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04-10-2009, 07:26
Alright, so, I'm working on a ruleset for a campaign for my club. It started out as being just an idea for a Kill Team mega battle on Halloween, and the club declared the desire for a campaign for it. I, being the organizer for the original mega battle, volunteered.

What we're doing is a merge of the old Kill Team rules (mainly for building units) with 5th edition...and instead of Brute squads, it's zombies. For the most part, the rules are written, in a draft form, with a good four or five games worth of playtesting so far. However, I only have two scenarios figured out in terms of what the objective is- the first scenario that's been written out, is a raid to an old armory, hunting for ammunition. We playtested it pretty extensively and the scenario, while it needs to be organized so it can be read, will work well.

The second objective I've got figured out is a rescue mission, which will earn the players a two wound model (non-HQ, although if someone wants me to give as game master a good case, I am willing to back down on it). However, I'm at a loss for the other scenarios, which we have 4 or 5 more of. We had discussed finding supplies for bikes or jump infantry, later in the campaign (players will eventually be able to field up to three kill teams), but I was curious of the opinions of other people.

BTW, if people would like a copy of my notes for the rules of the campaign, just let me know, I'm willing to share them, it's been fun working with them, and I'd love to see this navigate elsewhere. :)

04-10-2009, 07:32
I'd love to see a copy, I think it would be great fun and it would allow others to add their ideas/comments in more details to your unofficial rule set.

04-10-2009, 07:49
Here's the copy of the main rules, with the description of the Halloween scenario included at the end. I reorganized it a bit more to make it a little easier to follow. If you have any suggestions on improvements, definitely interested.

04-10-2009, 08:36
i ran a zombie campaign a long time ago, based it quite heavily on a resident evil style theme (umbrella special forces) running around with limited ammunition but you could fire as many times as you wanted per turn as long as you had ammo, ammo could be passed from one soldier to another

for missions i went with stuff like:

rescue the trapped team - a team is holed up in a building completely surrounded by zombies, get to them before they are overrun

rules: the building fires d6 shots per turn per brute squad near it, the team in the building have unlimited ammo but if 3 brute squads make it inside its mission failed, when rescuing the team the kill team player gets 4 kasrkin with full ammo

escort the survivors: simple one this, there is a group of survivors trying to flee the zombies, the kill team must get them to the evac point, reward was an ammo refill for all surviving kill team soldiers and d3 new troops

recover the sample: the kill team must enter, fight through and retrieve a sample of the zombie virus (or anti virus) and leave the lab complex again, this works well on a small board with lots of corridors and lab rooms, have rooms a little out of the way with somthing in them that might warrant the kill team actually going out of their way to capture them, i used 2 heavy bolter servitors (lab security that the kill team could take with them if they manage to get to them)

nemisis: fun one this, works well as the last mission of the campaign, simply evacuate the kill team while they are being hunted down by the big bad after recovering the sample, the big bad had some pretty solid rules think we used WS5 BS5 S5 T5 W4, on losing his last wound he falls over but get back up on a 4+ with one wound, this can be done an infinite amount of times, so kill him, roll a 4+ and he's back up, kill him again, roll a 4+

zombies ignored him, if zombies were closer than the kill team he would attack them, could move and fire his weapon and had infinite ammo, could only fir the amount of times in the weapon profile (in this case it was a heavy bolter so heavy 3)

04-10-2009, 08:56
I saw this and thought "Holy crap! zombie apocalypse in 40k! I am so doing this!"

Such a good idea, and I like the look of the rules you've made. I'm not really a fan of the necromancer/uber-zombies idea, but I think that for 40k, you really need power levels, and of course it would take too long to make the 100+ zombies needed for a normal match if you did not have such things, let alone that mega-battle.

I'm not sure about squads of 10 zombies, for a kill-team type game that doesnt seem right to me at all. Really, 3 squads of 3-4 or 2 of 5 would be better IMO, but then I haven't played kill-team much, so you probably have a better idea than me.

On the raiding an armoury/ammo depot, I'd be personally inclined to irritate all the players by saying that they get 2-3 turns worth of shooting per game, unless they manage that one, after which they get unlimited ammo. :D

Just as a thought, I'd give a bonus to template weapons against zombies - flamethrowers win IMO. :D

Other scenario ideas... perhaps a raid on a laboratory? Have to get into main lab room and hold it for X turns, in attempt to find a cure/preventative/poison (You might even have something which means that one kill-team member detaches from the squad, only that one has to remain in room for the X turns, though this is probably getting to complicated). The reward for success being that kill-team members when infected only become zombies on a 6/4, or maybe improved zombies get one less bonus.

