you going to make a whole load of these? Its the arms I don't like darn them - I'm holding off until they release some more kits, see if they improve.

Finish your trenchcoat IG! Finish them now! And having said that it's back to the painting desk for me too!

16-02-2011, 23:17
ICECREAMBOY - I agree, its one of the worse but now I've got it in my hands its grown on me and I'm already thinking about other models I could use it on as I have 10 or so extra. I'll pad it up a little more I think, but as I'm going to have to do quite a few I don't fancy them being too complex.

JIHAD - Nag nag nag!
Theres quite a bit of faffing happening with them right now sadly. Lots of changes in mangement and its appears direction. I've got all the troops I need for a platoon but I'd like to flesh them out in the future so I'll hope for the best.

The instant mold green stuff backpacks were a bust and wasted a boat load of green stuff so I think I'll end up going the resin route. Shame really as I had high hopes for that stuff. The greatcoats are untouched. Spent the last few days slogging away at the grymn and have finally thrown in the towel. Theres only hair and faces left to do which brings them in line with the rest of the painted grymn so I'm satisfied.


Not quite settled on squad layout but I'll probably be using them as Xenos stormtroopers so two special weapons and a sargeant of some sort. However with an anti-tank squad and heavy infantry squad on the horizon along with a nifty flyer and a lovely tank I can easily see this idea going out the window in favour of a full blown space marine list.

In other news

This is the lovely Hanako again from Hasslefree. After Jihad last zombie hunter put me in my place I thought it was time I really put myself to the test by free handing a lovely design for the kimono.

Aside from her, I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on my greatcoats once again - there sat on the desk mocking me at the moment - and I might crack out the BFG ships as well but that means cleaning the airbrush.

24-02-2011, 00:41
Right good people of warseer, I need your help.

I've recently come into a rather tasty fleet for BFG and I've spent the afternoon fiddling around. I don't particularly want to have a giant eagle on my flag ship, so..


Don't worry, I didnt just cut up a £12 resin figure - she was miscast and so unsellable, which means I get to use her for nefarious schemes and ships figure heads! Yay!

Anyway I'm not sure if it works. Thats roughly the height its going to be, so that shes not obscured by the bridge. I'm just a bit unsure of whether it entirely works or not. I can't decide if the placements wrong, the heights wrong, or its right and I'm simply being fussy.

So, what do you guys think? It'll be painted either a bronze with verdis gris (how that works in space I dont know) or it'll be painted starkly (after all, when you painting a head the size of a small city you aren't thinking about shading...)

I'd like to say I've been busy doing guardsmen and other things I should be getting on with but instead I'm busy painting cherry blossoms. Not all bad :)

SSG Snuffy
24-02-2011, 03:43
Hmm... I love the idea, and the pallid bust of Pallas is quite lovely... but something about that placement doesn't work for me.

When viewed from the side I think the design angles of the ship create a nice line from the bow to the top of the bridge, and the placement of her head disrupts that. I'm not a designer, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

To rectify the problem, I'd suggest putting the head where the bridge is and moving the bridge aft to just over the engines. Again, I'm no expert! That's just my $0.02.

24-02-2011, 19:40
Aha, excellent! Some BFG fodder for my eyes! So these will be going with your Soryllians that you'll be posting up here completed yes? *Snigger*

I like icons on my vessels too - this looks like it would make a really nice piece but my personal thoughts are you might want to build up the wings and hull area around that icon. Its slightly out of scale but my personal opinion its in the right position.

Unless you mount it on the prow of a battleship instead. Did you get one with your buy?

02-03-2011, 23:34
SSG SNUFFY - I did think about shifting the bridge but where ever it goes it either gets too high (to see over the bust) or too far forward. I've got the greenstuff going now and it looks okay where it is :D

JIHAD - Yeah yeah yeah.. soryillians are next on the paint line I think. Should be far easier to paint those then anything else at the moment.

So I, like everyone else it seems, have hit a funk. I think its the large amount of releases that are tempting me (dream forge titans up for pre-order this month... eek!) and some other RL that have ground me to a halt so I clear the desk, browsed warseers logs, and decided to have a fiddle with my bits (keep it clean!).

It was actually a conversion of a doghouse style marine that really caught my eye. Nothing particularly special really - chaos warrior legs, space marine with plasma gun body. So I thought I'd have a play and heres what I came up with.



Flames are a little rough but not bad for a first try. They did gradually get better as I went and its something I'll probably try again. It did however get me doodling on my true scale marines again.

I am however resolved to have a few weeks off painting. Its just not happening for some reason so... I'm going to build a few kits, have a bit of fun modelling for a change, and go from there.

