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Dark Skaven
09-10-2009, 20:42
Hey guys, im gonna start with skaven, gonna buy 8 packs of clan rats. should i have 8 regiments on 20, or 4 regiments on 40? well, im also gonna buy 1 pack of stormvermins :D tell me if i should buy other things instead of the 8 packs of clanrats :S well answer so fast as u can!

10-10-2009, 13:39
Well with skaven you need a horde. 2 units of 40 is very unweildy and in my small experience units of 20 is to small to keep thier rank bounus. So do you plan on taking some slaves? I reccomend it as they are just about the most useful troops in the game. So a nice list might look like

30 Clanrats w/ FC

30 Clanrats w/FC

20 Slaves

20 Stormvermin w/FC

I also love Plague Monks, Ratling Guns and night runners. But Night runners won't be skirmishers next edition so it may limit their usefulness. Giant rats are good as is just about all Skryre stuff. Hope this helps a little.