View Full Version : Stormvermin / rat ogre list?

Chaos Warlord
08-10-2009, 22:11
i am fairly intrested (now that mainstay is officially gone) to make a "tough" skaven army with a bit more bite into it:D

so i was thinking about putting stormvermin as core
make a fighty warlord (i usually tend to go towards +2str 3+armor 4+ward)
and some nice rat ogre powerhouses to back me up ;)
and perhaps plague monks to dish out additional attacks

after all, ive always wanted an all out fighty army of the biggest badest fightiest meanest black stormvermin there is.

just kicking ass and chewing man-things all day :chrome:

but how usable is this really? i can never match up the combat resolution of separate blocks of cheap clanrats, but the higher WS & halberds makes up for this somewhat.

well, what do you think, would this work, or am i going the wrong way?
i have tried stormvermin lists in friendly games with the current rules without any apparent succes, but who knows, that last point withdraw from the stormvermin might just be what ive been looking for :angel:

08-10-2009, 22:41
You may want to wait to ask this for a few more weeks until more people have gotten to see the actual book. Right now you're asking us to speculate based on hearsay and speculation :p