Then again last time I said that I ended up scratch building a thunderbolt.

04-04-2011, 22:01
Yay for productiveness!


Still have basing, numbers, and a flag to do but hey, there finally done! I'm rather a happy bunny to say the least. Does feel like a massive weight off my shoulders, and I can now kinda see where I'm going next which has really got the mojo going.

As a treat I caved and bought the new power armoured grey knight kit - not particularly impressed to be honest considering the hype. The parts are great, the conversion potentials there, but a lack of detail on some of the hands is depressing. I'll do a review possibly... depends how quick I build em. I also bought a set of dark eldar warriors and there bloody fantastic. Really looking forward to getting a few more of these built up over the next few weeks.

In the mean time though, I'm busy painting up a new adventurer for the joint log with Jihad, and I'm fiddling with plans for the board I'll be building over the summer.

Oh and I've nearly finished building my Tau army. Yep, been a productive bugger recently :D

04-04-2011, 22:08
Looking great fella, as always your updates are a pleasure to read!

SSG Snuffy
05-04-2011, 03:13
You have been busy! Although it's a ways down the pike, I'm anxious to see what you do with the Grey Knights.

06-04-2011, 23:03
Cheers guys, comments are always appreciated :D

So heres the grey knights - some went together fantastically well (the shooter bloke, the sarge) whilst the others were a pig if you want dynamic poses. Bascially you have to put the left hand on first because the end of the weapon interferes with the gun, which means theres a fairly fixed position for it, cue much faffing around trying to get things to fit they way you want them to. If I wasn't bothered about poses I could probably knock them out fairly quickly, but as I only want a dozen or so I wanted something a bit more interesting.


I've got for action focused poses on them to make it more interesting but now heres the problem.

Theres some great grey knight concept art knocking around by this bloke (http://sttheo.cghub.com/) which would have made for cracking minis, so I'm thinking of converting them all slightly to be slightly more 'viking' and 'knightly' (see the art work, you'll get what I mean). I'm thinking pelts, horns, feathers etc... what do you guys think? I'll be going with a similar red, black and slate grey color scheme.

Of course, this means I need an inquisitor

He'll be the leader with a tiny retinue, and maybe a squad of storm troopers as I've got some kasrkin knocking around.

Anyway please let me know what you guys think as I'm really scratching my head on this one.

07-04-2011, 08:30
i like the inquisitor, can't place the model though, where is it from? looking forward to seeing this progress further.

07-04-2011, 10:36
Valten, the Exalted of Sigmar.



My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

Red Scorpion
14-04-2011, 02:47
Lovely use of Valten, I say absolutely go for the more interesting Grey Knights! The silver armour is rather boring - I'd love to see your take on the concept art you linked to - cheers for that too, as I'd seen various bits from that guy for the FFG RPGs, but hadn't seen that site - some massively inspiring stuff there. I may end up buying some Grey Knights now - I'd promised myself that I'd make do with the stuff I'd got from a bits site (including the brilliant not-Eisenhorn's staff you've used on Valten), but I like the "proper-knights" concept quite a bit...

Been subbed for a while, one of the logs I keep coming back to Warseer for. I loved that converted Guardsman, the sculpting was top-notch.

SSG Snuffy
15-04-2011, 04:18
I've always thought that lions were under-utilized in Imperial imagery... I like the kitbashed inquisitor. Is the plastic force-staff from the Grey Knight kit?

16-04-2011, 22:34
Just got back from Salute, though I'd show off the Addams Family haul (not as big as a lot of peoples, who came with large rucksacks...)


A sedition wars trooper for my inquisitor, and the new version of the Hurn (which is essentially the old hurn, but with a hip join...) and a freebooter assassin miniature for me, with the Mike McVey model and a freebooter sorceress for Mrs Addams.


I was originally going to buy Al-Vianna for Mrs Addams as a present but when we got the stand he said to have it as a freebie (hes been friends with Kev for years and hes popped into the office quite a bit) which was really nice as hes someone whose painting I've admired since I was first into the hobby. Very cool moment - until I realised that Morticia was getting the mini. Balls.

Anywho, just wanted to share that as it was rather lovely.

More zombie hunters soon, going to get some inquisition stuff done next I think.

SSG Snuffy
17-04-2011, 00:24
I've not seen any of the Studio McVey stuff here in the States (though I'm hardly an expert). It looks very high-quality!

18-04-2011, 12:36
Lovely toys, mate! Morticia's gift looks really nice, will we be seeing more painting from her then?

