View Full Version : New gaming Club in South West UK

11-10-2009, 15:22
We are opening a new gaming club in North Corwall.
Its called Beast and Bionics.
We meet every other Wednesday at the Poldark Inn in Delabole, North Cornwall.
For more information, Or even just for a look check out our new shiny club forum.
If you arnt in the area but know someone that is then It would be great if you could pass this info on.


Hope to see some of you there sometime.

(also hope this is the right place to put it, if not can it be moved please?)

Amareo Davion
11-10-2009, 15:31
Great to hear about your new club but this isn't the right place to put it.

11-10-2009, 15:32
Where should it go?
And could someone please move it there?