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19-01-2006, 06:42
This list started out with me wanting to make a napoleonic themed list, with particular referance to the Royal Navy, as I am increasingly a massive Hornblower fan, having bought the DVD series.

In order to make such a list, it would need guns and Cannon, Which meant Empire. However, I din't want just another Nuln Artillery train. Very Shooty lists are very boring to play.

Which let another option: DOW. In particular, the duellists armed with pistols were perfect for the role and theme of Royal Navy Boarding and landing parties. Plus, the smaller cannons in the rare section are ideal for ships cannon brought ashore.

So without further ado...

Captain Pellew (Mercenary General)
Sword of Might, Enchanted sheild,
Heavy Armour, pistol, 136

Leiutenant Hornblower (Paymaster)
Heavy Armour, Hand weapon, sheild, Brace of Pistols 75

The Duchess of Rochester (hireling wizard)
level 2, Powerstone and Dispell Scroll 145

Mariette of Brettonia (hireling wizard)
level 2, Powerstone and Dispell Scroll 145

7 Duellists with handweapon and Pistol 63

10 Duellists with handweapon and Pistol 90

10 Duellists with handweapon and Pistol 90

10 Duellists with handweapon and Pistol 90

10 Duellists with handweapon and Pistol 90

4 Ogre Maneaters, 3 with braces of Pistols, one with Estalian Great Sabre (Cathayan Longsword) All with Heavy Armour 360

3 Ogre Maneaters, 2 with braces of Pistols, one with Estalian Great Sabre (Cathayan Longsword) All with Heavy Armour 270

3 Ogre Maneaters, 2 with braces of Pistols, one with Estalian Great Sabre (Cathayan Longsword) All with Heavy Armour 270

Ship's Cannon 85

Ship's Cannon 85

I'm not sure whether or not that's tourney legal.

Nevertheless, the lack of magical items/worthwhile heroes is made up for by a decent theme and terrifying beardiness. It would probably be interesting to play... I think... It would be more interesting than a Nuln artillery train anyway, and is likely to be about the same competitiveness.


Captain Ardias
19-01-2006, 07:34
I'm not so familiar with the DOW list, but I think the idea of your theme is great:).

19-01-2006, 12:29
Why thank you Cap'n Ardias.

The reason its a tad beardy is that it uses Ogres - Maneaters that can be taken as part of the DoW as a special Choice.

But in the OK list itself, Maneaters are a Rare choice, and with good reason - you're looking at S5 T4 3W Ogres that cause fear are immune to psychology apart from the fact they are Stubborn Ld 8 and can carry braces of Pistols! Or non magical biting blades! Plus the paymaster, although being a substandard character in stats, counts as a cheap BSB!

Yet maneaters are one of the few units that fits into the theme, and they even Look right, with the coats and hats and pistols. The Royal Navy Dockyards does have some rather brutish louts rigging the sail, handy in a fight they are, and loyal to the death...

19-01-2006, 18:03
well 1 unit of maneaters are 2 rare choises in a dow army... so i bet you that this army is illegal... not just in turneys...

Cpt. Drill
19-01-2006, 19:13
If you want to pull of the theme well... I would model the Ogres as like 3-4 regular men on a base.... maybe two at the front with weapons and 2 guys behind them with rifles...

This is a very beardy list!

19-01-2006, 20:26
The theme is too good not to do it! Unfortunately your maneater units do push the boat out a bit...and you need the two rare slot's for the cannon

Normal ogres are only special choices so you could have 3 units of those instead, they'd look pretty good with a bit of converting. Alternatively you could use Ogre Leadbelcher units as a special choice - toting cannons firing grapeshot!Extra points could go toward a unit of pikemen, giving you a sronger centre for your skirmishers to screen.

You could also have Long Drong and his pirate slayer dwarves as a special choice replacing one of the ogre units the figures certainly look the part.

19-01-2006, 22:48
The way I read the Ogre entry:

Maneaters may be taken AS dogs of war. They use up 2 rare choices.

BUT on page 67
Any Ogre unit listed as Dogs of war may be taken AN A DOGS OF WAR LIST as a Special Choice.

And if I do stand corrected, the Leadbelchers are certainly worth considering.

I would love to take the slayer pirates, but I'm trying to steer clear of special characters...

So it should be pure legality.

20-01-2006, 03:14
well 1 unit of maneaters are 2 rare choises in a dow army... so i bet you that this army is illegal... not just in turneys...

No, this list is perfectly legal.

Anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, that is hireable as a mercenary from the Ogre Kingdoms army book for other armies to use counts as A SINGLE SPECIAL CHOICE when taken in a pure DOGS OF WAR army.

It makes perfect sense by the way that Maneaters would be more prevalent in Dogs of War armies than normal Ogre Kingdoms armies, since the Maneaters are usually out traveling the world as mercenaries rather than fighting with their own kind.

20-01-2006, 08:41
In that case, well, you can screen your expensive maneater units with your skirmishers and they might get a few hits on the charge, but they won't cancel rank bonuses so you'll have to rely on a timely combined charge with the ogres to win combat. As such you might find the list a bit repetitive to play with after a while.

The Maneaters are good but I think the pistols are a waste spread through the units as you'll be unlikely to get line of sight through the skirmish screen.
Likewise it might give your cannon problems so you might want to have a few less skirmishers - you really need to play this out - size of the board and amount of solid terrain will play a big part.

I don't think you have enough ogre's to soak up damage and would advise a A single unit of Maneaters with longswords, and then maybe one big unit of normal ogres and some leadbelchers (which would work well with the skirmishers) for a more balanced list, but then who wants balance with pirates?

20-01-2006, 13:37
How do ogres fit into the Hornblower theme at all?

Granted, i haven't seen the series that much, but i'm quite sure that no such creatures exist in the Hornblower universe, as it's in fact supposed to represent real-life history.

20-01-2006, 16:50
A human army might be much more realworld, but i'm fairly sure the Royal Navy hasn't taken on 2000pts of elven cavalry at any point during it's history either...:p It's just a theme, you know like, for fun?

In a fantasy setting I think ogres would be well suited, lugging heavy stuff like cannons about, repelling boarders etc. A study of the remains of some the Royal Navy sailors at Trafalgar showed them to be (due to diet and circumstances of employment) generally short, bowlegged (due to Ricketts) extremely broad in the shoulders with imensely strong arms. I guess some of the Dwarf figures might not be far out.

21-01-2006, 04:00
Dwarfs eh? I had considered it...

The other reason for Maneaters in a hornblower lists is that if you're taking DoW with guns, but no cavalry and no non blackpowder units, ogres are just about the only way of making a viable list.

What if I swap out 1 or 2 duellist units plus some of the Maneatrers and replace with as large as possible Leadbelcher units?

Shooty ogre armylist... what'll they think of next?

22-01-2006, 17:56
well leadbelchers are max 5 per unit, (275pts) so you could swap them directly for the maneaters but I wouldn't hope to base yr army on them - 12" range only but at least you can move and fire without penalty....