Oh I see, another Hurn how nice. Because you painted the other one... Oh no that's right, you haven't ;)

And what's this nonsense about painting an army of xeno filth? Heresy! Nice Guardsmen by the way, they'll look great once they're fully based up. Although according to your spreadsheet you have some more to do.... :D

18-04-2011, 20:38
Just realised I've been a bit of a bugger with the whole updating and replying to people for which I'm really sorry - works been manic.

RED SCORPION - Thanks bud, its reassuring to know my plog of mentalness and distractions keeps people coming back :D I'll be updating those guardsmen soon as I'm taking them with me when I go away this weekend to hopefully get the backpack finalised.
I'm going to leave this squad fairly plain and focus on the paint scheme more, and then do a second squad thats closer to the art work as I think its going to take a lot more converting then the casual build I was after at the time.

The Mike McVey stuff is superb quality - the guys down stairs cast it so I'm always getting a look at the stuff up close and its absolutely stunning to see what a sculptor can do when he's given a bit of free reign and some concept art.

JIHAD - Yeah we should do. I'm away this weekend so she's intending to spend the whole break painting now shes got a sizeable collection (she vowed not to do what I've done and get loads of figures... LOL).
I got the Tau ages back while I was working on the Wayland newsletter, and I've been chipping away at them as a bit of a side project but there at a stage now where I should really just crack on and paint them.
And the Hurn? Well I think your assuming a lot of things there Mr Ragsta. Your assuming I got him with the intention of painting him in the first place...

I don't look at the spreadsheet so much... makes both me and my wallet sad sad pandas.

Keep an eye on the World War Z log guys, update coming tomorrow night!

20-04-2011, 20:13
Nice haul, it was a bit like being a kid in a candy store

10-05-2011, 23:27
ASH - Ohhhh yes. Even Mrs Addams was impressed and we didn't see half the stuff I would have liked too (warlord, mongoose, the perrys, cutlass, twilight, GOT). Bah theres always next year.

Just wanted to post a brief update, get some advice, and hopefully a bit of help and I honestly haven't bought anymore models, making this a new model free update! Might have some perry zouaves in the post though...


Got the hats done on the great coats. Lots of faffing around and adjusting to get it too look right but I'm happy with how it looks now so thats how they'll be staying - not quite a busby, not quite a russian hat.

Problem is I've now realised I don't actually have enough arms to finish the platoon :S does anyone have any spare they'd care to donate or swap or whatever?

Any suggestions for a color scheme BTW? I've currently thinking something yellow and black....

In other news...
While I have got one backpack finished, it looks a little big and I'm not entirely happy so I thought I'd have another crack at it and do something a little slimmer. I've got another two in development so I should hopefully have these ready for casting by payday.

No new painting from me sadly - the proverbial has hit the fan at work, causing lots of stress which was nice, and resulted in some epic minecraft and assassins creed sessions and very little else. Zombie log will get updated soon as it definately needs some love.

15-05-2011, 10:29
Your larger backpacks would do well for heavy/ special weapons troopers. I like what you've done with the furry hats - perhaps paint them black with red piping? That would help them fit in with the Inquisitorial stuff you have on the go.

Either that or an ochre colour with green drab plating and grey hats. Dunno where that came from heh heh!

15-05-2011, 14:35
JIHAD - Yeah thats what I'm thinking at the moment - get a few basic ones and then a heavier couple for the specialists maybe. It all depends on when I get the resin and start casting, which all depends on work at the moment (all told, I've got quite a nice pay day coming this month...).

Right,decided to do a bit of doodling this weekend.


Not the greatest paint job I've ever done, but I don't think at the skill level I'm at I could have done a model this fine justice - those belt straps are absolutely tiny, and her face has extremely delicate features which I just can't grasp. I'm quite happy with the half wing on her coat and on her holster though, thats quite funky.

I'll be running her as an Inquisitor Lord I think if I game with her. I have this idea that she should be the leader and that the big armoured guy from a page or two back should be her 'public' face.

Now I've got a little bit of my painting confidence back, I've started on the sedition wars trooper and on the red box games model which will be a planetary governor and bodyguard - they'll be on a 40mm base as well meaning I could run it as an inquisitor with all the hangers on and flunkies governors would have.

Anyway guys, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

16-05-2011, 00:56
Another tiny update to round off the weekend :)



Governess-General Bonaccia with Inquisitorial Sanctioned Bodyguard.

The models are Dagny from Red Box Games and Female Conscript from Studio McVey - if theres more of these I'll definitely be getting them.

I had this idea that a governor/planetary ruler might actually be competant, and after an invasion rally her troops (or assume control of the governorship and then rally the troops) - in my fluff shes then going to lead a crusade against the invading force and become a bit of a figure head with all these different players trying to control her (the church to make her a living martyr, the inquisition for various reasons, the guard, etc). The best bodyguard therefore is one with an inquisitorial mandate - An armed to the teeth vet who doesn't have to answer to anyone other then the governor. The McVey model (isabella) is going to be a Thorian who believes Bonaccia is an avatar of the emperor. More figures will follow as I develop the fluff, and I'll write it all up tomorrow if I get chance.

