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06-10-2009, 13:45
This is just a general all comers list ( once I choose an army I like to stick to it).

Tomb King 2k


Tomb Prince (goes with the 24 warriors)
Collar of Shapesh

Liche High Priest (Heirophant, with Casket)
Golden Ankhara
Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest (with a unit of archers)
Staff of Ravening

Liche Priest (with a unit of archers)
Heiratic jar
Dispel Scroll


16 Bowmen

16 Bowmen

24 Skeletons
Light Armour
standard and musc


3 Chariots `
standard bearer
mirage banner

5 Carrion

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion


Casket of Souls

Screaming Skull Catapult
Skulls of Foe

Total: 1999

I just wanted to ask if there are any glaring gaps, the only thing I could maybe change and not have to buy any more models is to drop the mirage banner and the standard from the chariots as well as casket of souls and have a bone giant in the first place.

I considered maybe dropping the standard/mirage anyway to free up 60 points, with that I could give the cloak of dunes to my prince and buy an extra chariot or else have 7 extra warriors in the archer regiments.

I guess the main thing I will be doing here is playing defensively, burrowing the Scorps in the middle of the field and sending the chariots in that direction hoping to do some damage, and all the while using my SSC and magic to try and break the enemy before they reach my lines...

06-10-2009, 14:42
Well, you definitely don't want your Hierophant to be by himself on the casket, especially when he costs a 1/4 of your army.
You'd better give him the cloak of the dunes and hide him somewhere else. Just get some random priest on the casket instead.

The 3 chariots will not do much by themselves, and their standard just make them 50% more expensive. I would say that putting the Prince on a chariot and have him join the unit would make them more useful. As for the standard, the raising banner or the Sacred eye might work better ( unless you expect to face a lot of canons/shoots ) Or just drop the standard.
Either way you should make them cheaper or heavier.

I think you lack a hammer unit. As once your opponent will reach your lines, you will not be able to win a fight.

The Casket will not do much against most armies, and the 2/3 dispel dices that your opponent will keep to dispel Light of Death will not do much since most of your High Liche Priest spells will go through anyway.. ( put the jar on him by the way). I think you'd better go for a 2nd catapult or maybe Ushabti ( or the bone giant ).

06-10-2009, 23:49
nooooooooooo!!! never put your hirophant on the casket!! with the casket you want most of the enemy to see it, for light of death. just remember that also means they can see you! :S if i was facing this list every bit of magic and shooting will be directed at the casket intill the hirophant is dead! i will throw as many units as i can at it too! and even though i might lose a few units, it would be a great inveestment just to kill the hirophant. also, its a wast having 3D6 x2 spells stuck in one spot!! my typical high priest looks like this:-
high priest
*cloak of the dunes
*hieratic jar
*dispell scroll
*dispell scroll

that 20 inch move will save his ass many times and will always be worth that 20pts! plus you get to move to where you NEED to cast etc. i put the scrolls on the high priest as he has space, also so the other two priests will have the staff of sorcery and staff of ravening, both on steeds!
your prince should be in the chariot unit, chariot of fire and a flail! dont bother with armour save, if hes held up in combat he will crumble and die, regaurdless of your save! :P

also, the casket isnt realy that great! avarage LD is 7, avarage lord is 9 or 10. your avarge roll on 2D6 is 7, plus two = 9. the only units that might be effected is the units on the enemy flanks thats too far away from the general!! but this is avarage rolling, my rolling however is an avarage of 4 on 2D6!!! lol :P

also change you 2x 16 archers to 3x units of 10. consider changing the warriors for tomb gaurd. two units of three chariots and NO upgrades and just the one scorpion!! personally i love to take two scorpions and a unit of 3 carrian!! but i usually take a king, so its possible! :P

hope this helps a little! :)