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18-01-2006, 16:59
It has everything came from the new army book. I have been surprised of how many ppl say that things haven't changed too much. For me quite a lot.
I will expose my plan with some graphics first:



As easy as that.
As the new list came, I began to plan some battles with deathslayers and miners. Holding opponent in the flank and breaking him on the back by miners. I planned to slow my opponent with gyro and go towards him. And I have finished myself making the shootiest army in dwarf's world.
In my opinion, the easiest and fastest way to ease our lack of movement was shooting. But now we have the most powerful army when referred to shooting.
Let me explain:
What if i tell u, that only for 60 points I give a unit that hits with st6 in 3+ at 60 cm, it has 3 members WH4 R4 and a champion included?. And what's more: THEY ARE STUBBORN!!
and what if for 25 points more they destroy chariots.

My usual flank deployment is the following:


BT S7 BT S6 BT S6 10 Quarrellers with shield And Organ Gun

Organ Gun is the best psychology weapon that dwarfs have: It produces terror to the enemy anything he puts to face it. Roll a 4" on impacts hit, be agressive and reroll a 8": look at ur rival's face, telling him to boar riders to resist ;)

And in the center place what follows


OGun 20 warriors 20 longbeards 20 warriors OGun

Warriorns and longbears with full command, heavy armor and shield.
Place one runesmith with two spellbreaker runes rune of stone
Place one thane with 5 at of S5 and shield and rune of stone
Place on thane with Master Rune of Deception and the oath stone.
And the great and more powerful finish: Put on longbeards the rune of grungni!!! 5+ ward save agains projectiles to 60 dwarfs!!!

The plan is easy to follow. Shot ur enemy until he decides to attack u on the center. Then charge him. Win combats because u'll have more dwarves than ur rivals.
If he decides to go to flanks. Stuborness will bring u victory. For 60 points we have too many units stubborn.
24" in organ gun will allow u to shoot anything that threats ur infantry.
And u have two chariots breakers more!! I calculated the chance of destrying a chariot and its 75% peer turn in short distance!! (see other posts)

What do other generals think???

19-01-2006, 10:55
I have to reply my post cause reading through forums i have noticed that rune of grugni can't be assigned to longbeards. i'll post the mend in brief and say how sorry i feel to two mates i won in that way xD

19-01-2006, 19:20
Some comments to your army (and post)...

1. Your post is very hard to read and understand, even if english is not your main language, try to use commas and dots (...) to make your paragraphs clearer and easier to read :)

2. Your army is very vulnerable, the Bolt Throwers are reliable warmachines but not guaranteed to kill much unless you get flank shots or concentrate your shooting on one unit at a time...either way, they will be easy prey to tunnellers (Tomb Scorpion & Gutter Runners). The Organ Guns, are not so reliable, and all your warmachines may be stubborn, but once they get charged the crew will still die, and if they dont, they wont be able to shoot their warmachine when in combat...making them useless.

Advice: Get a Cannon instead of one of the Bolt Throwers. With Rune of Forging, a Valiant Rune, Enginner and a Master Enginner with Rune of Preservation entrenching it, it can guard your whole flank alone.

3. Your Warriors are good strong troops but they, as well as the longbeards, are not immune to fear and terror, and against deamon or undead armies they can easily be broken by being sorroundedor charged by raised units

Advice: Get the Rune of Courage and Rune of Determination for the Longbeards and get and Anvil of Doom if you are playing gunline army...it is a total must!


20-01-2006, 07:52
Finalle sbdy to my post!!! Wellcome xD
I've got a question on BT, do u think after revision that u have to concentrate too much?. We got HP 4. I have tested them and they are a pain in ass to many ppl.
Too many dwarfs have suggested me to use the anvil. Maybe it is time to.xD
I am at work now, and dont have the codex here. Could u explain me the combo of the cannon? and master rune of preservation??, ty in advance.

I have read the book in english and spanish and nowhere says that master rune of grugni can only be on the BSB, can longbeards ring it to battle?

20-01-2006, 09:40
I beleive If I remember correctly I heard some peeps talking about this earlier... NOw dont quote me cause i may be wrong but i think any unit that can take a magic standard to battle can take it. I am not sure if it is the same thing those other dwarfies were talking about but I think it is.

20-01-2006, 10:05
Lets hope we can.
I have been trying to redo my army in a Flank covered army by projectiles, combined with less stronger center and a flank that can hold charges like hammerers or slayers but i've got some problems when counting all the points: I usually need 2300 pts in an army of 2000. Any armies like that that can be posted?

The main problem I've got relies that the 60 dwarves center close to inmunes to panic, and 5+ ward save to prejectiles has given me two battles I've played, so it will be really difficult to change my mind (as a good dwarf I am)

I would like other generals. not only to write down their all terrain dwarf army. I would like them to write down their generel battle plan.
Ty guys.

20-01-2006, 15:55
it says derectly under "runic banners" collum that master rune banners is onely carryed on battle standards...

20-01-2006, 16:22
plan to rubbish