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18-01-2006, 09:14
Welcome, Scumdogs. This is the recruitment thread for the Scumdogs Penal Legion RPG. This RPG is centered upon the invading forces of WAAAAGH! Ashnak upon the Death-world Tartarus Epsilon.

Each trooper is to be as individual and well developed as possible. Wargear is limited to my discretion. The more interesting your character, and the more complete/well written your character description, the more wargear you can get away with. I do NOT want to see "John Smith, Age 16. In the Penal Legion due to vandalism." We are all Imperial Guard veterans, and no stranger to battle. I do not mind abberant behavior, as long as you realize there will be a Commisar present.

Limitations on Troop Choices:
0-1 Heavy Weapons Team. One Gunner, one spotter/loader/ammo carrier. Can be controlled by the same player, have the spotter an NPC, or can be a pair of roleplayers if it is pulled off well. Limited choice to: Autocannon, Heavy Stubber, Missile Launcher (frag+krak)

0-1 Sniper. I know everyone wants to be the uberhardass marksman, but only one in my platoon.

0-1 Special Weapons Trooper. Limited to: Flamer, Grenade Launcher (Frag+Smoke+Krak+Stun)

1+Specialists: Be creative. Things like demolitions, platoon level Vox operator, ex pilot. Think of what your trooper did and did well.

Standard Wargear: This is the baseline for everyone's troopers. Unless you otherwise specifically state, it is assumed your character has access to the following materials:
-Autogun and ammunition (To be explained)
-4 Frag grenades
-Combat Knife
-Binox (scope, binoculars, scanner, your choice)
-Two Canteens
-Solar Screen (porta-shelter, a 1 man lean-too)

The Following Wargear it is assumed you are proficient in the use of:
-Krieg Pattern Rebreather
-Hazardous Environment wear
-Most forms of small arms weapons

Information on the Planet:

Tartarus Epsilon is mainly a desert world, quite similar to Armageddon and Angelis. It has three primary settlements on the planet, all hives. There are other, smaller towns, forts, etc all over the world. Hive Primaris is the primary civilian habitation. Hive Secondus and surrounding territories are mainly responsible for the distribution of materials to the planet. Hive Teritus is an Adeptus Mechanicus Hive, full of experimentations and machines. The terrain is varied, from hot and dry, to stupidly hot and dry. There are chem-wastes, mountainous regions, the area surrounding the Equator has the punishing sun which will burn and blister exposed skin in less than an hour. Basically combine all the worst aspects of the Middle East, Australia, the Wild West, and Tatooine. There are various indigenous life forms, but its primarily the environment that has classified this planet as a death-world. I will be GMing environmental effects on you guys, so keep that in mind.

Now, to meet your Doom.

You are all members of the Scumdogs Penal Legion, led by Lieutennant Balzac. He is a war-torn veteran, hell bent to bring Warboss Ashnak to Imperial Justice. He bears the scars he obtained in his last encounter with the Warboss, a metal jaw he has had fashioned into a crude jagged metal object mimicking the Orkish way of riviting plates of metal onto their jaws to look larger and more impressive. Balzac lost his jaw when the Warboss personally ripped it out of his head during a conflict early in the campaign. He is driven for revenge, and will not hesitate to throw each and every one of you into the Meat Grinder that is the Imperial War Machine.

His second in command is Altan Belisan. Some of you may know him. Altan is a mountain of a man, 6'4" in his bare feet, 260 pounds of sheer muscle. Ganger tatoos sleeve his arms from wrist to shoulders, and across his back. Prominently displayed are his Blax's Rats Legion tatoo. He was previously incarcerated, won his freedom, and just couldn't keep it clean. So, he's landed himself a life sentence now. Altan is as rough as they come. He's rude, crude, brash, street smart, and sadistic. You better be able to hang when you're around him, or you might need to worry about him as much as the enemy.

Due to the desert conditions, and this being a penal legion, you are all issued Autoguns. The desert dust interferes with las-weaponry by diffusing the beams to non-lethal charges. Any and all basic weaponry needs to be munitions-based. Plus we're fighting the Orks. We need Dakka. Hence, as we are a Legion, Plasma and Melta weaponry are severely limited. AKA Don't even bother trying to put it in your wargear.

When the RPG starts, we will be in a hot situation. In the recruitment thread, if you see another character you think your character will be able to stand, please at least pair up. I want it to start off as if we were already veterans of WAAAGH! Ashnak. There are about 50 Legionairres with us where the first scene will be, and a total of about 400. Other forces include half a Battle Company of the Raptors Chapter Adeptus Astaertes, as well as about 30,000 various other Imperial Guard. It is a massive planetary invasion. Skitarii are also involved in the area around Hive Tertius.

As this is a PENAL Legion RPG, don't forget to include your crime! Happy hunting.

New Cult King
18-01-2006, 11:10
"All right. My name is Charon Grey, and I'm a sniper. I grew up on Araanis Primus, a festering hellhole of a hive planet where even the grox-sized rats travel in gangs, lest something nastier take them out.

My parents were Nobs until the House they were loyal to was raided by the Arbites for some discretion or another - you can never tell where you stand with the Imperials. I escaped to the Underhive, and put my years of sport-shooting to good use selling my rifle to the highest bidder.

I signed on with a faction of Delaque gangers that were trying to carve their own slice of Araanis after getting their asses kicked by a Goliath mob on Necromunda. My shaved head went over a treat, and I gained acceptance into their little gang by nailing a Skavvie in the eye at 1000 feet through a toxic fog.

I went my own way after a disagreement with their leader, a badass wannabe by the name of 'Carle the Carver', which resulted in him 'accidentally' walking into my line of fire during a skirmish with the Arbites. I made a lot of creds working as a bounty hunter for the poor, desperate bastards trying to scrape a living among the filth of the 'Noble' upper houses, and headed off-world, looking for something, anything to get my blood pumping. I needed some real sport after the degenerate slimewads I'd been sniping in the Underhive, and I found it in the Imperial Guard.

I signed up for the 66th D'Vorkan Devil Dogs on Scathia IX, just in time to take part in the quelling of a Chaos cult uprising. My CO was an ex-sniper himself, so let me use my own custom rifle after the regiment's mumbling techpriest had 'approved' its dedication to the Machine God. After we'd sent those mutant freaks packing, this ugly Inquisitor bastard started offing our men for the sake of "moral purity" or some crap, so I bailed, buying my way onto a beaten up old freighter with the filligreed bolt pistol I 'acquired' from one of the Inquistor's poncy henchmen.

I found my way into this distinguished little unit of rejects after a run in with some off-duty Tallarn sand monkeys on Mallus IV. I was drunk and got sick of listening to their marksman boasting about his skills, so I challenged him to a shoot-off. He wasn't real pleased when I put a bullet in the barrell of his cheap, standard issue long-las from 800 feet, causing the gun to cook off and take his hand and one eye with it. Neither was his Lieutenant.

