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13-10-2009, 15:16
This may appear to be a simple enough question, I have always thought of marines as the ones with the geneseed enhancements/implants and so on. However after reading the HH series of books it is clear that this is not always the case. I thnk I am up to date with them now having just read the latest one about the Dark Angels.

The reason I am asking is thait clearly explains, (Also in the first DA book) that Luther was considered too old to have many, (I know it hints he may have had some.) of the enhancements, and so did not grow in stature etc like the younger members of the order. However he was still inducted into the chapter and had power armour and command and all the stuff that normally goes with a Space Marine Commander.

So from that can it be assumed that it is not essential for someone to hve all of these 'improvements' in order to qualify as a marine, and it is more down to martial prowess, training and being'in' with the Chapter master and so on?

Are there any other examples of marines without all the other gubbins to make them one, or was he a one off? It has been stated in various other threads, that not all chapters have all of the geneseed/implant enhancements, whilst the exact ones may vary from one chapter to another. Also that in the process of becoming a marine some may have some but not be able for whateverreason to have all of them, and go on to serve the chapter in other ways, as ship crews, serfs, whatever. Therefor if not everyone gets all of it, how many does someone have to have in order to be considered a marine? Is it a set thing or does it just depend on which chapter you ask?

13-10-2009, 15:19
To be a true SM Geneseed anything else is just a enhanced human

13-10-2009, 15:22
To be a true SM Geneseed anything else is just a enhanced human

exactly, and it even states this when you take into account those Enhanced Humans, such as Luther and the Side Kick that trys to take out Kendra (iirc) etc.

13-10-2009, 15:48
pretty much EVERYONE counts as a space marine in 40k.

To be adeptus astartes an Angel of Death

You need the geanseed

13-10-2009, 16:12
I beg to differ. In order to be a Space Marine, one must be a full initiate of a chapter (or Legion, pre-Heresy) of the Adeptus (Legiones) Astartes.

Now in all recorded cases in the "modern" 40k era, this initiation involves the implantation of organ zygotes to create a genetic superwarrior. But that doesn't mean that there can't be obscure or rare chapters that initiate members without full zygote implantation.

The pre-Heresy Alpha Legion (and possibly the modern Alpha Legion) is an example of how this may or may not work. The Black Templars - from the Redemption Crusade comic book mini-series and other sources - seem to recruit new initiates who would normally be considered unsuitable for full implantation (by dint of being too physically mature). Yet these are seen to serve along other initiates as full Battle Brothers (and, ergo, Space Marines).


13-10-2009, 16:19
must be male.....

Philip S
13-10-2009, 17:27
Black Carapace - can not wear the SM armour without it.
Right size - gotta fit.
Indoctrinated and accepted - to get the armour.
Finally progenoids to carry on the chapter line.

This could be considered requirements - however it is unlikely a recruit could get by without the other implants as;
Most humans are not marines size, and most who are the right size are not the right shape. It would be a rare worlds where the adult humans are marines size and shape, and so it would be likely the young males will grow up likewise.

Marines are a picky elite - would they accept a substandard marines into their ranks? Only is they could perform as well as the rest of them according to their combat doctrine.

Some chapters are missing certain geneseeds, and it may be that each geneseed is missing in one chapter or more - somewhere. They could make up for this in other ways. It seems only the Black Carapace is necessary implant that can not be duplicated by chance and nature. Even the progenoids could be ignored - though the chapter would not last long.