View Full Version : Bloodbath for fun.

10-10-2009, 19:30
I had a great idea for a cool game involving Black Templars and Orks (simply because they are about par in close combat ability.) Or two of the same army facing eachother.

Well the basic thing is that we each get 1,500 points of models, without any tanks.

And each turn we roll a 2D6 to see how far the warp pulls us together, after we are within a 12" circle in the board, models no longer use the coherency rule and scatter within the circle. If they scatter outside of it they die. Being pulled by the warp counts as dangerous terrain (just to shorten the game.)

To prevent scattering out; enter a combat and consolidation rolls are taken normally.

Inside the circle, leadership is reduced to 0. If you are forced to run outside of it, you die. For each combat a model wins the leadership goes up by 4, to a maximum of 10. Lost combats reduce your leadership by 2, to a maximum of 0.

If the game gets to turn 6, pieplates are put at the exact center of the circle and scatter 2D6.
At turn 7, in addition to the pieplate, each model suffers a STR 2 hit.
If it somehow drags onto turn 8, pieplates become instant death to everyone and everything.
In the unlikely event that it goes above turn 8, I will shake the table and every model that falls is considered dead.


Another fun one could be that the player has 15 minutes to make a turn. That would really make you need to think about your game, and think quickly.

Amareo Davion
10-10-2009, 19:44
Those are great ideas and I might use the first idea in a game.