So here I am. A Hiveworld Noble turned Underhive Bounty Hunter turned Imperial Guardsman turned criminal. I've led an interesting life so far, but old Ballsack assures me it's gonna get a hell of a lot moreso.


Appearance: Charon is about 6'2 and heavily built but fit and strong. He has a shaved head and a hardly noticable ocular implant in his right eye. His left cheek has a furrowed scar running from under his eye to the missing lobe of his left ear, the only physical reminder of his first run in with the Arbites. Wears a scrap of the black and red fatigues of the Devil Dogs as an armband, with a light flak jacket as his only armour.

Personality: Intelligent from his schooling in the noble houses, quiet, calm and confident, Charon makes a perfect sniper. He will gun down any target without hestitation, but challenges himself with every shot he makes; the worse the conditions, the more he enjoys the kill. Raised among the arrogant noble families of the Araanis hive, Charon has something of a problem with any figure in a position authority that isn't him, and only follows orders to the letter if they align with how he wants to approach a situation. He has been cited more times than he can count for deviating from direct orders, though the results of his insubordinance speak for themselves.

Equipment: 'Acheron' pattern sniper rifle with modified barrel, stock and scope, nicknamed "The Equaliser". Monomolecular combat knife. Gloves and boots modified to be fitted with climbing spikes. Bandolier of ammunition. Fitted with a locator chip in the back of his skull so the Lt. knows where he is at all times ;)

18-01-2006, 11:34
So, NCK has the sniper spot. That's the kind of description I'm looking for. Ace quality.

I GM in the Third Person perspective, but it is up to the players to post in third or first, whatever they are more comfortable with. I prefer the third person.

NCK, a note: We are all assigned uniforms. You can keep some sort of effect from the Devil Dogs uniform as part of your garments, but our main camo scheme is a dark ochre/tan slashed design, with light grey and black flecks on it to match the terrain of the planet.

18-01-2006, 15:34
Prisoner ID # 114-7-EATH

Crime: Commindering a Navy Escort and Crashing into a Battleship of Admrial Yakov (Yakov was later declared a hertic due to what was uncovered during the repairs of his battleship), Priateing, Smuggleing Xenos and Chaos contraband.

Sentance-Due to lack of Crimenals with any Expreince with with comptuers or space ships or any kind of aircraft. 114-7-EATH will be assigned to Penal Legion.

End of 114-7-EATH Report.

Background: There is not much information on 114-7-EATH. A loner were ever he goes. Being a hide away on any ship he is on he take a note of everything never forgetting anything.were he learned to pliot is unknown but he has out gunned some of the best pliots in the imperial navy.

Apprance-a Large leather coat white shirt and jeans with grease marks in the,m

Equipment: one Pistol and small dagger. along with the cybernetics in his hands and his head for controling space ships and aircraft.

Is that enough or do you want more. I want 114-7-EATH to be a really mystery but if you want more thats cool.

18-01-2006, 16:14
(This will be my first RP, so I thought I'd continue the saga of Necromunda's maddest juve)

"Heya. I'm Bethany, but everyone calls me Bomber Betsy. My folks were Miliasaur breeders on the outskirts of Poxborn in the Underhive of Secondus. A new ranch hand wasn't looking at what he was doing and the 'milis' all got out and started eating everybody. I was scared and ran away.

I was cold and hungry and wanted to join a gang. There were eight girls, all dressed in black. They weren't very nice to me and made fun of me at first.

In my first gang fight, Big Lucy gave me a knife and told me to run at the other gang. I was really scared and was lucky not to be shot. A big man was trying to hit me with a clobberer, but I stuck the knife in his eye and he fell over. He was screaming and his faced turned to mush when I bashed it with his clobberer and I threw up everywhere. Big Lucy and the other girls were pleased and told me I done real good.
Then guts and entrails and blood wasn't scary no more. After a while it was fun and I like it.

Lieutenant Balzak doesn't like me. He said if I ever get out of line, he'll fire me at the Orks 'cos he knows I'll go boom. Hee hee hee! I like making things go BOOM! Hee hee hee!

The arbites didn't like us very much since we robbed the trading post and boomed people up, so one day they came to our den and shot and hanged everyone. But because I was just a juve, they took me away instead.

I know everyone is scared of Altan, but I think he just needs a hug. I traded him my autogun 'cos it's too big for me. I'm only a juve. I think he likes it when I smile at him 'cos he scav me lots more bombs.
I likes my bombs! Hee hee hee!

I don't like Cheron. He look at me like I'm weird or something."

Appearance: Bomber Betsy is 5ft tall and slim. What she lacks in upper body strength and stamina, she makes up for with speed.

Her dark hair is reasonably long and unkept and in addition to her uniform, she wears numerous belts and braces to carry her seemingly endless supply of grenades. She also has a pair of goggles resting above her brow, to pull down to protect her eyes from the flash of large explosions.

Personality: Surprisingly intuitive, although not in a technical sense. She is more than happy to follow orders given by Altan Belisan, but begrudgingly follows orders from anyone else.

Despite being in the penal legion, Bomber Betsy is young and immature. This can lead to erratic moments of reckless action, or complete cowardice. Since seeing her folks being eaten alive by miliasaurs, mashing up a man's face and watching the arbites hang her friends at such a young age, she is a little unstable.
The only time she will become sensible, serious and impatient is when planting big, timed, explosives.
She shouldn't be trusted to carry these and will use them at the first opportunity unless ordered otherwise. It's best if someone else carries anything like this.

Equipment: An endless array of frag and krak grenades, a mace made from a bat covered in nails named 'the clobberer' and lots of wire, to tie grenades together for a 'big boom'.

18-01-2006, 20:08
Maxwell, the idea of the Penal Legions is that we will have to make do with what we are assigned. As I mentioned to NCK, the uniform is standardized to a degree, with modifications to the general theme accepted. So, like, wearing a different shirt. Sewing patches on. Doing this or that. A full black Spacer bodyglove and helmet might be fine for a regular RPG, but in the Penal Legions the only things you have are whats been given to you and what you've managed to scrap and save. I can see NCK having a shred of his old uniform squirreled away. I can see Bomber Betsy having looted the battlefield for extra ammo and grenades. I just can't see you having your space equiptment. If you like, PM me and we'll discuss this further. I don't mind having your background a mystery, that's fine. What we know about you is what you choose to reveal to your fellow Troopers. But rest assured, be cocky and alone, and you will wind up on the short end of things. Working as a team, to overcome the trials and tribulations that working with the barest of supplies, prevailing through even the most suicidal of missions on sheer gumption alone, that's where its at.

Darkseer: I like your character. Is she unhinged at all, or just slightly feral? She's got a streak of the wild one in her from the sound of things. Boomy things are a favorite of Altan too, so that's cool. I'd take at least an autopistol if I were you, though. If you don't want to have an autogun, that's fine, just remember when the Orks close in you might want something with a bit more reach than a grenade.