Painting wise the skin need redoing - seem to be struggling with that at the moment - and I want to add more detailing on the governess but otherwise I'm fairly happy.

16-05-2011, 10:56
Looking stunning fella, really nice models and very nicely painted, i like the fluff you are hinting at, makes for really strong character development.

18-05-2011, 07:56
I really like your rendition of Isabella - I am too scared to paint mine yet. I particularly like the palette with the choice of greens. :)

19-05-2011, 22:43
PETAY - Thanks bud. You've actually nudged me into writing it up properly so... read on

LEON - Yeah I was absolutely terrified but I figure 'I'd rather try and fail then have it sat there mocking me' and I am quite pleased with the result even if she looks nothing like I had originally intended :D

Two parts to this update guys.

Firstly, inspired by sheep I thought I'd bung up a rather dodgy army shot.


Needs the bases tidying up, and that Shadowsword needs painting. I've also got a couple of cadians and the great coats to add yet before I eye up any vehicles.

Onto the fluff!


At the request of Lady Isabella, I have constructed this teatrise on the political powers at work in the Kobol Reef Stars conflict. This should be considered a rough 'beginners guide' and not an exact examination as the situation is currently extremely fluid and changes daily. Hourly reports are obtainable via proper ministrations to the ships data cores.

Lady Isabella, High Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos
I feel it prudent to account ourselves first. We are the most humble servants of the Emperor and His Divine servant Lady Isabella. We have contacts with a number of xenos species deemed non-threats and count Jokereo, Faye, and Squats within our cadre. It should also be noted that Lady Isabella has now committed herself to the Thorian cause, and will be using our contacts and influence to bring about the rebirth of our beloved Emperor.
We are now working towards turning Bonaccias small reclamation push into a full blown crusade with a look to combating more serious threats to the Imperium in the future. We believe that should this prove successful, then the collective will and faith of the crusade would act as a conduit by which the Emperor may return to us.

Governess General Bonaccia
The Governess was the eldest daughter of the former Governor (an inept but relatively harmless man). She assumed the Governership during the closing stages of the invasion of Picon, and took it upon herself to rally the defenders in person. This often put her in the line of fire but inspired the troops. There are also rumours that she slew a traitor space marine – believed to be of the 8th Legion – and these have been confirmed by several noted officers. This led to a full on counter strike against the planets invaders, which surprisingly turned into a system wide rout. The Traitor forces are currently holding out in small enclaves whilst a number of Imperial generals have pledged there banners to the Governess in the conflict.
Her rise to Governess General, System Governor, and numerous other titles have all been due to the influence of our agents however it must be noted that this task was relatively simple, with few objections. She is, for want of a better word, beloved by all.
Master Gunner Natalya is currently serving as her personal bodyguard, and will be released from Inquisitiorial service should she protect her charge well.

Lord Sebastian Steiner, Ordo Malleus
Lord Steiner was requested recently by Lady Isabella as the traitor forces begin to employ daemons within there forces. This marks a change in tactics for the traitors as they have until this point relied upon the 8th Legion for shock troopers. Steiner brings with him several squads of storm troopers and Astartes of the renowned Grey Knights.
We have little other pertinent information at this point regarding him, however he has cooperated fully with our team and seems to be more of a brute force operative.

The Ecclesiarchy and the Daughters of Aeryn
I have grouped the church of the Holy Emperor alongside there lackys for simplicities sake. Bonaccia is on frosty terms with the church after there refusal to aid her during the siege of Picon (despite there being a sizeable mission on Picon of the Daughters of Aeryn). Upon there request to join the fleet and establish missions on the reclaimed worlds, Bonaccia is said to have remarked with much vulgar language.
It is now believed that the Daughters of Aeryn are trying to have Bonaccia beatified as a living Saint – if this were to come to fruition then the ecclesiarchy would gain control of the entire sector in one fell swoop as well as gaining control of all the Imperial Guard regiments currently under her command.

