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06-10-2009, 13:24
I was kicking around ideas for a different VC list and came up with this one. What do you guys think? Basically, the bsb and the vamp lord both go in the wraith unit. Not much could handle that many wraiths. The stuff that could would probably destroy them completely with no trouble, though. It would be fun and throw just about anyone for a loop.

375 Lord - Level 3, Spectral Form, Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Dark Acolyte

175 Vampire - Spectral Form, BSB

190 Necromancer - Corpse Cart, Balefire, Book of Arkhan

135 Wight King - Barded Skeletal Steed, Sword of Kings, The Cadaverous Cuirass

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

215 5 Black Knights - FC, Barding, Royal Standard of Strigos

175 Vhargulf

525 10 Wraiths - Banshee

06-10-2009, 13:29
I would personally recommend moving your vampires out of the wraiths (they are scary enough as it is) and making them more conventional builds to support your ghouls and black knights. This also gives you access to more powerful magic items (helm pops into my head immediately, will combo very well with the wraiths) and vampire powers (master, ghoulkin, etc).

Wraiths don't need vampires - particularly 10 of them. What they do need though is a supporting army, and a shift of focus in the vampires will help this greatly.

06-10-2009, 13:59
I put the characters in there for the psychological effect. I play a conventional list all the time. The goal here is to throw my opponent for a loop since they're all used to seeing me run a bunkered, casty lord with the helm and a grave guard anvil. Everything else that I come up with always boils down to the same type of list.

06-10-2009, 14:38
I think I would try to work ghoul kin in somehow, maybe drop dark acolyte. Most of your stuff is really fast so getting them 8" up before the game starts would help out in keeping the army together.

Otherwise it looks like a neat idea.

06-10-2009, 14:48
Slann, Engine of the Gods, extra Skink Priest for los on spells... Your army crumbles.

Similarly, there are a few spells in individual lists that would decimate this. Treason of Tzeentch dropped on them a couple of times... Great weapons and no sv >_>

Or best of all. Slaanesh Giant- ASF, rolling Yell and Bawl.

I mean, yes... It'd be a fun list. And I'd laugh. Personally though, if you're going for inventive and cool... Take a scouting Vamp Lord with Sceptre de Noirot and a Book of Arkhan. That build is awesome :D

06-10-2009, 15:44
That unit has 20+ wounds and a larger charge range than the burning alignment 95% of the time so engine of the gods isn't THAT big of a deal. If a priest is hitting that unit with burning alignment it's going to get charged and ruined the next turn after doing 3-4 wounds (who cares?).

The magic in this list is pretty light so maybe trade out the book on the necro which is going to get dispelled every turn anyway for two scrolls to stop those nasty spells on the way across the table.

Slaanesh Giant should be pretty scared of that unit. I guess there's a 1/6 chance he will stop combat and kill A wraith but other than that it's a 1 round fight.

It's not thta much of an investment anyway since wraiths are $6 for a 50 point model which is a fantastic value.

06-10-2009, 19:15
I have a ton of wraiths lying around. I could probably run 2 units of 10 with a banshee in each if I wanted to. That might be a little much, though :D. I guess another reason why I like this list is because it gives me a chance to actually use a lot of them.

08-10-2009, 04:35
This is what I decided on. I was dead set on making my lord ethereal so I stuck with that. I did drop the ethereal BSB for Mannfred. I also split the big wraith unit into two of them.

350 Lord - Level 3, Spectral Form, Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Ghoulkin

270 Mannfred the Acolyte - Barded Nightmare, Skull Staff, (Dark Acolyte, Forbidden Lore, Walking Death, Sword of Unholy Power)

195 Necromancer - Corpse Cart, Balefire, Dispel Scroll, Black Periapt

160 Wight King - Barded Skeletal Steed, Sword of Kings, Enchanted Shield, BSB

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

152 18 Crypt Ghouls - Ghast

215 5 Black Knights - FC, Barding, Royal Standard of Strigos

275 5 Wraiths - Banshee

325 6 Wraiths - Banshee