And Our Very Own Tanith Ghost has returned as Commisar Grit, as he puts it "one of the most ruthless pieces of work the Imperial Commisariat has ever trained." I was going to keep the commisar slot open for him anyways, as I was impressed with his Grit character in ages past. So far, so good. As I said Maxwell, if you need help or ideas feel free to PM me.

18-01-2006, 20:50
Darkseer: I like your character. Is she unhinged at all, or just slightly feral? She's got a streak of the wild one in her from the sound of things. Boomy things are a favorite of Altan too, so that's cool. I'd take at least an autopistol if I were you, though. If you don't want to have an autogun, that's fine, just remember when the Orks close in you might want something with a bit more reach than a grenade.

Just slightly wild and feral crazy, but not 'mental' crazy.

I'll take the autopistol for back up.

18-01-2006, 21:00
[OK, sure, I'll jump in on this one. Gahh, way to set the bar of background writing quality way up high with the first submission, NCK. I hate you already!]

- Hassar Valen Rubik
-28 standard Terran years
- 6'
- 170lbs
- blue eyes, dark brown hair clipped back to little more than stubble.
- Standard Legionnaire equipment
----his Autogun has a bayonet mounting, and a weighted stock, allowing it to be used as a club in an emergency).
----Rubik also has acquired a large calibre semi-automatic stubpistol as a sidearm, although ammunition is hard to come by and he only has 12 rounds for it.
----He also carries an optic scope, which he has fashioned a simple clip for, allowing it to be attached to his autogun - its not for use as a sniper scope, but lets him use it without taking his hands off his autogun.
- Rubik is also issued with an extra large dose of cynicism - he knows perfectly well that, as a Legionnaire, even other Imperial troopers and the officers of the Legion hate him and want him dead.

[Hey, not everyone can be a specialist, right? Nid, if you want everyone to specialise in some form, let me know, but I'm ok being vanilla and I didn't want to take a role somebody else might have been really wanting]

Its not my damn fault I'm here. I've committed no crime. I was just one of the hive governor's spire guards back on Aretes. It was an easy job, the scum below hated the governor and would have popped us all given half the chance, but what could they do? They were down below in the filth, couldn't get near us through the automated hive security. It was the easiest job in the Imperium, defending an impenetrable position from ragged peasants with rusty slug guns, nothing to do but stand around in our silly spire uniforms practising our salutes and gunfighter poses.

But then there was the war. There are four hives on Aretes, Dracor, Seracol, Promita and ours, Valen, and they've never got on that well. Our governor was an old fool, but then governors usually are, and he'd got a bee up his **** about the raids on the spaceport and how much revenue it was costing the hive. We were losing tens of thousands of credits in every raid, even once we'd cut off the medical support for the injured, we were still losing out. The raiders from out in the salt deserts were a proxy for one of the other hives, we knew it, everyone knew it. But hey, we were doing the same to them, so what was the problem?

The governor didn't see it that way, he was the big man, Valen was the biggest and most powerful hive on-world, it was a personal insult for the other three hives to behave that way towards him. He went and declared war on the others, didn't he? None of us wanted a war, we'd got quite used to our cushy posts in the spire and we knew a big war would interrupt our routine, not to mention what would happen if we actually had to go out and fight personally. The war itself went quite well, from what I hear. We never got sent out there, in the end, the governor needed us hanging around to sing him lullabies and chew his food for him, so it was all the lower Hive Defence Force grunts that did the dirty work out in the salts. They managed to beseige Promita, and had a roaring trade in enslaved civilians and looted goods set up. There were some HDF officers doing very well out of that war, let me tell you.

But then Dracor Hive squealed to the Imps. Cowards, they were feeling the strain of the war and wanted out. Went off whining to sector command about our unprovoked aggression and crimes against citizens. Now, personally, I don't reckon the Imps give two tosses about that stuff, but they know that a full scale civil war is bad news for production and export, and Aretes is a fairly major producer of battlecannon ammo and las cells for the sector. So in they steamed with a Naval task force and a bunch of Guard, and gave Valen Hive 12 hours to surrender. The governor gave the game up straight away, of course, he may have been stupid but he wasn't going to pick a fight with the Navy when they were threatening and perfectly able to flatten the entire hive from orbit. Valen Hive was stripped of over 90% of its assets, the Governor was shipped out to serve as a records clerk on some remote impoverished dustbowl world, and replaced by a puppet selected by Dracor and Promita.

And us? We nearly got away punishment free, we were so close. We'd kept our heads down and nodded and did as we were told. We thought we might even get to keep our old posts. But one of the other guards, Swissan, had taken the surrender badly. He was as stupid as the old governor, and as loyal to him as you could imagine, and not long after the new boss showed up, he flipped. Opened up on full auto on the new governor's grav-car as it left the main gate to his residence, wounding the governor and killing one of his wives and the driver. I filled Swissan full of lasfire myself, as much out of frustration at the **** he'd just landed us in as anything else, but that didn't help me. We were all implicated in the attempted assassination, we got rounded up and split off to various penal legions the same day. None of my fellow guards ended up with me.

The first tour was a turkey shoot though, even for us Penals, some rebel uprising which fell apart through infighting virtually as we arrived. The Commanders were most disappointed that so many of us came back alive. Still, it told me everything I needed to know about service in the Legions. And now I'm on a deathworld, crawling with Orks, and the heat will probably get us if they don't. This isn't a turkey shoot, its been vile, the Imps have thrown us at the heaviest concentrations of enemies every chance they get, and we've taken the heavy casualties they were hoping we would. Still, it could be worse. They've actually given us a decent amount of kit for Legionnaires, proper camo uniforms, and working guns with real ammo - I've heard stories about Penal Legions given bright orange fatigues on iceworlds, or sent into battle with blank lasclips. Plus, things can get chaotic when the bullets are flying around, and if I'm lucky, nobody will miss me if I spot an opportunity to slip away. It hasn't happened so far, the Lieut and his 2-I-C watch us like hawks, but I only need the one chance.


Kensai X
18-01-2006, 22:19
Is an assault trooper with a chainsword allowed or is that something too technilogical...?

18-01-2006, 22:22
Please define what you mean by assault trooper, and I can let you know. If you *really* want to try to go hand to hand with a 450 pound, 9 foot tall, green machine that enjoys ripping things apart with its hands for fun, something could be worked out.

Grand Warlord
19-01-2006, 01:32
Private Mack.

According to the Imperial Records, Mack Vandala came from the backwater planet of Wyle XV. This planet is currently none as only basic Technology on the planet, between Feudal and Industrial Development. Wyle XV is noted for its higher than average Imperial Guardsman recruits into the various regiments. More than 63% of the populace will be conscripted into the Imperial Guard at any given time. Very few will ever see their homeworld again.

