View Full Version : Non-Immune to Psych characters joining Immune to Psych units?

19-01-2006, 16:03
While planning a new list recently, I came upon the problem of a character which is not Immune to Psych wanting to join a unit which is. I seem to recall that they would not be able to do this, but have been unable to find such a passage in the BRB. Characters simply follow the psychology of any unit which they join, so I don't know if there is any conflict that would arise from him normally being subject on his own.

Just to avoid any potential disputes on the table top, I would like to get this cleared up. Is there such a limitation on characters joining units? Or have I held onto some untrue rule which I have picked up somewhere and never had to test until now?

The issue is with an Ogre Tyrant joining a unit of Maneaters. I was curious if I had to buy Beast Killer for the Tyrant to make him Immune to Psych in order to join the Maneaters, who also have that rule.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
19-01-2006, 16:04
I'm fairly sure that he gains immune to psychology, as whether Fear, Terror, Panic or whatever, he's carried along with the nutters!

19-01-2006, 16:09
He can join them just fine. He follows the unit's psychology (except for frenzy and hatred).

19-01-2006, 16:10

Unbreakable units may not be joined by characters who are not unbreakable themselves, to avoid a mess with break tests. But ItP units are free to be joined, as well as ItP characters usually can join anything AFA the other rules allow.


20-01-2006, 16:23
Thanks guys. I must have been dragging in the rules for Unbreakable units. Atleast now I don't have to worry about it.

Thanks again!