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13-10-2009, 09:17
Knowing I would be facing a 2500 pts. Daemon army and it would probably sport one of the greater Daemons, I set out creating a character that could actually fight one of these big nasties.
In my experience these guys are rather powerful and if left unchecked will wreak havoc throughout your ranks. During previous battles I chose to ignore them as I had opted for a huge WoC army without too many characters and most of my points invested in troops and units.
Now however, I came up with this, and it worked brilliantly:

-Chaos Lord, Tzeentch, Collar of Khorne, Ench shield, Glaive of putrefecation
+ Dragon
-Exalted, Khorne, BSB, Juggernaut, Runesword
-Wizard, lvl2, Tzeentch, Disc, 2 Dispel scrolls

12 Chaos Warriors,Slaanesh, full comm.
5 Marauder horsemen, flails.
5 Marauder horsemen, flails.
5 hounds
5 hounds

5 Knights, slaanesh, standard+musician
5 knights, slaanesh, standard+musician
Chariot, slaanesh


I ended up facing an army based on seriously hampering my leadership-taking abilities as he fielded a Keeper of Secrets, the Mask and a BSB with the -2 LD within 12".
THis meant he forced me to charge his Keeper of Secrets in the second turn and we were pretty much locked in combat for the next 4 combat phases, during which I was only able to attack him once! Luckily he had not counted on me bringing the Glaive of Putrefecation and the 1 wound I caused, turned out to be enough. With my superior unit strength he slowly lost wounds due to break tests he was forced to take, since he couldnt hurt me with his str. 2 and I couldnt even attack him...
And with the Greater Daemon out of play, the game was pretty much over. Eventhough I'm always astounded by the resilience of an army in which every model has at least a 5+ ward save.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with any other WoC generals who're having problems with those big nasties. I dont think I'll be leaving home without that GLaive anymore, whenever I set out fighting Daemons:evilgrin:

13-10-2009, 14:09
Big thing to remember that if it ends up being a bloodthirster than those fancy weapons mean nothing.

Slaanesh is certainly the way to go but personally I'd go more warrior/knight heavy and just fight it out.

13-10-2009, 17:08
yeah that wouldnt work to well against a bloodthirster since u would be dead in like, one round.
or the flamers will just burn him up gooood.
congrats for putting one of them pesky deamon players in their place tho (Y)