Very little is known (that isn't classified) on this Private of the Penal Legion, from what can be obtained, Mack was the kind who is naturally quiet and keeps to himself, when duty calls he is there and apart of the unit, but for the most part he kept to himself as much as possible. Beknownst to most of the commanders who have had the curse of calling Mack a soldier in their unit, Mack parents were killed in an ethnical civil war back on Wyle XV, when an opposing faction of nobility decided to bring the planet under the control of one master. Unfortunately for Mack he came out of the war with no family and no chance of survival. Somehow, he just happen to be at the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time. He was quickly pressed into the whiteshield platoon of the 403rd Cadian, having only a necklace given to him from his parents shrotly before the rebellion wars. It was made of basic Ivory and opal inlets but it was all he had.

Mack was picked on from the get go, not only from the drill instructors but from his own squad mates who saw him as easy prey for their inflated egos. This abuse continued for all of basic training and into actual combat experience. Now Mack was very muscular and could handle his own ... but by nature he was very very passive aggressive. Showing anger at an enemy of the Guard was one thing ... fighting with another Guardsman was another thing to Mack. So, the abuse continued until one night during a prolonged seige of some Tau fortified position. Another night of mental and physical (at times) abuse on Mack, which he had come to accept, when a few of the more intoxicated members tackled him, tied him down and the beating began in earnest.

Having been gagged as to muffle his screams no one really heard the commotion and the night dragged on the drum of artillary pieces drowning out what screams did get through. Not doing too much damage to his face as to hide what they did for hours the drunks beat Mack, until one of them yanked off his necklace and broke it into piecse throwing it into a mud puddle.

This was the moment when Mack snapped ... according to records. Medical reports that he had suffered various broken bones before recieving medical attention but what squad mates werent able to run away were torn apart by blade and bullet. Instead of being executed enough of the jury had known what was going on and pushed him into the Penal Legion and decided to give him some mental help ... if it were possible.

Mack is no longer outspoken but he given the right circumstances he would probably snap again...

Standard Wargear:
-Autogun and ammunition
-4 Frag grenades
-Combat Knife
-Binox: Scanner
-Two Canteens
-Family Necklace (In pieces in his pockets)
-Solar Screen

Tanith Ghost
19-01-2006, 04:58
Commisar Grit

The man called Commisar Grit was once a young orphan, left holmeless in a brutal war on his homeworld. In the Schola Progenum, he was molded into a model Commisar. Assigned to a crack regiment of Mordians, he learned to love their high standards and stotic outlook. After a decade of rewarding service and wars against nearly every foe of the Imperium, he was moved to another unit. The Penal legion was a far cry from the Mordian ways of order and disipline. Grit's uncomprimising ways hit Blax's rats like a ton of bricks.
Even those unruly scum found themselves battered into line. At the campaign's victorious end, the Tau were wiped out, the etheral captured, and a number of soldiers received pardons and were transfered to new units. Most of them went of to distinguished careers and much honor. walking once again in the light of the Emperor.

A few though, could not stay out of trouble. Grit, in charge of a large, poorly equipped, penal outfit, tracked down these unfourtunate few, handpicking them for the legion's next war. The pre-emptive strike on the tau colony world went off as planned, with the forseen massive casualties. The Tau fleet was decimated as planned, and the legion lead the way in capturing the capitol city, despite several boarding attempts by the tau on their landing barge. Against all odds, a few of Grit's handpicked convicts survived.
In the wake of this war, Grit spent a five year tenure with a regiment of
Ultramar PDF, happy to serve with such distinguished soldiery.

This was not to last, though. A Penal regiment requested the long and terrible arm of the law, by name. Grit dutifuly agreed, and as was asigned to the Scumdogs.

Commisar Raphael 'Grit' Meridius.
Age: 43 terran years
Stands at 6',sturdy build. Military short black hair. Eyes are stone grey.
A jagged scar corsses his face from hailine to chin, across his right eye, where an orc hit him with a choppa. The eye itself is a white orb.
Grit wears the standard commisar's coat and black uniform no matter where he goes, regardless of local conditions. His bolt pistol hangs conspicuously from a half holster, a very visible reminder of his authority.

Personality- Those who know him fear or respect him, sometimes both.
Men like the mordians respect his good record and undeniable courage.
But penal scum quickly learn to fear his ever present gaze.

Wargear- Power fist, bolt pistol, trademark item(his very presence), Medalion crimson(awarded for courage during his tour with the mordians, for great bravery in the face of an ork attack, when he continued to fight fanaticly after an ork hit him in the face with a choppa), and Honorifica Ultima Damocles(awarded for the sucess of the tau colony war).

New Cult King
19-01-2006, 05:29
Is this a newly put together Penal Legion, or have we been together for some time?

19-01-2006, 05:43
Half and half. The main Balsac's Scumdogs have been together for about 6 months. We pick up new recruits all the time to replenish the ranks.

New Cult King
19-01-2006, 06:05
So is it up to us if we're newbies or vets of the Legion?

19-01-2006, 06:14
Pretty much.

New Cult King
19-01-2006, 06:32
Well, it seems like Altan and his little girlfriend Bomber Betsy have been in the Legion together for awhile.

I'm opting for a recent assignation. I'll be a n00b.

19-01-2006, 06:58
I'd have said that she was a recent recruit, being just a juve and all.

19-01-2006, 10:07
Ok, due to not having the net at my parents abode, it'll take me a few days to get back to this and get a character sorted out.....but you can pencil me in for the flamer operator....or if you're feeling generous you could give me a melta.

But basically I'm going to try and bring back my Valhallan character coz she's the most 'rough around the edges' character I've created. And she's just a grunt whereas the others aren't so footslogger.

So pencil me in for being part of this....but I can't definitely promise anything yet. Work, parents, family and painting up a whole army of 13th Co seem to be taking up a vast portion of my time....that and never been able to get near the computer long enough for anything.

19-01-2006, 10:07
We're starting late tomorrow or possibly the day after. I'm hoping for a few more characters, but don't want to delay too long before interest wanes.

If there are any late starters, they can be added in quite nicely.

Any others?

Commander X
19-01-2006, 14:21
Well, I'm still thinking of joining this, but so far I haven't managed to come up with a suitable character. The only good character on the 'bad' side I've ever written is Urgo, and by not being human he's out.

Somehow I'll get me a Specialist, but how and what exactly still has to be thought of.

19-01-2006, 18:45
I'll write you a character then!

"Howdy, the name's 'Smooth' James Harrison and killin folk's is the game.

I was makin myself a fine livin huntin down scrotes what got loose for the arbites til some gorram fool gets in ma way. Well, the dumb kid got no face left and has to eat through a straw. Or so Buke Lardwell, his supreme guildership tells me before his boys rough me up some. Next thing I'm fightin the gorram Orks, but at least they prettier than ole Lardwell.

I been in this stinkin war since the start. I was there when Balzak gone and got himself lookin' mighty hideous. When he got word that I'd dragged his good for nothin' rotten **** back to the lines, he knocks near enough give me the ticket I never wasted the time to dream of. Lucky for me he never known I was foragin for his hip flask.