A simple survive-the-night arrangement, where kill-team starts in a building in centre, zombies spawn in all the other buildings and attack, objective being survive for Y turns. The number of zombies spawning per turn should increase over time, though the numbers would be up to you. You might even decrease the number of turns, depending on successes in other scenarios. For success you could decrease number of zombies in next missionor something, for failure decrease iniative/WS/BS representing the lack of sleep or R&R.

A run-for-the-landing-pad mission, where the kill-team tries to get into a location with a airbourne vehicle of some sort (probably being the best way to get away from a zombie apocalypse).

The mission after that would be a run-AWAY-from-the-landing-pad, after the kill-team realises that inside the air transport there is already a squad of zombies inside - after surviving that (that zombie squad would go first :skull:) they would have to get off the board.

A try-to-contact-outside-world (if it isnt zombified as well) mission, where you would have several objectives (radios or communication devices), but only one of them actually works; kill-team having to have one member spend at least a turn in base contact to win. Success could give them additional points, wargear, or members (perhaps a good time to have that additional squad added in?)

Then the obvious get-out-of-this-city one, which you mentioned with the bikes/jump infantry idea. However, I'd be more inclined to go with either bikes or a transport vehicle of some kind (Ignoring maximum transport capacity, the kill-team would just want to get out of there and wouldn't be all that worried about personal space). However, I would say, "get to the transport/bikes"... once they get there the team would find that they were out of fuel :D, at which point they would have to go to a fuel depot and back, before finally leaving the board. If using transports, I would add some rule about zombies in close combat can forgo attacks to slow the vehicle down (extra weight or something) or can make death-or-glory attacks at any time, in which case they automatically die but have a chance of immobilising the vehicle, at which point the kill-team will bail out in their turn and have to escape on foot. Victory would give them the bikes/transport, and maybe a boost to leadership ("we're finally getting out of this damned city!")

Don't know how much of that made sense, but they're some of my own ideas, which often don't :D

Also, I would like to see your revision of kill-team for 5th edition - I haven't seen any myself, and am too lazy to do my own. :D

04-10-2009, 09:25
I think You may want to add something more monstrous like, zombie abomination represented by let's say chaos spawns. Slow and not that good in fight ( ws3 ?) but tough as hell. Also adding secondary objectives like rescuing a lone civilian who will join to you and shoot with his puny laspistol might be good.

05-10-2009, 02:06
ooo...some really good ideas here. Very cool guys, thank you! Some of these are a bit more complicated than we were trying to do (keeping track of ammo is a cool thing to do, Mannimarco, but I'm not sure it's something the majority of my club would want to get that involved). I really like the scenarios you posted, MM, and there's a lot of stuff I can do with those. I think that the rescue the survivors and escort mission have a lot of potential to be the missions I was looking for for adding members to the Kill Team.

Zirnitra, as far as your comment about the number of zombies we're doing per squad, we had a player throw down a Harlequin Kill Team and erase squads of 10 without effort...even the guy with the stormtroopers tore through the vast majority of the zombies tossed at him. The survive the night scenario that you suggested I think I'll be using for the opening scenario of the campaign, followed by the raid for ammunition.

Szalik, a zombie abomination sounds like fun, and might be a good thing to toss at people later in the campaign.

I haven't really been working on a true change to the Kill Team rules, although I know I saw a coordinated attempt of it here in the rules forum.

05-10-2009, 02:20
the second to last mission could be a hold in comm room/building as they attempt conntact survivers. a mission after that would be an escape in a valkyrie or vendatta. also i think a inquisitor stepping and preparing to virus bomb the planet would add a nice incentive to escape before the world ended.

are you going to have the players fight each other or work together.

05-10-2009, 02:32
Actually, that sounds like a good idea for contacting the outside world in the second to last mission, considering that this is going to be rolling over into our escalation league early next year. Calling in for reinforcements, and they get an army sent in. We're going to be letting our players fight each other, although they can work together if they want to.

22-10-2009, 13:07
So, I think a little bit of thread necromancy is entirely appropriate considering the subject matter here...What I've got is the final draft of the Zombie Campaign rules, in terms of what we're going to be handing out to our members for them to use, along with the first month's scenarios. I decided to have some fun with the names of scenarios and awards, hope they get someone to at least smile. What do you guys think?