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James S
10-10-2009, 22:15
Hello everyone! After spending the last year trying my hand at Fantasy (self teaching both myself and my girlfriend to play - basic rules mainly), I was wondering if 40K might be a more of what we are looking for.

We both very much enjoy the modeling and painting aspect, however, we would both really like to be able to play the tabletop game. I looked around and stumbled onto the Assault on Black Reach Set. Neither of us really care for the armies involved, but would it be a good investment for us to actually be able to learn and play the game? Is there a massive learning curve for 40K? Or is it easy enough for a simpleton like me to get the hang of?

I'd really like for us to be able to do more with our armies than just paint them. Any help or information would be a great help for both of us. Thank you.

10-10-2009, 22:47
40k is more straightforward to learn imo the basic rules will take about a day to settle in, its good if 2 of you are learning at the same time as you can both practice together. you can make the game a lot harder to learn if you get a tad geek about the whole thing and go all math hammer (if your unsure what that is dont worry for now) but that will take some of the fun from it. if you want a real easy game to learn Lord of the rings war of the ring is damn easy and really qucik paced.
Marines are also the easiest to llearn by a mile so try and stick with them while you get to grips with everything, thats what most people do.

10-10-2009, 22:48
40k is more complex than Fantasy. There was an attempt to simply the rules, which has backfired, if anything. It means there ar lots of little niggly bits which can catch you out very easily. If you only play each other, it's not a problem, but if you play others, it becomes more of a problem

I'd look at either Space hulk or Lord of the Rings- if you can make it to a GW or club for an introductry game, then do so, and try them first hand. They're both much more intuitive.

10-10-2009, 22:49
-Black Reach is a good investment for getting 2 armies cheap and learning since it has if I recall correctly a basic tutorial and most importantly the rulebook
-As for learning rules, stay small and simple with infantry and work your way up with new unit types.
-If you don't like the armies from AOBR you could start by buying the battleforce of the army you want but it's more expensive since you have to buy the rulebook seperately.

If you want more help and more players to play against, you could go to your local GW or LGS

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10-10-2009, 22:56
Out of curiosity what two armies are you both interested in playing? Orks and marines are both really straight forward armies.

The rules are pretty simple. If you know how to measure and roll dice you pretty much know how to play. If anything the battle for black reach might still be worth picking up simply so you can trade away the figures you don't want, you still get dice rule book and all the templates and such you need to play the game. Plus there is a step by step tutorial of how to play a quick game with the two armies it gives you.

10-10-2009, 23:49
If you don't mind spending a little more and really don't care for the armies in the Black Reach set, then search eBay for the Black Reach rulebook (it has all the rules, just not the fluff) and buy the Battleforces for whichever armies you like. That would probably help you get the things you want rather than spending money on things you don't.

11-10-2009, 00:00
Assault on black reach is an excellent buy even if you aren't going to use the models (they can be sold later on relatively easily so that you end up getting back at least half of what you paid for the box initially.)

40k is easily enough to learn, even though there are some rule ambiguities (sp?) they are not too much of a bother when learning the game. Also if painting/modeling is a large cup of your tea I think 40k is a bit more varied (never collected fantasy) since every model can easily be modeled uniquely, both in wargear and in just extra non-rule stuffs.

Assault on black reach is perfecty to buy if you just want to test the game, you can quite easily sell the rule book and armies to get your money back (or atleast most of them).

James S
11-10-2009, 01:55
Thank you guys very much for responding. :)

Ya'll have really helped me decide on going ahead with the purchase of the Black Reach set. Giving us an idea of what we can realistically achieve out of the set helps a ton. Finding out that both the SM and Orks are both pretty straight forward also helped. Atleast those two armies will give us a good jumping off point.

As for some of the questions asked.

What actually peaked my interest in 40K was some of the new Space Wolf fluff and models. As for my better half, she is looking at the Witch Hunters. Something about female warriors...

And, about getting to a GW, the closest one is six hours away unfortunately.

All the help everyone has given me is truly appreciated. Thanks again guys!

The Orange
11-10-2009, 02:12
she is looking at the Witch Hunters. Something about female warriors...

Be forewarned that one's gonna hurt the wallet, and may be one of the more complicated armies. I wouldn't say their that hard to get but I don't know if anyone would say their straight forward.

11-10-2009, 02:33
I've made a profit sellnig Assault On Black Reach to newbies.

I buy the thing for $80 CAD.
And sell it for:
Rulebook? $10
Templates and dice? $5
Orks: $30-40
Space Marines: $50-60

I make a potential $35 profit just by taking some time every year when newbies flood in and sell the part of the black reach set that they want/need.

11-10-2009, 06:59
Note cards. I found that while learning, I would write out a note card for each unit I had on the table. Only the important stuff goes on the note card, the stats of the unit, the weapons available, and the range and str an ap of the weapon.

I also used different colored note cards for different types of units. I.E. HQ units were in pink, troops were blue, elites were yellow, heavy support was white. Made organizing them easy.

James S
11-10-2009, 19:02
That's a great idea that I will definitely give a try. :)