Once this tour is over, I'm out of here. Then it's sweet roses and none of this **** gonna matter. Maybe I go open a little place and settle down somewhere? I'm feelin old and my killin days should be over. Find myself a good woman perhaps? Yeah that'd be mighty fine.

They say no one gets out of the Scum Dogs, not all together anyways. No one but that sack of meat Altan. Mebbe he jus got lucky? He ain't that smart after all.

Last tour, he lost a fine autogun to me in a game of cards. I don't think he quite got over it. Too bad for him if he couldn't see up my sleeves. If he gimme trouble, perhaps I should throw a knife in his throat when it gets dark - all quiet and 'smooth' like?
No, no, keep it together man! Just one more and out. One more and out..."

Appearance: Smooth James is 5.11ft tall and of medium build, but for his brawny arms, which are covered in scars and skull tattoos. He is also remarkably clean shaven.

Short cropped dirty blonde hair, slightly spiked. Milky blue, vacant eyes and not bad looking for a man in his early 50s. In addition to his uniform he has additional holsters for his weapons, as well as a short range scanner and wears a flak jacket.

Personality: Best described a low down, dirty sonofabitch. But he's happy to stand his ground and lay down a 'suppressing fire' with his 2 autoguns.
Regardless, he's out to survive. The dream of freedom is within his grasp and he will gladly sacrifice anyone to make it out of this alive.

Equipment: 2 autoguns. Smooth James is strong enough to fire both at the same time, one under each arm. 2 autopistols, He is dextrous enough to fire both simultaneously. A shotgun with solid shells (for close encounters) and a small throwing knife.

Hate Train
20-01-2006, 07:46
Dude, I'm so getting in on this.

Christopher Imentha
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 138 Pounds (Metric-system, I defy you!!!)
Physical Description: Grey eyes. Brown hair, combed to one side. Grizzled, long face. Physically fit. Tattoo of 2-headed Bear on left forearm.

Personal History
Christopher was born on the planet of Aerios in a major hive on-planet. His parents were nobels and attempted to give Christopher the best life they could. All throughout his childhood Christopher was marked by a streak of violence, when he was 12 he beat another student at his school into critical state and had repeated quarrels with his teachers and other students. Eventually he was moved to a correctional facility when he was 15, where he endured imperial punishment. Released when he was 18, Christopher was suspected to be involved in a shootout, but wasn't ever convicted.
Christopher enlisted in the Imperial Guard when he was 19. After performing a tour of duty in which he combatted Tyranids, Orks, and a Cult presence, Christopher was moved back to his homeworld where he was given garrison duty. Four years from the time when he first enlisted Christopher was once again on the back burner. For another six years he remained unnoticed, but at the end of the sixth a rash of violent killings broke out. Six bodies were confirmed, more persons were missing. For a full two years the reign of terror continued, until finally evidence was amassed that implicated Christopher, but didn't fully prove him guilty. Under pressure by the public, the Arbites arrested Christopher, but given the fact that they had insufficient evidence they spared him execution and instead Christopher was shipped to the penal colony where he has been serving for three years before the strike of the WAAAAGH! Ashnak.

Attitude: Always expects the worst in people and resents garrison duty, which he percieves as a slap in the face from the Administratum. Is quick to anger when pressured, the rest of the time he's unusually introverted.

Personality: Christopher is often described by his commanders as suicidal, if not mentally unstable. The man is given naturally to violence and enjoys close combat above all other forms of combat. Those who know him will sometimes refer to him as "Psycho", though generally not to his face. It's rumored that he'll eat his enemy's hearts, though such rumors generally prove to be false.

Relationship to other members: Christopher is generally shunned by the other soldiers who find his brooding company too much to handle. He's not entirely sure what to think about "Bomber Betsy", but he does feel a certain affinity for her. Christopher dislikes Valen Rubik, though most appreciate him for his wicked cynicism, Christopher does not. Commissar Grit has earned Christopher's respect, but no love is lost between them.

*-Autogun and ammunition (To be explained)
-4 Frag grenades
-Binox (binoculars)
-Two Canteens
-Solar Screen (porta-shelter, a 1 man lean-too)*
-"Choppah" (Actually more of a Scimitar, gotta' hand it to the Orkz though, they know their close combat weapons.)

20-01-2006, 08:04

The Roleplay thread is up. Any and all people who still want to join after this point are welcomed heartily, as we have many unnamed people in our formation that you can just be stuck in.

20-01-2006, 14:07
im in, ill post more later

Commander X
20-01-2006, 19:38
I'll have to thank you for this Darkseer, the only thing I don't completely get is what I/James actually did wrong. I beat up some fancy sob that happend to be the son of someone important? It isn't really important right now, but it might be useful to fully understand why I'm there for future reference ;)

20-01-2006, 20:50
Name: Lance Luca
Age: 21 Years Old
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Appearance: Lance is thin and large muscles stretch throughout his skin. His eyes are a unnaturally bright blue, Ash blonde hair reaches his shoulders and is pushed back from his eyes buy his goggles perfect from shielding eyes from bright flames. Tattoos of flames sprout from the neck spiral down to his hands and back.
Equipment: Flamer, Auto pistol and Hand flamer, Goggles, Vox-unit, Combat Knife, Binox (binoculars), Two Canteens, Solar Screen.
Personality: Lance Luca is a cool headed character, he shows respect when it is required but is not afraid of voicing his opinion and most of the time it involves sarcasm. He onced wished to be one of the great heros of legend and was just waiting for a time to prove his worth. But now maybe he seeks redemption in battle
Background: Ask Him (when i think of somthing original I will write it up)

OOC: Got somone written finally, its not very detailed but I will update it as we progress and you lern more about him

20-01-2006, 21:36
I'll have to thank you for this Darkseer, the only thing I don't completely get is what I/James actually did wrong. I beat up some fancy sob that happend to be the son of someone important? It isn't really important right now, but it might be useful to fully understand why I'm there for future reference ;)

Someone with important links to the guilders got in your line of fire.
It wasn't your fault they got killed, but the blame was firmly pinned on you and congratulations, you're in the penal legion.

But as fickle fate would have it, you have the chance to get out alive and back to civilisation and reclaim what was unfairly taken from you.

20-01-2006, 23:00
Name: Ben Eisendarth
Height; 6'6"
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Apperance:he is very muscular and he is in a Pilot Jump suit. He carrys his auto pistol on a chest holster. He has a standard regulation Mustache. His head is shaved head and has an Aqulla electoo on his scalp
Background: Ask him.
Gear: Auto pistol, Rebrether, And all the standard gear

20-01-2006, 23:03
Name: Ben Eisendarth
Height; 6'6"
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Apperance:he is very muscular and he is in a tanker suit. He carrys his auto pistol on a chest holster. He has a standard regulation Mustache. His head is shaved head and has an Aqulla electoo on his scalp and the Mecanicus electoo on his entire back
Background: Ask him.
Gear: Auto pistol, Rebrether, And all the standard gear

20-01-2006, 23:19
Emp, you're in the Penal Legions - you wear the uniform they give you, or they blow your head off! So your Pilot Jump suit might be a problem.

