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13-10-2009, 23:32
Hi all,
Some of you may have read a few brief reports I did for my amazing 2 warm-up games for the GT this year. I thought I'd post how the whole event went. It was very well organised (again) although I must say that the extra time the scenarios needed did make the day feel pretty squeezed... still, I think they were a real success and the secret missions definitely added an interesting element.

When all the dust had settled Lord Huehueteotl and the Shadow Host of Chichimec had ended a respectable 13th and were the highest placed lizardmen (for those who don't know, the top ten places were all DoC and DE... the abundance of scoring units really paid off for them).

My games were as follows:

Game 1 vs VC

Very nice chap called Martin who brought 4 vamp raising casters with the skeleton raising abilities backed up by 2 corpse carts as support. He also had a unit of 6 wraiths and banshee running around and 3 smallish blocks of skellies and zombies. After winning first turn he proceeded to march forward and raise lots and lots of models. My skink priest managed to get an IF comet off between his units, which came down straight away and took out both corpse carts, which was very handy. I proceeded to try and grind away as many rank and file as possible, with the saurus tearing through a big unit of zombies in a turn. He had 3 vamps including regen banner BSB in a huge block of skellies - using vanhels he charged my engine which was flanking the units, I challenged which was accepted by the lord and we proceeded to not kill each other for a few turns. The becalming cogitation was excellent here, blocking a number of spells. Eventually I managed to get the temple guard in the flank to support, the skink priest was killed and the other steg went into the rear. I just couldn't break the unit down until the TG managed to kill the damned BSB. When that went the unit popped rapidly and I got my Assassinate mission. I can't for the life of me remember the main mission though.

Game 2 vs Warriors of Chaos

Another very nice opponent. This time we played the lengthways mission, which is a bit of a pain when you can't walk around the table. Anyway, he went first and landed a hellcannon shot on the Slann's head... not a great start but luckily it only killed a handful of TG. He had 2 units of knights, 2 marauders, 1 big ogre block and some warriors led by a lvl 4 tzeentch lord and lvl 2 nurgle sorc. He played a refused flank, and sped down one side aiming to get models in my deployment zone for his secret mission. Unfortunately I managed to wheel my units around in time and pick them all off one by one with some big Spirit of the Forge castings and steg charges. Overall it went perfectly, wiping out the whole enemy army except the Hellcannon (I had no idea this thing was so tough in combat... it tarpitted my TG for 4 rounds and got 50% of the unit) and 3 knights. Again magic dominance helped with some good spells from Metal - especially the bane head + Rule of Burning Iron pulling scrolls when cast on the lord with several dice!

Game 3 vs VC

Difficult game here vs a Manfred list. I managed to bait out the blood knights and Manfred, bombarded them with all spells and shooting I could and took them down to one knight - very annoying as my mission was take out the most expensive enemy unit. Anyway, he had raised blocking lines of zombies to stop me charging the baited unit, but after killing so many I had reduced the size of the unit which gave them a path to my Engine. This dies after holding them up for several turns and giving them time to re heal the unit. After much grinding combat and losing my saurus spears to flank charging ghouls with an autobreak, I managed to recover a losing draw. I think my opponent had forgotten that each raised unit gave away 50vps, so I got back about 200 or 250 on these alone.

Will post the remaining 3 tomorrow at some point.

14-10-2009, 01:53
Congratulations on the excellent placing.

Sounds like most of the vampire list were raising spammers with a second caseful of spare zombies for raising purposes. :(

The hellcannon is actually weaker than the previous version. The old one was S6 and T7 (like any warmachine) and was ridiculously tough to kill. Current one is nasty but not nearly as bad. Still hurts when it lands on you. (Lucky Slaan there.)

Good games so far. I look forward to hearing about the others.

One question. I remember it coming up in your other thread but did you tell your opponent the target of the bane head or did you write it down in secret and then reveal it once you started causing wounds?

14-10-2009, 09:42
I think you let your opponite know about the banehead--I never thgouth about NOT telling my foe who I bane-headed, hmmm...

14-10-2009, 23:47
One question. I remember it coming up in your other thread but did you tell your opponent the target of the bane head or did you write it down in secret and then reveal it once you started causing wounds?