Lord Castellan Tveskoeg, Warsmith of Picon
Commander of the Picon 'Frakking' 4th regiment, the Lord Castellan and his men equitted themselves admirable suffering heavy casualties. Tveskoeg liased closely with Bonaccia and despite several investigations it is unclear who was in charge of the initial fight back and the exploitation of Bonaccias beauty to rally the troops.
What is increasingly clear however, is that the Lord Castellan is the power behind the throne – as more and more regiments join up with Bonacias forces, Tveskoeg finds his new title of Warsmith increasingly difficult. Responsible for all the pratical aspects of the campaign, he is been under increasing pressure without the credit, and we do have an agent on his staff watching for signs that he may break. It should be noted however that he has shown a willingness to get his hand dirty and lead his regiment – a regiment that is now extremely well equipped and battle-hardend

Xanatos, Lord of Storms
Xanatos is a sorcerer of some power of the 8th Traitor Legion – Night Lords. He has been seen leading assaults however intelligence suggests that he is not in control of the Traitor forces and has instead been working towards some other agenda. He commands several squads of well equipped traitor marines, and we believe that he has the patronage of Abaddon himself.
Even more strangely for the Night Lords, it seems that they were supplying and training the traitor forces, with evidence of command posts, training camps, and supply dumps all found as Bonaccias army pushes the traitors back. This would go some way towards explaining the discipline seen within the traitors ranks.
It should also be noted that with the war turning against the forces of Chaos Xanatos has been sighted repeatedly leading attacks, which may be related to the increase in daemonic activity.

There are several other minor players who will be detailed as the need arises, as well as the overall commander of the Heretic forces who has yet to reveal themselves.

So there you go, the stage is set.

So now onto that second part - the GW price increase.

I have to admit that after many years in the hobby on and off its come as a bit of a shocker - bumping the battleforces up a tenner seems a bit extreme to me and its got me looking at GW with rather jaded eyes. I'm looking at what there putting out, the attitude of sales staff when I go into a store, and the casting quality in my last trip and I think this is where I say enoughs enough. I've got plenty to be getting on with and with companies like Privateer Press and Malifaux offering better quality models and service I think I'll be switching to another system sooner rather then later.

I'll keep you all posted.

20-05-2011, 11:30
whichever game system it ends up in, be fun watching this plog. espically since you have some coherent fluff to tie to together

SSG Snuffy
21-05-2011, 03:47
You're not the only one. Howls of indignation have resounded for the past week or so... over on Bell of Lost Souls, there's talk of mutiny! I think the price hike is poor timing on GW's part, coinciding as it does with their "finecast" movement, i.e. the end of metal minis from Citadel.

You've got experience with a much wider range of minis than I do. Personally, I thought that the last several GW releases were pretty good; all of the Grey Knight and Dark Eldar stuff has looked amazing to me. Are other companies' minis really that much better?

21-05-2011, 06:22
You've got experience with a much wider range of minis than I do. Personally, I thought that the last several GW releases were pretty good; all of the Grey Knight and Dark Eldar stuff has looked amazing to me. Are other companies' minis really that much better?

I do?

I've played warmachine and epic and bought some Victrix Napoleonics for conversions, by most long term player's standards I've barely scratched the surface.

Thing is I'm a fluff junky, who also tends to like streamlined rules. I got burned out on PP's constantly more complicated rules (not tried the reboot, though I might if i can find a player).

The 40k universe is just so nice to play in, but after writing an army list in epic 40k has always felt a little cramped.

21-05-2011, 11:56
You're not the only one. Howls of indignation have resounded for the past week or so...

There always is when the annual price rise rolls around, and fortunately I'm in a position where I could take it on the chin (I realised recently I've been spending a fair bit each month on the hobby in one form or another), but at this stage I don't see why.

Take Morticia. Lets say she wanted to try space marines. Thats £20 for the codex (because the rules aren't available free) and £60 on the battleforce, and she'd still need a HQ choice at least. The cheapest Malifaux starter set is less then £20. So 4 of the older gang sets from Malifaux, or 2 warmachine starter sets and the rulebook... There just seems to be more incentive to try something new these days then sticking with what you know. If we were to spend £40 each per month on other systems, we could have tried everything by christmas, have a dozen rulebooks, and find something we probably like a whole lot more.

Or I could buy more guardsmen. Given that I already have a Tau army to paint, and around 120 guardsmen, I don't think I'll be adding to either now. At least not with GW product. Its a bizarre situation where resin tanks (here (http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/nrf-kabardin-apc.html) and here (http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/vehicles-c-8.html?page=2&sort=20a)) are only slightly more expensive then the plastic GW offers, and metal miniatures from other companies are cheaper (system troopers from pig iron being the one that stands out for me)

You've got experience with a much wider range of minis than I do. Personally, I thought that the last several GW releases were pretty good; all of the Grey Knight and Dark Eldar stuff has looked amazing to me. Are other companies' minis really that much better?

Depends. GW will always be exceptional quality, but a quick glance through the Maelstrom catalogue (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php) will give you models from countless ranges, or varying quality and style. Want pirates? try freebooter. Want sci fi? try Infinity. Want 54mm? Try Smog.

