View Full Version : Ok is GW losing it's own plot??

05-10-2009, 19:08
Those of us who have followed the UKGD thread and the SW rumours threads are aware of GW's following.

1. Complete news leaks block out.
2. A policy of a more focused releasing with shorter preorder times this has been 2 weeks before release.
3. A second release for the SW in the form of a Battleforce.

Well last week i wondered onto GW UK's site they put the Mega Paint set up for Preorder almost a month ahead. They've today placed the Skaven on Preorder, but no sign of a SW Battleforce.

Does this mean GW may of seen some sense in how it's policy wasn't working that well in the customers favour? And that we may actually see a bit more of the old GW that we know and like??

Templar Ben
05-10-2009, 19:59
Let's give them until the Tyranid release to see how they are going to start handling information. It could be an error.