I let them know by declaring it at the start - it just saves any potential conflict later on, and as another forumite pointed out, and I saw in my games, the psychological impact is worth having. It's funny how using 3 dice to cast Rule of Burning Iron suddenly pulls a scroll instead of just a few DD!

The second day of the tourney went as follows:

Game 4 vs High Elves

Nice guy, who was quite young by GT standards. I think he must have spent a while stomping on his friends lists as he seemed pretty confident, despite lizardmen being a tough match for HE, especially a magic based list. He brough Teclis, dragon mage and a lvl 2 on foot. He had banner of sorcery, 2 units of archers, small units of swordmasters, white lions and dragon princes plus a bolt thrower. All his mages took lore of fire, so I quickly gathered he was going for some damage dealing...

I lost first turn roll (for the 4th time) which was a bit annoying, as it gifted him a round of magic. With teclis's D3, banner of sorcery D3 and free dice on the dragon mage this list could really pile on the PD, reaching 19 in one phase! Anyway, he didn't move teclis in the first turn and my cunning 11.5" deployment meant all lore of fire spells were out of range except for the dragon mage who miscast after getting off a fireball. Over the next few turns my TG, saurus and stegs marched across the board. Terries dropped rocks on the SM and took most of them out. I got the saurus spears in combat with the white lions, but forgot they'd been wall of fired - so when the charged nearly half the unit died... ooops. They made hard work of killing the white lions though, taking several turns. The slann put a stop to most of Teclis's magic - the poor guy didn't realise that the IF-on-a-double only works on a successful casting roll, so being Becalmed was a real pain. Anyway, in turn 3 or 4 the TG got in combat with Teclis's spear unit who were crossfired against the terradons, then it was basically game over. I could Beast cowers the dragon at will, and the skinks took him down with poison. Massacre to me.

Game 5 vs Daemons

This was the best (and worst) game of the weekend at the dizzying heights of table 4 (the highest table I've played on). The guy was very nice and was a really ace player - I'm not a club player, so I always really notice when others are, they know all the rules for all the other armies just through experience. I am left reading the army books, which is no way to appreciate how good stuff truly is [siren song, I'm looking at you]. This was only my second game ever against Daemons, and the list was pure filth.

Thirster w/infinite hatred, dispel scroll, armour of khorne and S7 axe, siren herald, Khorne jugger herald with -2Ld banner, 2 units of 6 hounds, 2x10 horrors, 12 daemonettes, 6 flamers, furies and a fiend. The game was table quarters and I took hold the hills as my secret mission.

I got first turn, and crept forward a bit. I had strung a line of skinks in front of the TG and 2 stegs to prevent them being siren songed out of position. Magic didn't really do much and the terries flew far down the right wing. He had deployed in a pincer move with the hounds on either flank, thirster and jugger herald on my left with horrors in the centre. My skinks did 2 wounds on the thirster in my turn 2. A key moment came when he charged the skink shield (who were ItP under the lore of light spell) with a unit of furies - it was a lovely move as they had to rank up 12" to the right where the furies reached the nearest skink. This left the BT clear to charge the engine.

Luckily the thirster completely whiffed his re-rolled attacks, didn't kill the priest and did only 2 wounds to the steg, who promptly did 2 back on him. I counter charged with my regular steg, only doing 1 wound which was saved ont he ward... he then challenged the priest to avoid the stegs 4 attacks and killed the engine. In a moment of retardation I forgot the stegs stubborn, fled from combat and was run down. So, both stegs in one phase was painful. My saurus were being diced by the hounds and Jugger. It all looked grim.

The slann got off cleansing flare which he rolled really well for - killed the BT, a bunch of hounds, horrors and nettes. Eventually the saurus were all killed (18 in 3 rounds. Ouch.) but the TG then took down the jugger and hounds. At this point I only have 2 scoring units and I'm holding 1 of my own quarters with the TG and the skinks have a hill (400vps) and his quarter (300vps). The Slaanesh herald on steed, is heading for the skinks - who are out of Ld range of the slann, so she will dice them on turn 6 - so I bring them back an inch or two and shoot her to death. Unfortunately 2 of the 10 have moved into my own quarter by about 3mm, which means >50% is in my own quarter and loses me the game.... I then have a chance to recover it with a D6 S6 magic missile on the last horror unit. It has 6 models left, I need to kill 2 to stop it scoring which will stop him earning 400vps for his secret mission. I roll 1 hit. He saves it one the ward. Game over and I weep into a pint for what could have been. His game 6 was played on table 2, the winner of which went on to finish 2nd. Stupid damn skinks.