Bumping prices in an age where everyones trying plastics and theres something for everyone is to me, rather suicidal. The dark eldar are lovely, and I do have some I was planning to build and paint them on the sly, but with the relatively new warrior and wych boxes jumping £3, I doubt it'll go any further then the 3 sets I have now.

21-05-2011, 12:32
really enjoyed the overview of the key players, very nice narrative and an enjoyable political scenario. awesome stuff indeed, especially as you have left your self with a number of plausible development angles, all of which would have interesting conclusions it seems. i would also like to tip my hat to your subtle but evident inspiration, battle star galactica, always nice to see these sort of things worked in to fluff development.

really looking forward to seeing what you come up with both model wise and in narrative development. keep it coming and top work.

24-05-2011, 22:55
PETAY - The nod to BSG is purely due to my inability to come up with decent names :D I do have an idea as to where the naratives going, and I'm pretty sure what the conclusions going to be, but it all depends on how things go. If the Night Lords get me going it might go in a slightly different direction.

Right, onto this evenings madness.

Today for some reason I thought about the Ltd Ed Axenarf Sally had given me awhile back, and how it was a wasted model - I didn't fancy painting it, I couldn't really sell it, and giving it back would be plain rude. Then I thought 'Wouldn't it be cool if he were an ogryn. And his armour were power armour. And he had a chain sword'


Hes a touch smaller then a Tau battlesuit.

He's going to act as the company champion for the Picon 4th, and as bodyguard for Tveskoeg (after all, its a lot easier to persuade experience generals to follow you if theres an ogryn backing you up). Oh and he'll be painted up in the tank camo I've used earlier - I figure a thing that big might as well get the same paint scheme.

Still needs work - thoughts and offers of a more impressive chainsword would be appreciated.

SSG Snuffy
25-05-2011, 01:09
I'm just beginning an WHFB Ogre-to-Ogryn conversion myself, so best of luck! I love the idea of the tank camo scheme... might steal that.

What do you think about varying his close-combat weapon type? Instead of a chainsword, why not a chain-axe, -halberd/pole weapon, or the like? Personally I'm going to try to give at least one of my Ogryns a kukri, just for grins.

25-05-2011, 10:36
Does the body guard Ogryn not get a ripper gun?

28-05-2011, 21:14
The Ogryn should be finished by the end of the week - no ripper gun as hes a bodyguard and I couldnt find one that looked right, and he'll have to keep the chain sword but I'll explain that in more detail when the paint job goes up.

*Jumps on band wagon*

Seeing as though people quite like the ramshackle review...

Citadel Finecast Lelith Hesperax

Cost is £10.50

Product came in a clamshell from the local games workshop. Whilst there I took the time to look at some of the other figures in the range. We got there fairly late, so I'm guessing we got the worst of the lot. Some of the older figures really did shine - Abaddon looked amazing (I had him in metal when he first came out) as did Dante but there was always something to spoil the fun. Abaddons head had shifted in the mold, meaning his hair didn't line up, and Dante had no knee pad. Yarrick however, looked brilliant and I was sorely tempted.

The others looked okay (Commissar Lord) but nothing to sing about. I was quite surprised actually that models like Njal and Draigo weren't any better then there metal counter parts. Morticia got to pick between Lelith and the commissar, as I love both models, and she chose the chick with the big hair. Of the two on the shelf, this was the better casting of the two.



After spending a good hour carefully going over every spike and crack I noticed two miscast areas. Her dagger has an air bubble at the end of the blade, which means its now snapped off. She also has a V shape across her abs, which I don't think I'll be able to remove.

I phoned GW at 6:30 and they were closed - annoying on the day of a release as big as this so I tried the store. They offered to replace the whole figure but I explained I wouldn't be happy doing this having spent so long prepping the figure already. They offered to replace the sword part so I'm happy with that.

There are one or two air bubbles I'll need to fill that are tiny but there more annoying then a problem - its resin, I expect it.

Aside from sanding and scrapping she went together easily, and clearly don't need pinning. Because the materials so light and durable, after two drops of a foot she still hasn't broke and theres not a blemish on her.

What is less positive is the spear. It has a powdery texture and bends underneath the slightest bit of pressure. As I wasn't intending to use the spear its not a problem, but its still annoying.

Following on from that, lets talk about this wonder resin. Its... weird. Its feather-light, which means I've dropped it more then once so far by simply being a bit ham fisted. Also the hair bends under the slightest pressure so I'm sure that'll be fun to paint. The material itself has a strange texture to it that I'm not entirely happy with, and whilst its great to work with having her wobble all over the place isn't good. It does however, like resin, cut cleanly so I am tempted to pick up a second to remove the base and have her riding a skyboard thingie.

