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Lord Dan
09-10-2009, 20:55
Okay, so here's one for the number crunchers. Which warshrine is less susceptible to shooting?

Nurgle: Enemies are at -1 BS when shooting, T6, W4, 4+armor, 4+ ward

Tzeentch: T6, W4, 4+ armor, 3+ ward

Obviously things that don't roll to hit (cannons, for instance) would be better against the Nurgle shrine. I'm curious, however, how they fair against the stuff that DOES roll to hit. So here's the setup:

6 turns of shooting (not terribly realistic, but this is a test after all). 3 of those turns are at long range, 3 are at close range.

How does each fair against:

-2 Elven bolt throwers (both with and without multishot?)
-25 empire handgunners
-6 goblin bolt throwers
-10 Skaven jezzails
-Anything else you think would have a fair chance of damaging it.

Any help would be appreciated!

09-10-2009, 21:12

Elf Bolt Throwers:

Multi Shot: 2.33 Wounds vs Tzeentch // 2.5 vs Nurgle
Single Shot: .58 x D3 Wounds vs Tzeentch // .525 x D3 vs Nurgle

24 Handgunners:

3.33 Wounds vs Tzeentch
3 Wounds vs Nurgle

6 Goblin Bolt Throwers:

.41666' x D3 Wounds vs Tzeentch
.375 x D3 Wounds vs Nurgle

10 Jezzails:

1.3 vs Tzeentch
1.2 vs Nurgle

I would give it the Mark of Slaanesh. ;)

09-10-2009, 23:24
Slaanesh > tzeentch > unmarked > nurgle > khorne.

Shooting a warshrine is not worth the effort, unless you don't have any other targets. Just charge and overrun it.

13-10-2009, 16:48
Sure that the best is to charge it!!!

And Slaaneshh is also the best mark for it. Followed for tzeentch!

13-10-2009, 18:03
6 Goblin Bolt Throwers:

.41666' x D3 Wounds vs Tzeentch
.375 x D3 Wounds vs Nurgle
I'm just doing it in my head, but think you are a bit off.

Unmarked Shrine
With 18 shots at long range (what kind of strange test is this anyway?), an average of 6 will hit and at short range an average of 9 will hit, so 15 hits in total. On average, half wound and half are saved by the ward, giving you an average of 3.75 wounds before multiplication.
The Tzeentchian one takes 67% of that (2.5) and the Nurgle one 60% of that (2.25).
Then that is on average doubled due to the D3.