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05-10-2009, 15:31
I've always been considering starting a small Easterling force.
But... i had a question before I even consider biting the bullet. For the small scale rulesystem. (not War of the Ring)
Are 'Easterling Commanders' and Amdur usable in that? Or are they supposed to be only used in 'epic play'?

What is usually advised as unit choices for Easterlings in the old gamingsystem? And exactly 'which' rulesystem book(s) is up to date or a must if one wishes to start Easterlings? Because I remember reading about Legions, there was the Shadow of the East book etc...

Cataphracts are usually advised but they are pricey r/l moneywise. Are they a must?

05-10-2009, 18:44
The Dragon Knight and War Priest in the new Easterling Commanders box set will both be receiving rules for the SBG in the next WD. Rules for Amdur's use in the SBG can be found in a previous WD also.

Shadow of the East is the book you will need, but note, you really don't have many options in a force composed solely of Easterlings. Essentially you will only have Easterlings with bows, hand weapon/shield, and pike/shields, Kataphrakts, Easterling Banner Bearers, and Easterling Captains. The only named characters you will have access to are Amdur and Khamul. I have never used Amdur in the SBG, but I feel Khamul is very weak in the SBG. Of course, the addition of the Dragon Knight and War Priest, who will likely be characters, will be helpful. Other than this, you will likely have to supplement your force with other Fallen Realms or Mordor choices. Khand would be a good choice, as their rules can be found in Shadow in the East as well.

05-10-2009, 18:47
Those datasheets won't be published online or in an upcoming rulebook?

Hmm I bumped into this one the site, it seems a nice army:

But does it work? GW's articles tend to be a bit... questionable in their claims at times.

05-10-2009, 19:46
The rules will probably be published on line, though I don't know how fast GW has been adding this type of content. With the heavy focus on WOTR at the moment, I would have to think that adding SBG content is not exactly a top priority. Then again, we don't even have a WOTR FAQ yet, so who knows.

That list requires that you purchase 2 boxes of Easterlings, as each set has only 4 pikes. I will say that you will probably want to do this anyhow, as pikes are the Easterlings' best asset. Though at 10 pts per model, they are very expensive.

If you decide to go with the force below, I would definitely drop Khamul. The Dark Marshal or the Undying would be much better for this force, or you could even wait to see the rules for the Betrayer and Knight of Umbar are going to be like. Their rules should come out at the same time as the Dragon Knight and War Priest. Swapping out Khamul would be perfectly acceptable in this force as well, since the inclusion of an Easterling Captain gives one access to every type of Easterling.

05-10-2009, 20:00
So basically just use a 'regular' Captain for now if I decide to give Lotr Easterlings a shot?

05-10-2009, 20:15
Yes, or Amdur if you can find the rules, and support the Easterlings with heroes from other evil books, such as nazgul, some of the named orcs (which are very good values), etc. Once the rules for the Dragon Knight and War Priest hit though, you may actually be able to go all out Easterlings, though I expect you will still want support from one of the nazgul.

05-10-2009, 20:20
I'll consider all this. Thanks for the info! ^__^