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Cadian 21st
19-01-2006, 17:16
Allright...I have 4 more Heavies to go (for my squads), then I'll start on my Chimera and then buy more Heavy Weapons. nevertheless, I thought that I should start a Blog on how they're coming. So, the 4 Weapons I have to do are: 2 Lascannons, 1 Autocannon, 1 Missile Launcher. As a note, I outright refuse to make them look just "standard shooting pose", and need to do some sort of conversion.
1-Completed Heavy Weapons
2-"Workspace" (note the heater...the garage is pretty cold this time of year)
3-Primed Lascannon 1
4-Lascannon 2 and Team (still need a "carraige")
5-Possible Autocannon

Cadian 21st
19-01-2006, 17:17
Oh wow...I have the photo taking abilities of a 4-year old...

....And the "Concept Sketches", I'll scan better ones later. They may be coloured, but I doubt it.

Cadian 21st
19-01-2006, 23:40
Ok, so far today:
- Attached head to "Joe" from Lascannon 2
- Screwed around with Lascannon 1, adding bolter holes and making a mortar explosion thingie... (by the barrel)
- Almost finished Gunner for Lascannon 1 (bottom left)
- Finished Loader's Legs (Lascannon 1)
- Tried out some "Ink-Spot" Camo on the wheels. (trying to mimic the scheme on the second picture)

Cadian 21st
21-01-2006, 02:17
Finished Gunner and Loader for Lascannon 1...pictures aren't working at all well. Tomorrow, I'll primer the crew and start painting the cannon (after some trials of course)

Cadian 21st
21-01-2006, 06:08
Here's the newer wheels:

Cadian 21st
21-01-2006, 19:02
Allright, here's some *better* pictures of the Loader, though they lack any real detail :( . The model's a pretty good match of the picture on page 56 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, though with different armour.

Cadian 21st
21-01-2006, 22:37
Here's the mostly finished cannon's camo. Most of the "environmental effects" are on it, but the final will be done just before explosion is fitted.

Cadian 21st
22-01-2006, 06:50
- Better pictures of the Lascannon and the Wheels. If anybody cares about how I did it, then I'll do a tutorial on the base (which I happen to have lost a wheel mount for :'( it fell off today). I'll wait a few days to start on that, but I doubt anyone cares - especially with my picture quality, lol.

- Invariably, whenever I've started ANY portion of this project, I've dropped/lost the part I'm working on. Right now I'm down a few Chem-Inhalers-one of which blew away when I was primering (it was windy today). I'm quite choked about it, but wtv.

22-01-2006, 07:38
I dig the "88mm" style lascannon mount. Your camera have a macro mode?


Cadian 21st
22-01-2006, 07:44
- I'm not sure...how can I tell? It's a Kodak DX3600: 2.2 Megapixels, if that helps.

- This is the 75mm PAK-40 model by Tamiya (1/35 Scale). Some bitz were swapped about and converted, but otherwise it's quite similar :p.

Cadian 21st
22-01-2006, 07:58
- Mmmm, more pictures. I got distracted and worked on a Kroxigor some more :rolleyes: . Anyhow, I hope to get more done tomorrow - today was mostly spent laying tiles :evilgrin: . Here's the Kroxigor, the Loader (another attempt...I doubt it'll look good till painted), the Cannon again, the team for Lascannon 2, and the beginnings of the Missile Launcher Team.

(edit: oh wow those are bad pictures...I guess pay attention to the poses. I'll be getting a better camera, hopefully (I just got paid today, yay!) though I doubt it...lol)

old guard
22-01-2006, 08:51
- I'm not sure...how can I tell? It's a Kodak DX3600: 2.2 Megapixels, if that helps.

If you have a button with a picture of a flower.....press it thats the macro feature, it will require a very steady hand from that point so if you can rest it on something so much the better. If there isn't one obvious then (reaches real deep into the dark recesses of his inner being)..........read the instruction book before using the item :eek: AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!;)

Cadian 21st
22-01-2006, 09:16
I do have that! It's called "close-up", but drains the battery pretty quickly. I tried that with some of the Cannon pictures and it worked, erm, better...

22-01-2006, 18:03
For my recent Eldar pics, I just set the camera down on the table and tilted it a bit to get the shots I wanted...cheaper than a tripod ;)

And yeah, it might chew more battery, but good pics are worth it :D


Cadian 21st
23-01-2006, 14:05
- Haha, I forgot to post last night :p . Anyhow, here's some piccies (one of which is pretty stellar) of the completed Gunner. I'm pleased with how it turned out, though a tad dissapointed in the Loader (who will be photographed when I get back this evening). I would have got more done on the other teams, I figure, if I hadn't had finished the Shanaeyn Army List, but better luck next time.

- I did use the Macro feature, and I put it on a solid platform, but it still took 10 shots to get these Top 3 :( .

23-01-2006, 15:04
Try setting up the camera up on a book or something, pointed the right way (or use tripod if you have one).
Use the timer function so you're not actually touching the camera when it takes the pic - that way your hand movement won't cause the pic to blur when you press the button.

Cadian 21st
24-01-2006, 14:22
Hmmm, I'll try that...and post yesterday's work tomorrow. My ISP hates me :P.

Cadian 21st
05-02-2006, 01:01
- Haha! I completely forgot about this! Anyhow...so far I've:

- Repainted the squad
- Finished Lascannon 1
- Based all my minis...

- I've still gotta add chem-inhalers to the squad, then I'll post a pic with the squad. I'll start on Lascaonn 2 when I find some plasticard, though I'll finish the crew for it and the ML.

- Here're some, fairly good, pictures of my completed Lascannon. I took them on the macro setting with a strange apparatus (involving a ruler, a phone, and a few stacks of Post-It notes)

(edit: awww, you basically can't see the rutts in the ground just behind the wheels...:'(. I burned my finger to make them!!!)

Cadian 21st
05-02-2006, 01:08
Errrk...I found some "in-progress" pictures that I never posts. You can dimly see the original squad colours...they were done a few years ago (I think 2 or 3), when I was still using enamel paint pens...you can see the little demons in the last picture.

Captain Brown
08-02-2006, 21:11
Cadian 21st,

You might also want to use a picture editor to cut down on the size and try to sharpen your pictures. They are really, really large (1800x1200) and take forever to load and I am on a high speed connection.

Captain Brown

Cadian 21st
08-02-2006, 21:51
Errrr....how do I do that? I'm so terrible at using computers...

Cadian 21st
09-02-2006, 03:32
Ok, I have a photobucket thingie and I'll be shrinking my pictures and adding them there. I hope that solves some of the issues.

Cadian 21st
03-05-2006, 02:58
- Well, resurecting this blog! I forgot completely about it, but here are the two Heavy Weapons teams that were in progress a bit ago (the Dragoons' Lascannon and the Salamanders' Rocket Launcher). I have the base done for the last Rocket Launcher, but I haven't decided whether I'm going to be making a new squad for it, or adding it to the existing one...

- Additionally, I've begun that Hellhound project, "Freyja", and should be done it in a month/year, lol.

Salamanders' Rocket Launcher (Front view)


Salamanders' Rocket Launcher (Side view)


(I should probably take some better pictures, but oh well...)

Cadian 21st
03-05-2006, 03:01
Dragoons' Lascannon (Front) (On wheels again, lol)

Dragoons' Lascannon (Rear)

Dragoons' Lascannon (Side/Front)

(Hope these files aren't a pain to load. If they are, should I just scale them down or something?)