Just thought I'd get in there before anyone else....


Hate Train
20-01-2006, 23:41
And indeed you have, well done comrade. Now let's get a drink!

21-01-2006, 00:49
And indeed you have, well done comrade. Now let's get a drink!

Ok, as long as you're buying!

(I'll stop spamming the thread now, promise)


21-01-2006, 11:54
- Bray
-30 standard Terran years
- 6'6
- 15 stone 13
- No hair. A face mask that covers half his face and search goggles covering his eyes.
- Standard Legionnaire uniform with the right arm of the shirt ripped off.
----Assault shotgun with hotshot and Man stopper shells. This is holstered across his back. With bandoleers of shotgun rounds rapped around him.
----Autopistol sidearm attached to his belt
----Terran metal Baseball bat. With the name "Blunt" scratched onto it. Attacked to his belt like an Arbit's Power maul.

I was just a humble bounty hunter.
Life was fun, running around making cred, shooting scum.
I was often seen to be in the local taverns drinking and stuffing my face. Life was good.

Then the Arbits had this huge award for this local scumbag who was wanted for one of the longest charge sheets I had ever seen.
I saw the cred award and got greedy and sloppy.

I chased him all over the local hive's. I final caught up with him when he jumped in to this old fire damaged building. It looked empty, I saw the guy poke his ugly little head out a window. So I throw a grenade up there into the blown out window just as he shoots "I'VE GOT HOASTAGES"!


The whole level of the building blows out on to the road where I was standing. I was pinned. The Arbits arrived and arrested me for the deaths of a mother and her baby. Think the Emperor I can't look at my real self in front of a mirror. The building materials toke away half my face. Hence the mask.

21-01-2006, 18:01
Ok...having looked over my Valhallan, her character is rather lacking for this, so I'm only keeping her name and some of her appearence....totally new background though and I'm dropping her nickname and changing it.

Here goes:

Name: Elizabeth 'Ash' Edger
Age: 34
Previous Rank: Trooper - Flamer operator.
Previous Regiment: 250th Valhallan
Appearence: Pale, green eyes, dark red hair(short but spiked like Gale from Sin City...including a bit of a floppy fringe on the right side of her face), Small, only around 5' 2 . Slim but shapely.
Crime: Arson and murder

Background: Elizabeth was born to a well off family on the ice-world of Valhallan so she was well educated and intelligent. At a young age, and not unusual for an ice-worlder she developed a fasination for fire and spend a vast portion of her time studying thermo-dynamics to try and understant this wonderous thing.
She joined the Imperial Guard at the age of 17 and was groomed for the role of an officer due to her upbringing and schooling. And she was also taught to wield a flamer via her affinity and respect for fire, which she excelled in. Earning her the squad nickname of 'Ash'

At the age of 21 she was given the rank of Sgt. But by then she was harbouring an extreme dislike for her commanding officers. During a battle, she directly disobeyed her orders and was busted down to Trooper again fast than you can say 'outright insabordination'. In truth she knew she should have been executed, but she was deemed to valuable to be removed at the time.

At 25, after becoming utterly disillusioned with life in the Imperial Guard, Elizabeth plotted the deaths of her leading officers and how she could get away with it. She did this as the more she served, the more she sort the utter incompetence of those who were in command of her.

While on a mission to Araxsis facing the Orks, Elizabeth struck.
She helped set up the temporary HQ, creating a covenient area that could be used to create a Backdraft, should she wished to use it. And use it she did.

Three of her commanding officers were charred beyond recognition and four more were badly hurt. But Elizabeth had picked the right moment to strike back at those she hated and dispised.

It took them 4 years to hunt her down, but their evidence on murder was sketchy at best. Which Elizabeth used to her advantage, placing a tiny seed of doubt in the minds of those who were prosecuting her. So she was given her sentence for arson at first. However, this was just to wrong foot her, when she was sent to the penal legion, they slapped the murder charge on her and she was given Life.

Personality: Elizabeth is an extreme sociopath with definite psychopathic tendencies.
However, she is very eloquent and clever which she uses as much as a terror tool as much as anything else.
She's an utter bitch and hates people and especially authority as she has the destinct impression that Officers are inbreed idiots and Commisars are facist dogs.
However, she has gain some respect for Lt. Balzac because the man knows what he's doing and is honest. But she has little else for anyone else.

But for all this, she still deeply believes in the Emperor and the Imperium and is utterly loyal. Going so far as to think she did her old regiment a favour with her crime as they went on to may glorious victories with their new Command, which were taken from the troops rather than the usual inherited titles.

But over all she has a 'don't mess with me' attitude about a sector big and deeply sarcastic.

Distinguishing features: Elizabeth looks very young for her age, which she uses against everyone.
A large Imperial Aquila tattooed across her back...shoulder to shoulder
A large, shiny pink burn scar running up the right side of her neck.

Equipment: Flamer
Spare promethium tanks
Autopistol and ammunition
A combat knife
A cut-throat razor hidden in her boots
And a small flask of alcohol......to act as a mini-flamer as well as a box of smokes.


22-01-2006, 23:23
Can i just ask...why are a vast amount of people writing in 1st person in their posts?

22-01-2006, 23:30
I don't know, but its a little hard for me to picture the battlefield.

If possible, could you guys go third? if not, could you put thoughts in first and actions in third? Thoughts in itallics then?

22-01-2006, 23:39
I know what you mean nid. It's not easy to follow and I'm enjoying being a utter swine, so I want to keep this up.

Hate Train
22-01-2006, 23:49
Hmm, alas. Very well, if you wish for the third.

Speaking of which, I count all 7 of the orcs who came in through the rubble dead. And I reckon there's 10 or so slugga boys plus the Nob now at the gate. What do you think?

22-01-2006, 23:58
Funny thing about orks is there's always more than you thought. I guess the boys from the buggies entered in too.

I dont know. Adressing.

23-01-2006, 00:10

They're Orks. Tey're the enemy, who cares how many of them there is...just as long as they're killed in the end and Elizabeth isn't.

But lets see how much damage Nid decided has been done to the Nob...and hopefully it won't step on Ash.

23-01-2006, 00:21
Someone else is gonna have to get that promethium. Got to learn to work as a team.


The Bombards. There are 6 about to open fire on our location. There are also 4 squads of Chelonian Hellbenders inbound in the Valkyries. They count as Stormtroopers, and are there to secure the prisoners once the fighing is over. Typical imperial response of using a sledge hammer to swat a fly.

23-01-2006, 00:27
Elizabeth has no team, Elizabeth needs no team.

No wait, that's Gondor and King...never mind.

