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Mr. Shadowsun
19-01-2006, 02:42
i posted a cult of slaanesh army a while back, but it seems to have vanished. however i took the advice given to be to heart and have refined it.

druchii annionted, sorceror, great weapon, steed of slaanesh, quickening blood, heart stone of darkness

sorceror, lv.2, mark of slaanesh, darkstar cloak, tome of furion

noble, battle standard, cold one, chaos armour, hydra banner, mark of slaanesh

10 warriors with repeater crossbows, mark of slaanesh

20 devoted, musician, standard, mistress with speed of slaanesh

12 daemonettes

6 cold one knights, musician, dread knight, mark of slaanesh

5 mounted daemonettes

2 reaper bolt throwers.

1995 pts.

fairly big for elves, solid fire base, strong flankers and powerful charge of fear and many high strength attacks. seems good to me, no army is flawless, and i aint exactly the best strategist in th world, so ince more some help is needed.

19-01-2006, 04:59
you have 5 points left, why not add a mark of slaanesh for one of the rbt?

And the sorceror is illegal: he has 2 arcane items. I suggest dropping the tome. With the extra 15 points you can give shields to the warriors (for extra defense vs shooting, fliers, skirmishers) and make the other reaper slaanesh.

The annointed is pretty good, although the annointed save will be good enough against most attacks (unless you play dwarves alot, then keep it). Since I never play vs dwarves I would instead go for the wand of kharaidon.

Mr. Shadowsun
19-01-2006, 14:05
yeah dumbass here didn't bother payin attention when he did the sorceress. may drop cloak for seal of ghrond, as +1 to cast should cover the extra dice only she gets, and the extra dispel would be useful. mark of slaanesh is 20pts also, and don't think bolt thrower can have it. in my experience, a 4+ garunteed ward save is way better than a 5+ semi ward save, not that i plan on getting myself hit. thanks for pointing that little mistake out for me though.

19-01-2006, 15:14
The costs of marks varies fgrom unit to unit in a cult army. If memory serves it costs 5 points to mark an RBT

Mr. Shadowsun
19-01-2006, 23:20
your right it does well spotted. with the reduction due to too many arcane items i should get it on both. no panic for me:D