(You can see how small the join is on the feet and base - I'm kinda tempted to try magnetising her..)

These aren't the best casts in the world. It does show off the older figures, and give the centre piece figures a material they can really shine in. Having said that half the models I saw today if they came into work would have gone straight into the miscasts pile, and I'm hearing a lot of similar problems out there. I will be picking up the commissar as I've been after the figure for awhile, the wracks as they look very impressive, and possibly Yarrick - but I'll not be leaving the store till I've been over every figure with a fine tooth comb and having seen the extremes of what finecast is delivering, neither should you.


In other news, myself and Morticia have been pondering starting a bit of a blog (like a proper website blogging thing). It came out of the idea of it being just as cheap to try something new as it was to continue building a GW army. It'd have a product review of both the models and the rulebook, followed by construction and painting guides, and then battle reports from both myself (old grizzled wargaming vet) and Morticia (newbie finding her way in the world we call wargaming). It'd be on a 2 monthly cycle, so every two months we'd start a new system, with follow up posts if its a game system we like and what we've purchased in addition.

Good idea, bad idea, something you'd like to see etc?

Anyway I need to go do some tidying and painting, and not at all play minecraft?

SSG Snuffy
28-05-2011, 23:07
Thanks for the review on the Finecast minis.

As for the blog, I'd be interested in reading it - especially if you're going to explore a different system every couple of months.

29-05-2011, 01:12
Oh oh, this sounds BAD. Thanks for that review....
I hope they improve their product.
I got "Ruby" from Studio McVey the other day, and I have to say that the GW finecast product is NOTHING in comparison, judging by your pictures. Of course McVey is a bit more expensive, but GW is getting close.

29-05-2011, 20:47
Firstly, a well written review and one that strangely met my suspicions about the 'fine oh so very fine casts.' Would I sound like a philistine if I said even the photo put me off? Ach, I probably just being old and grumpy!

Secondly, thanks for the previous army shot - can we have a close up of those large dark green armour suits I can see? And finish basing them, crazy fool!

Love the Axenarf/ Ogryn by the way - your plan to paint him in tank camo sounds inspired, as if that was the only armour the Munitorium could find big enough!

I like the sound of a duel log - it could open up new windows of opportunity for you if you know what I mean. I would certainly read such a thing - if it helps your lady learn to love the hobby its an added bonus.

Sent you a package by the way - a few bits in it Morticia might like.

Keep up the good work.


EDIT: One minor thing - your Master Gunner's purity seal, while a good idea, looks somewhat Unweathered. I would be tempted to try it again and make it look like its been yellowed and curled with age - running it against a blunt knife edge would be an idea.

30-05-2011, 07:37
I really like your use of 'other' minis in your force, your zed thread is great aswel.

In the army shot who are the rather large green and white chaps at the back?

30-05-2011, 18:55
Lots of comments - thanks guys!

SSG SNUFFY - Thanks bud, I'll keep you posted as to whats happening and when.

AEDES - Rubys lovely, one of those figures you either love or hate due to the subject, but she has been growing on me of late. The price thing is simply because of the people involved - some of the best concept artists and sculptors are making those models, and the best casters in the business are making them.. I actually think some of them are a little under priced (Al-Vianna, and Ar-finnel in particular)

JIHAD - The photos aren't too good I admit. The cleaned up product does look pretty good although I doubt the guys down stairs would ever let this leave there office.I'll be sorting out the bodyguards purity seal. It was late, I was rushing. I really wanted to get it finished and posted so I'll replace it with a proper one at some point and probably redo all the flesh while I'm at it.
You hit the nail bang on the head with the ogryn though - that was exactly what I was thinking. That the armour gets sent to the paint servitors, they look at the size and think its a tank, or its recommissioned tank plating.

MOMUS - Read on :) And thanks for the comment - there's hundreds of fantastic models out there and I don't think some people realise that (hell, I didn't when I was younger!). There should be a Zed update from myself this week, and from Jihad when his Birthday pressie finally arrives.

REPTILLIA - I think it depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to convert, its hands down better because resins the next best thing to plastic in that regard. On the flip side, its a premium product now and people are expecting at least forgeworld quality. Whilst I've seen lots of pictures of bad castings, I haven't seen any of a particularly good one.
Don't get me wrong, I think I probably would buy the odd finecast model again. Lelith HAS cleaned up beautifully, but for the sheer amount of work involved I think I'd go mental if I had to do that on a unit of troops. Coteaz for example is a model that came out especially well, and whilst I never rated the model before I think I might pick him up now.