But she'll at least need to be picked up. She's out cold and isn't going to get up until I next get on this infernal machine which should be sometime tomorrow (here in the Uk, 'tis night time)

Hate Train
23-01-2006, 01:07
Same with Imentha, but I think they'll bomb and he'll just get buried in dirt and ****. And then he'll rise up the next day, A LIVING CORPSE!! MWAHAHA...

...I mean... he'll be discovered by the paramedics. o_O Or his fellow soldiers, afterall, don't penal legions have no medics?

Grand Warlord
23-01-2006, 02:10
Sorry about the 1st person didnt know there was a preference lol will correct in the future

New Cult King
23-01-2006, 07:07
Hmmm... I prefer to type out my characters actions in the first person, but I'll do my best to detail his actions a little more. I think I started that trend :p

23-01-2006, 07:16

And let that be a lesson!

23-01-2006, 13:26
I kind of like the whole first person thing we had going. NCK started it well (hands NCK a cookie) and if the first person is written well, then it's easy to understand what's going on, so long as the character explains what it is that they're doing.

However, it would be nice if directions were given for the events happening. This would help to avoid confusion more than anything else.
For example, the gate located to the North, the ramp located to the East, the Motor Pool located to the West, the Breach in the wall located to the South. Stuff like that.

23-01-2006, 13:39
Yeah, directions would be nice, otherwise we end up with different mental images of the locations. Maybe even attach a simple sketch in this thread if Nid is feeling artistic.

Also, third person feels really weird. I'll try and stick to it though.


Tanith Ghost
23-01-2006, 13:41
I'll try and make such a sketch tonight.

23-01-2006, 14:11
It'll just be a sketch of some rubble now though, right? Cheers for that TG.


23-01-2006, 20:49
I said if you needed to, first was fine. I prefer third. I just didn't like the way, for example, Betsy was saying just like "Whee! Bang!" Whats going on there? I dont mind first if its well written.

New Cult King
23-01-2006, 22:49
*munches on cookie*

With a spray of crumbs, I thank Darkseer for the vote of confidence, and the cookie.


24-01-2006, 01:15
Hate Train.

Medic? Or do you want to die?

24-01-2006, 08:43
I'm off for the day...should reappear sometime tomorrow evening.

All I'll say is that Elizabeth isn't going to take any 'You did a good job' crap

24-01-2006, 09:05
*munches on cookie*

With a spray of crumbs, I thank Darkseer for the vote of confidence, and the cookie.


Urgh! Stop spitting crumbs in my face!

I liked the first person...ness of our entries, but I agree that sometimes stream of consciousness writing makes no sense at all.

Tanith Ghost
24-01-2006, 15:38
I'm off for the day...should reappear sometime tomorrow evening.

All I'll say is that Elizabeth isn't going to take any 'You did a good job' crap

Make sure you don't say it to the commisar's face.;)

This sketch of the base is going to be one labelled as if Grit had labeled it following the battle.

24-01-2006, 23:18
TG, did you just tell Bomber Betsy to go get supplies for the main characters, or just for herself?

It isn't very clear.

Hate Train
24-01-2006, 23:39
Take a guess. It's not like Betsy will know either way, so stay in character. She'll be confused too, maybe she'll ask for advice?

24-01-2006, 23:45
I repeat, Hate Train, are you a casualty or do you want to be saved?

Hate Train
24-01-2006, 23:46
Oh, my bad. Didn't see your earlier post.

I'd rather be saved, but if you think I should die, I'm game.

Hate Train
24-01-2006, 23:48
Speaking of which, I have an odd vision of my character with a peg leg and an implanted blade in his severed arm, given that I'd doubt he'll get real bionics. Unless somebody pulls strings in his favor, and even then, only one bionic limb at most, and a poorly made one at that.

25-01-2006, 00:04
It's not worth it for the penal legion. Would you like to go back and edit it so you have like one limb messed up? I could justify one rough field bionic, but it almost sounds like you're a torso boy right now.

Hate Train
25-01-2006, 02:29
Current status stays. I don't regret having massive disabilities, my character was damaged, he was in the shelling, it's just not likely that he wasn't seriously injured. I'll get by.

His current status though is:
Left Arm: Broken
Right Arm: Severed at the Elbow.
Left Leg: Severed two or three inches down the thigh.
Right Leg: Smashed tibia (shin bone).

Other Injuries include bruising and minor lacerations on the torso, as well as a rather large gash in his side that has injured his lung, a minor concussion, a broken jaw, temporary deafness in right ear, damage to right eye causing poor vision in that eye.

He can get by on pain killers and the like. It seems to me that his left leg and right arm would be cauterized to prevent any further bleeding. The smashed tibia will be unlikely to be treated properly, and even if it were, unlikely to heal properly. It will probably cause him pain for the rest of his life. He probably won't be fighting heavily for a long while, but when he returns, he may recieve "outside" help. Or inside, depending on what you believe.

Tanith Ghost
25-01-2006, 02:39
TG, did you just tell Bomber Betsy to go get supplies for the main characters, or just for herself?

It isn't very clear.

Everyone, with leave to take extra explosives.

26-01-2006, 01:01
Don't worry...she'll be terribly dipolmatic about it all.

26-01-2006, 06:57
I'm a little concerned that Bomber Betsy might be put in charge of a squad. A juve who enjoys lobbing grenades about the place isn't what I would call 'leader material'.

26-01-2006, 07:33
Remember, its up to me :P Darkwind, don't worry.

26-01-2006, 07:36

26-01-2006, 07:50
Sorry, confused you for another member.

26-01-2006, 11:01
Why am I starting to get the distinct feeling that to momentum of this RPG is going to burn itself out?

Things are moving WAY too fast that I'm finding it difficult to post.

Hate Train
26-01-2006, 14:39
Because we're standard troops. Penal ones at that. And penal troops don't last long. We're not exactly unexpendable.

26-01-2006, 15:10
Xhalax, I'll slow it down. I don't GM many RPGs, so I don't have much experience. I didn't want people to drop if there was a lack of posting.

That was just the intro. The next part we're being shipped to Hive Tertius to try to track down some Kommandos in the Underhive.

26-01-2006, 15:16
Thanks nid!

I am trying to keep up....but it's not easy.

26-01-2006, 18:06
I liked the pace!

It was keeping things exciting and made me come back and look at the thread regularly.

Now that we're cleaning up and being interviewed, it's getting too slow for me.

I say to keep the action, keep the pace and maybe at the end of this we'll all die gloriously for teh Emperor! :D

Tanith Ghost
26-01-2006, 18:22
Don't worry...she'll be terribly dipolmatic about it all.

For a profesional soldier, she isn't too bright.:eyebrows: Even the no-namers
are smart enough to salute a superior officer. And most soldiers realize smart mouthing a Commisar is unreasonably dangerous if not suicidal. Next time it will cost you. Disipline will be maintained.

26-01-2006, 21:56
Kill her if you wish...after all its not my fault that you jumped ahead rather than waited for a response.

26-01-2006, 22:15
I'd rather not. Insolence is not an executable offence. But, Grit can make your life hell.

