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11-10-2009, 18:06
Most of us probably make online orders from shops. Two years ago i ordered and paid for a RPG book from a company called RPGShop.com.

They never sent me the book, after me complaining for a few months they basically said "unlucky mate" so i lost my money.

Just got an email from them today trying to sell me new products they have :) How stupid do they think i am :p

Anyone else been ripped off by online shopping?

11-10-2009, 18:11
Well, unfortunately there's another thread in Other GW that i'm sure you have seen... I haven't had a problem myself, but after seeing a few issues that others have had I really think it pays to find as much info out about the shop beforehand, and if i doubt, stick to a well known, reputable seller (even if it costs a little more).

11-10-2009, 18:18
there's another thread in Other GW .

ok, i missed that. I'll read that one :) thanks

Kroot Lord
11-10-2009, 18:48
www.gwonline.biz charged me 11 GBP for their shipping a while back, while it should have been free. I sent a PM on WarSeer to Crippler, as well as on the order itself saying I paid for shipping while it should have been free. I forgot the matter a bit later- they didn't contact me. While going after my funds from this year I noticed I wasn't reimbursed. Sent an email, told me that I should have contacted them by email and that it was from too long ago to pay me back.

I ordered from them again a few weeks ago, it took eleven days for the items to be dispatched, and then it took another five or six for them to reach my place. In the process my order was split, and half of it they didn't have so they refunded me. Not too great service record from me, all in all.

www.bitsandkits.co.uk ripped me off by sending me a SM Terminator shoulder pad which was basically clipped in half and a wrong Tzeentch symbol. Furthermore I ordered two Chaos Power Mauls, one of which was out of stock, so when they sent me the items they said it was out of stock (fair enough, despite having been labeled in stock on the site) and they'd refund me. After about four calls and five emails, spread over a few weeks, none having been answered, I gave up.