15-10-2009, 16:37
Game 6 vs Lizardmen

The drop down the tables after my loss could have been worse, luckily I had a decent winning vp margin. The 6th and final game was against a lizardmen list very similar to my own. He had chameleons instead of terradons, 2 scar vets instead of a second steg and slightly small units of TG and saurus. It was actually a surprisingly tough game as we were so evenly matched – I had to figure out a way to beat him out of combat, as I had nothing that could stand up to the 2 scar vets, they would have diced me in a straight up fight. As he had only 13 TG my plan was to target them and just put everything onto that unit in order to take the slann out.

We spent the game becalming each other, so magic was a bit haphazard. I took lore of shadow, in an attempt to pit of shades his blocks and Engine, whilst he took beasts for the Cowers on my stegs and Bears Anger on the Jaguar charmed vet. I sat back as much as possible in a refused flank with my TG and Engine in the centre and saurus spears and Steg moving up on the right and coming in from 90 degrees. He couldn’t move his spears too far forward as it would expose their flank to my spears and steg, so we had a kind of Mexican stand off for 2 or 3 turns. I whittled the TG down to about 5 models with magic and shooting and Burning Alignment. A key moment came when his Scar Vet BSB on cold one charged out at my engine of the gods – I had placed it shielded by the TG (though not too well as it was only out of charge angle by a whisker). This left the Vet with his flank to my TG who charged him but he passed a Ld 4 re roll on the Slanns Ld. Next turn his TG have to charge in which is what I wanted at this point. Cut a long story short both my stegs charged in, impact hits from the engine taking out the BSB Vet and the regular one whiffed against the T4 TG (Ancients really are so much better...) which left 2 models alive so still stubborn! In his turn the bears anger scar vet charged the flank of my steg, but whiffed as well, missing 5 times and failing to wound twice. Anyway, the last 2 TG were finally killed and the slann and Vet autobroke against the terror causing stegs and were run down. We then called it a day at the end of turn 5.

I was pleased with the last result, as it really had been a case of a successful plan working out nicely.


Overall I thought the tournament was another excellent event and I beat my previous best finish of 28th in the 2007 GT final. I’m undecided about whether to go to the finals, I don’t normally as its a bit of pain to go from London to Nottingham for a weekend without any gaming buddies (though my fiancÚ would probably endure it for 2 days to keep me company like she has before...)

I’m planning a few tweaks to the list I brought, as some elements of it were not exactly ‘optimal’ choices. The skink chief on terradon is the prime culprit here, costing 141pts and doing precisely ******* all in 6 games, 8 if you include the warm-ups. The Staff of the Lost sun is a nice idea, but just misses too much to be worth it, after you factor in movement, mult-shot and sometimes long range. The salamander will probably get the chop as well – he was a useful harassing unit, but ultimately didn’t add enough to the list to warrant the loss of a unit of 11 skinks since often he was not a scoring unit.

I may also upgrade the regular steg to an ancient – though I do like his cost effectiveness at the moment. Just by being a big scary model he drew fire and attention away from the engine.

15-10-2009, 17:14
Nice reports, and some good games! You finished just above me, curses. That Teclis player sounds about what I'd expect, they never realise the "successful casting roll" bit...

15-10-2009, 17:31
A key moment came when he charged the skink shield (who were ItP under the lore of light spell) with a unit of furies - it was a lovely move as they had to rank up 12" to the right where the furies reached the nearest skink. This left the BT clear to charge the engine. If there was nothing critical resting on it, I would have voluntarily ended Guardian Light and fled with the skinks. Assuming fleeing would have helped.

15-10-2009, 17:38
Thanks for the reports and well done on the finish. Lizardmen seem a pretty tough army, played rightly.

15-10-2009, 17:43
nice reports

15-10-2009, 19:41
Nice mini-reports! What place do you have to get to qualify for finals?

15-10-2009, 22:42
Thank you for the replies, I hope it was worth reading.

Nice reports, and some good games! You finished just above me, curses. That Teclis player sounds about what I'd expect, they never realise the "successful casting roll" bit...

How did you get on? I find it funny that forumites were actually there... it's almost like you're a real person somewhere. What list did you take??