As requested, pics of the big green thingies :D


These are Maschinen Krieger S.A.F.S models which are now sadly out of production. I thought they'd make rather nifty ogryns so I picked them up (about £25 off ebay). Unfortunately the plastic is the same rubbery stuff used on AT43 pieces and there isn't a lot of detail so it was a quick three colors dipped job, with the stag symbol added from the bretonnian transfer sheet to break it up a bit more.

The idea is that there mining/harsh environment suits used my the great coat regiments homeworld that have been re-purposed for military use.


The problem is there too big - slightly too big for an ogryn (they dont balance on a 40mm base) and too small for a sentinel. So there on 50mm bases so I can run them as either :D

Glad to see lots of people looking and commenting :D

31-05-2011, 06:30
Ah cool they reminded me of the AT Votoms

I picked up some infinity minis this morning, AT43 are quite cool too. Shhh, im being naughty!
Im currently after a stand in for an astropath, kinda want something non GW. Any suggestions

EDIT subb'd

22-06-2011, 00:29
MOMUS - Depends on how crazy/techy/psychic you want, and how bothered you are about sticking to GW scale. There's Miranda from Hasslefree, theres the govenors proxy from Malifaux (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=wrd_mfx_gld_hmn_101_000) and Lucky from Dark Age (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=dag_dag_fkn_uin_181_000) (strikes me as a bit of a Kaylee character... might have to get her). I'll chew it over a bit and get back to you with something better.

Brief update from me while I'm still well enough to breathe. The hayfever has been hitting me especially badly this year to the point where I'm starting to get a bit worried. My throats raw from sneezing, my eyes and nose are constantly running, and I can't seem to get a breather :(

Firstly, I have a sale thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=305294). I'm raising funds to help pay for a blog - hosting as well as miniatures- which will take a look at different games that are out there on the market. Please take a moment to have a look and then buy everything :D

Secondly, I have a brand new shiny desk, and have gone from this madness...

To this beauty!

I've lost a foot in space in length, but with the added shelving I've more then made it back, and it lets me have some painted figures out for motivation. It also gives me space for a check list of minis. All the brushes and tools will be going into those draws eventually, meaning I can have the desk completely clear all the time.. in theory.

Thirdly, and most awesomely, Jihad sent me over some toys
*Sneak peek of some WIP Malifaux showgirls there :D

Three leman russes, all very much appreciated, that need to be re-fitted and kitted out for the Kobol Reef conflict. I'll be ordering tracks from blood and sand, and I'll be adding zimmerting to at least two of the tanks. The third might get something a bit special - Jihad has suggested a red turret as a nod to the old rogue trader/epic tank squadrons and being the nostalgic old git I am I've agreed. Aside from some razor wire and zimmeret, what else do people think I should add?

Right I'm off to try and sleep, night all

22-06-2011, 08:35
Nice to see another organised hobbiest, from my experience we are a rare breed! looking forward to seeing the tanks develop, will you be adding crew? if so manually operated searchlights are nice addition, they make a pleasant change to pintle mounted wepaons. For that matter external infantry riding on the tank are always good.

07-07-2011, 23:39
PETAY - The reason for the new desk was to help get rid of the clutter and turn me into a tidy hobbiest :D
The tanks will be getting crew. I like the idea of a manned search light and Jihad is sending me some bits to help with the jazzing up (although he's currently on the road..)

Right, few things first.

My hours at Hasslefree have been nuked. I'm down to 3 days a week. Not too worried yet but with christmas and a holiday on my door step and the jobs market terrible, I'm not sleeping easy yet. As such please take the time to have a look at my new sales thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=309765) which includes everything from Inquisitor figures through to custodian guard!

I've also recently started a Malifaux log (see sig) in an effort to motivate me to paint my guild and showgirls crews so please take a look. If you like Malifaux, or any other skirmish game, but find you never have the will power to paint such pretty models then please check out a tale of skirmish painters (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=309364). 1 model a month for 6 months? Come on... give it a go!

So, onto some pictures.


Painted things! He's a doodle but he's not far off being finished. With work and other things the mojo is pretty low, so I used lots of washes to play around with him and hes looking pretty cool. He'll get about 6 more friends. I'll also be redoing the rifle and sticking an aquilla there.

Awhile back, Alex from warploque miniatures started a Uhule project for a dragon. It really caught my eye and Morticia egged me on, so I stumped up the cash and got one :D


No other reason then he looks awesome. There will be a project log for him when funds stretch to basing materials and such.


Pressie from Morticia - I was thinking of doing a unit of these as rough riders but I'm now thinking some kind of household pet of Bonnacias instead.

Anyway thats it, thanks for reading guys.