View Full Version : Could I use a Centaur model as a Doombull???

Your Mum Rang
19-01-2006, 14:57
Hey all!

I would like a Doombull to lead my BoC army but I hate all the Minotaur models... I hate them a lot.

So could I justify using this Mordheim Centaur model as my Doombull if I mount him on the correct base?


Would you guys allow me to? I know its mainly a question of discretion.

19-01-2006, 15:21
well personally I like the idea, it would make it more interesting. Although I am not a fantasy player. And I know what you mean, all the minotaur models suck. Well all but the mordheim one, to me atleast. Although the strength that a doomboom might seem awkward on a model small. But you could say the estra legs add to that. because I know horses can kick.

19-01-2006, 15:41
Shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you tell your opponent about it.

The only problem I could see is that the Mordheim Centaur is a bit small to represent a Doombull...

Are you sure you don't want to go crazy and use something like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Sylass/Warhammer/My%20Conversions/Centigor%20Lord/CentigorLord_01.jpg) for your Centaur? ;)

Your Mum Rang
19-01-2006, 15:48
Ah interesting. How about Archaon's horse at the bottom and then one of the Chunkier Mordheim Beastmen as the top half?

Glad to know it'd be okay. I would always inform the opponent.

19-01-2006, 15:56
I fear the Mordheim Beastman torso would be way too small to fit on Archaon's horse...

-> Centigor vs. Centigor Lord size (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Sylass/Warhammer/My%20Conversions/Centigor%20Lord/CentigorLord_vs_Centigor.jpg)...it's quite big.

Your Mum Rang
19-01-2006, 15:58
Ah so it appears. Well.... if I use Archaon's base (the spiky thing) and mount the Mordheim Centaur on the larger base and make him look powerful enough it'll be okay.

After all he aint a Minotaur but a very favoured Beastlord.

26-01-2006, 09:27
Oh my God Sylass that Doombull is ******* cool! I think I might have 2 pince that idea of yourz. It rocks!