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12-10-2009, 11:06
This is my first competitive game, high elf's were my first army and i havnt played many games with them, so any advice woulld be awesome. I will be playing orgers in 2 weeks today. thanks in advance.:)

Prince @ 266 points
barbed elven steed, dragon armour, sheild, star lance, loremasters cloak

Noble @ 124 points
great weapon. dragon armour, battle standard

mage @150 points
disple scroll, disple scroll, silver wand

mage @ 140 points
disple scroll, disple scroll

15 spearelves @ 135 points
noble joins this unit

10 archers @ 110 points
mage joins this unit

10 archers @ 110 points
mage joins this unit

15 phoenix guard @ 295 points
full command, banner of arcane protection

7 sword masters @ 105 points

7 sword masters @ 105 points

8 dragon princes @ 240 points
Prince joins this unit

repeater bolt thrower @ 100 points

repeater bolt thrower @ 100 points

total points 1980
modles in army 83
disple dice 4
power dice 4

still got 20 points to play with dut i dont know where to put it??

Dragon Prince of Caledor
12-10-2009, 16:31
Banner of arcane protection on a unit with a 4+ ward save seems kinda pointless to me. 8 Dragon Princes is probably too large. I would reduce them to six and give them full command and banner of arcane protection. Make the two seven units of swordmasters into 14. By the time combat comes you will be lucky to have ten or so left. Could give them boap or a champion and the fire amulet thing MR1. I think you should give phoenix guard Banner of sorcery. If you ever intened on casting spells the D3 extra power dice is always nice. You should give the bsb armour of caledor.
Why are you giving the prince loremaster's cloak? Those points could be better spent making him unkillable and killy. Give him star lance and vambraces of defense. Then he is tough and killy (on charge).
If you are just taking scroll caddies i think that 4 scrolls is a little excessive. If not two or so should be good and give them some stuff so that you can cast magic of your own.

Good luck :D

12-10-2009, 21:06
thanks for the advice, i have to admit it does make alot of sense what you said. how ever i am stil tosing up weather or not to swap a unit of swordmasters for a unit of white lions, what are your thoughs

12-10-2009, 21:09
If I were you I'd drop 2 scrolls and make one of the wizards a lvl 2. With 2 units of archers and 2 bolt throwers you really want the Curse of Arrow Attraction.

Furthermore take Spearmen in a block of 20. They fight in 3 ranks standard, so on the charge the fourth rank will give you 5 extra attacks (Charge = +1 attacking rank).
Think about decreasing the number of Dragon Princes or even changing them to Silver Helms so you migth include maybe a Chariot for a hard punch together with the SM.

12-10-2009, 21:22
the spearmen only get 3 attacks when being chared and get 2 when they charge as when you are chared you fight in two rakes so spear get +1 to that and when charging u fight in rank so thye get plus one for that, the mages are only there to provide magical defence.

13-10-2009, 02:46
3 core is too much, espeically when you have actually good units to spend points on. Either take 2 archer units or 2 spearmen (some advocate 2 seaguard but that's your choice).

You're only using 1 of your rare choices as you can take 2 rbt for 1 rare slot, you should probably take a 3rd rbt and a great eagle.

your noble is too squishy for a BSB, give him the armour of caledor at least.

drop either a mage or your prince (2k isn't really enough pts to take both).

other than that it looks like the makings for a solid list.

13-10-2009, 10:02
Mages in a HE force only for magical defense? Even if they are used for defense only (which in my opinion is a waste of their potential) you can do fine with 2 dispel scrolls. The the Silver Wand is not needed then either.
I think one mage, lvl 2 upgrade together with a banner of sorcery is a good alternative for two scroll caddies..

13-10-2009, 12:01
for my bsb you cant take other magic items if you take a magical banner. do i take the battle banner which i was going to on the aoc