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Krueger Condail
14-10-2009, 07:22
so im planning on making an empire army out of gondor minis and make it all themed around after aragorn took over the kingdom, while also making a pretty effective (cost and game wise) list with so i decided to go block heavy(using minas tirith infantry) with some knights(of minas tirith) and cross bow (standard gondor bowmen) units along with a big unit of hunters (rangers) led by aragorn(general of the empire) gandalf (wizard) and faramir (warrior priest) so here we go

points 2250 4(6 with rod) power dice and 4(6 with rod) dispel

Aragorn, high king of men 195
(general of the empire with full plate, laurels of victory and the sword of sigismund)

Gandalf the white 145
(battle wizard lvl2 with rod of power and sigil of sigmar)

faramir, captain of gondor 140
(warrior priest of sigmar with meteroric armor and icon of magnus)

moranion, bearer of the white tree 142
(bsb with full plate and griffon standard)

1st company, the gate wardens 196
(30 block of spearmen with shields with champion and standard)

2nd company, the garrison of rauros 196
(30 block of spearmen with shields with champion and standard)

3rd company, 3rd level reserve 230
(30 block of swordsmen with full cmd with war banner)

4th company, 6th level reserve 200
(30 block of swordsmen with champion and standard)

1st company, knights of the tree 131
(5 knights of the empire with preceptor)

5th company, knights of harlond 115
(5 knights of the empire)

rangers of ithilien 200
(20 hunters)

1 company, the walls archers 160
(10 crosbowmen with 2 detachment of 5 crossbowmen)

2nd company, 2nd level missile reserve 160
(10 crosbowmen with 2 detachment of 5 crossbowmen)

basic idea is to outnumber my foe like crazy using big blocks to hold the center and use my knights for out flanking and crossbowmen to protect my flanks mean while the hunters annoy the crap out of my opponent. my heroes are also going to help quite a bit with gandalf and aragorn in one unit of swordsmen and faramir and the bsb in the other. both of those units combat res will be through the roof.

14-10-2009, 15:07
With no heavy shooting or war machines you will suffer against monsters.

At the least make all those crossbowmen detachments for the units above.

14-10-2009, 16:05
i love it! what a sweet conversion. I want to see pictures once it all starts to come together. I agree about the war machines. need at least 2 for backup, buy the avenger bolt thrower and call it a volley gun, or a trebuchet(sp) and call it a great cannon.

14-10-2009, 19:08
When you make this army make sure to start a log, would be interesting to see!

If I were you however I would add some smaller units of infantry for flanking as well as the knights, because if your knights get taking out then you are depending on the less then great Empire Infantry to win against anything, which will only happen against other Infantry blocks.

But overall this seems like a fun army to play with and against.

Krueger Condail
14-10-2009, 21:36
wow it is nice to see all the positive replies i thought i was going to get bashed like crazy about using lotr models but i guess not. ya i was definetley thinking bout using a trebuchet as a cannon maybe i will lower the huntsmen squad down to ten and throw in a cannon i think that would be pretty good though my luck with cannons have never been that great but i guess i really do need it and i was thinking bout maybe using some detachments with blocks but whenever i used them they tended to get in the way and i couldnt really think of a unit that would fit the gondor theme other than rangers but even them i want to keep as hunters

14-10-2009, 22:19
Split one of those Sword units, into 3 x 10 Man Detatchments for the rest of your Infantry Blocks.

Drop those Crossbows, split them into 3 x 10 Man Detatchments for the rest of your Infantry Blocks.

That then gives you 1 x 10 Man Crossbow unit on its own.

Drop the Hunters down to 10 Models.

The spare points will allow you to use an Avenger Bolt Thrower as a Hellblaster. I dont think the Trebuchet or the Avenger work as a Cannon. At least the Hellblaster fits better and is still capable of Monster Killing.

Krueger Condail
15-10-2009, 05:27
i am really not a huge fan of the whole detachment thing i used to run them all the time in my old list and to me they just got in the way of things i do fell that i need a monster killer but i dont know what to represent it i feel a trebuchet is more like a mortar and avenger would be the volley gun but neither of those are really monster killers

15-10-2009, 14:54
Well you are wasting the best rule that Empire have then and the only rule that makes their infantry effective. By using a Detatchment, you are giving yourself an instant +4 to your combat res against a fully ranked enemy unit [taking 3 from his ranks and getting +1 for the flank]. You will lose badly against any decent opponent if you dont use them.

Hellblaster averages 2 wounds a turn against a Big Monster with a 5+ Ward at long range. 3 at short. Thats probably more than Cannon will usually do. A Cannon, even if we say it is a gauranteed hit [which it certainly isnt] only does 2 wounds to a great daemon a turn.

Krueger Condail
15-10-2009, 22:59
good point and i guess ill have the models so i can try both ways and i will probaly take your advice with the hellblaster