If there was nothing critical resting on it, I would have voluntarily ended Guardian Light and fled with the skinks. Assuming fleeing would have helped.

It was very critical, as they were preventing my units being siren songed forward and also not leaving enough room for the Thirster to land behind them.

On a different note though - is it legitimate to end a remains in play spell at any point you like? It's never come up before as I'm not very au fait with the magic phase (always played cc armies). I just presumed that you can only choose to end them in the magic phase or when you next cast a spell.

Nice mini-reports! What place do you have to get to qualify for finals?

The top 45 qualify based on points - then there are several places given out for various awards (such as best painted army). Obviously, if the awardees are in a qualification position then it opens up a place for someone further down the ladder.

You need 4 wins from 6 to be through though, maybe some people with good vp differences could make it through on 3 wins and a draw, but I wouldn't gamble on it.

15-10-2009, 23:42
Very nice to hear how things went. Nice reports and good to see that despite the filthy lists on show people for the most part were still out for a good time.

I believe that remain in play spells can be ended at any time. It came up in an FAQ for Warriors of Chaos with the 'call to glory'. If the 'promoted' soldier is killed he gives up 100VPS, however since you can end the spell at any time you can theoretically never lose those points as you end the spell before he dies.

That daemon list sounded utterly filthy indeed. Well done to so nearly beat it. Stupid skinks.:)

16-10-2009, 00:58
It said in the call to glory spell its 'sporting play' to cancel it at the beginning of any of the phases though.

16-10-2009, 11:43
Only because it sounds like a dirty trick. Which it isn't really- heaven forbid that Warriors should have a sneaky way to defeat a Bloodthirster that involves close combat (and a major magic investment), after all... I guess gateway ftw then!

16-10-2009, 14:54
I don't disagree that WoC should have something other than gateway to tackle big gribblies but I'm not sure that call to arms is the way. I take the point that call to arms could be improved as it is pants.

It's end of the phase not beginning

Q. Since remains in play spells can be ended
at any time by the caster, it seems that the
casting player can end Call to Glory just
before taking any saves/removing the model
as a casualty and thus prevent the death of
the model - it ceases to be worth 100VPs as
soon as the spell ends. In what circumstances
can a player score 100VPs for killing an
Exalted Champion created by Call to Glory?
A. It is gentlemanly (and it avoids endless
arguments) to wait for the end of a phase
before intentionally terminating this spell.

16-10-2009, 15:28
The Call to Glory was probably ruled that way more for the "My guy challenges you. And then he magically disappears!" than anything else, though. It should not be generalised into only allowing other spells to be ended at the end of a phase.

16-10-2009, 15:49
Nice reports man, congrats on the great finish.

Can somebody fill me in on this Call To Arms Bloodthirster counter? I assume the Thirster gets challenged by the Called Exalted, then the Exalted dissapears but wouldnt he then turn back into a normal guy? is he then stuck in a challenge so the Thirster can get lots of overkill anyway or can the Thirster not just attack the unit as whoever challenged him has gone?

16-10-2009, 17:06
Nope, as soon as the spell ends the exalted champ disappears and the model is not replaced, without giving away VPs.
In other words, mr BT is sat there looking at an empty space, somewhat confused. Then ideally goes *poof* from SCR 5 (oh but wait, it has a silly high LD and BSB, never mind then...)

16-10-2009, 20:14
It's LD9, if he was fighting a fully ranked up unit in the front on his own, (which he shouldn't be) he'd lose by 5 (3 ranks, outnumber, standard)
I'd wager him losing a few wounds on a LD3 test even with reroll, unlkess he was stubborn. Anyways this is all very hypothetical and unlikely :)

16-10-2009, 20:59
Well, 3 ranks, standards and outnumber. After he's knowingly charged a massive unit in the front, knowing that there's a character that could pop out of existence at any moment. So basically, the answer is, "Aww, poor fluffy widdle Bloodthirster! Can't have anything competing with it. Sorry you stupid Woccer, you're going to have to give up that unit, its standard and an additional 100VP for your Call to Glory hero- and the 4 power dice you used to cast the spell in the first place? Should've just cast Gateway. That'll teach you!"

17-10-2009, 06:01
The answer is always shoulda have just cast gateway ;) Some sort of set sail for fail maths from me there.