You could be the pack mule. Or the one to take point. Or the one 'volunteered' for all the **** work.

I'd rather the Commisar not murder anyone out of hand without due cause. And to be cleared with the player FIRST.

And if any of you feel you don't like your character, but want to continue in the RPG, feel free to kill them off somehow, and just posess a new body! We have about 400 legionairres total, one of the good things about being a sack of meat fighting in the Emperor's name.

26-01-2006, 22:36
This is the penal legion.....could things get any worse?

After all, she's not there to be a hero.

26-01-2006, 22:38
You've been demoted to bearer of Nid's used underwear.

26-01-2006, 22:49
Fairy snuff.

Such in the life of a convict. I'd say it could be worse I could be......but I won't finish that sentence because you'll probably demote me even futher.

27-01-2006, 11:29
The game speed is fine.
I like the way it is playing out at the moment.

I'm enjoying it a lot.
Keep it coming.

Grand Warlord
27-01-2006, 14:10
Well if it goes too fast I will have to stop posting only because I do have a hectic Work/class schedule coming up ... but I am enjoying it so far.

New Cult King
27-01-2006, 14:37
You've been demoted to bearer of Nid's used underwear.

Does that include Teh Sock?

30-01-2006, 01:08
Room for one more?

30-01-2006, 05:39
Aye, Harlie. We're about to voyage to the underhive. Read the thread, you're a survivor of the artilliary strike.

30-01-2006, 16:42
One more.
I know it's not up to me.
If he is in I wouldn't mind seeing some history.

Is that cool with you?

Tanith Ghost
30-01-2006, 17:09
Room for one more?

You now have the honor of serving me.:skull:

I hope you know what kind of a tyrant the regiment Commisar is.
You will be shot at the first sign of cowardice.:evilgrin: J/K

30-01-2006, 17:53
I'm dropping out....sorry I've just got nothing to post.

30-01-2006, 20:50
This RP seems to have died on its knees.
Where's the action?

I'm cutting my loses on this one.

Expect to see a DEATHWING RP in the future, full of action and...stuff.

30-01-2006, 20:53
People wanted it slowed down. Action resuming right now, please give it just a little more time.

30-01-2006, 21:14
OOC: *sigh* ok

Grand Warlord
30-01-2006, 22:42
WoW, if you need to go fast to keep players please do that Nid Ill adept or die lol

31-01-2006, 01:48
Sorry you are joking right.
How many people have we lost?

The actions getting slower by the day.

If people have things they have to do which are important to their studies then we should all throw the towel in.
No point starting anything new other wise. They will fall too far behind.
If we do decide to throw in the towel now, we can pick up again at the end of term.
Does that sound far?

Grand Warlord
31-01-2006, 08:40
my term wont be over for 2 years atleast ... I can still post but not multiple times a day...

31-01-2006, 11:54
I'm not asking about muiltiples.
even one message a day is faster than none at all.

31-01-2006, 12:49
To hell with this, I'm gone!

Grand Warlord
31-01-2006, 13:58
So wait ... why are you so mad Darkseer?

31-01-2006, 15:18
He has gone and I total undersatnd why he has done so.

31-01-2006, 16:25
So wait ... why are you so mad Darkseer?


Tanith Ghost
31-01-2006, 18:25
By order of the commisariat, consider action restored. :evilgrin:

01-02-2006, 09:32
Oh look my head has parted from my shoulders.
I'm gone you took too long.

01-02-2006, 10:27
This RPG is still open.

Please do not try to kill it. I will continue to recruit new players as long as people want to keep going.

This is why I requested experienced roleplayers to begin with, not little kiddies with sugar induced ADD. Regulars will know that RPGs take time to develope, and are worth the effort. Good riddance, stop posting things like 'well time to end this rpg.'

It dies because of lack of interest on your half.

I'll post tomorrow after school, Grit's little plan to attract attention worked too well.

Xhalax, if you can find some way to return, I'd love that. I love your characters, I'm sure we can find something to float your boat?

Tanith Ghost
01-02-2006, 13:46
Worked too well you say?

Bring em on, I prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin around.

Ork, meet powerfist. Powerfist, Ork. *splat*:skull:

Hate Train
01-02-2006, 19:38
This is why I requested experienced roleplayers to begin with, not little kiddies with sugar induced ADD. Regulars will know that RPGs take time to develope, and are worth the effort. Good riddance, stop posting things like 'well time to end this rpg.'

God bless your sir.

02-02-2006, 01:07
Well I'm trying my best to keep up with what's happening and I've not killed her....so if theory she's there in the back ground rather than being a key player.

But I'll do my best to try and get her back if I can. But long hours and little internet aren't a good combination for RPG.

Though I'm feeling so RPG needy, you'll never know what I'll come up with. But as you know, I'm not one for just writing fighting posts. I like character development and a load of:
'Bang, shot one enemy, bang shot another.....and so on and so forth ad nauseum ' does nothing for me.

But we shall see. i like Elizabeth's character and I didn't want to squander her. But it happened. though I bet Altan could make her appear. I did like that character....and Elizabeth needs someone to verbally bash

03-02-2006, 09:24
Well I'm off for the weekend.....enjoy.

03-02-2006, 11:21
Sorry i haven't been posting Exams and projects and all that school real world stuff took my time as of late (should be working on a project right now)

can anyone tell me whats going on so that i can get caught up and start posting again?

03-02-2006, 11:30
We left Saviors Roost, went into the Underhive of Hive Tertius, and are fighting en masse with a small gang of thugs. About to move further down to an admech station.

05-02-2006, 22:27
Hate Train: I like where you're going, especially in relation to Ash. Though she's tougher than she seems so she'll give you a fair ol' fight.

Hate Train
06-02-2006, 04:26
Xhalax: Don't worry, I won't hurt her much. >=)

Any replacements I get are dependant on the generosity of the Techpriests, which I don't see as being greatly abundant.

06-02-2006, 04:29
I was thinking of them offering to repair you to full operational status, and take some liberties with the definition of fully operational. Do you wish to attempt it? Edit: It may not go down how you want, it will basically be up to my creativity. it would change you, thats for sure.

New Cult King
06-02-2006, 04:50
Well... I would go for some kind of ocular enhancement, if that's an option. Cosmetics aren't too important - Charon isn't the best looking of fellows.

Hate Train
06-02-2006, 05:16
Certainly. Operate away!

New Cult King
10-02-2006, 04:30
Um. Is the Nidster still alive? I haven't seen him on MSN for a while either... :(

Grand Warlord
10-02-2006, 04:42
He probably has personal things to take care of I wouldnt worry about it... yet.

10-02-2006, 08:58
InSANEly busy the last 2 days. I'll put up another post tomorrow when I'm not dead on my feet. I really want to keep this going!

12-02-2006, 20:55
SOrry about not posting on here in a while but could some one get me up to snuff becuase im still busy and my internet is Gay.