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15-10-2009, 15:08
okay so ive a load of vc minis that ive collected and really want to use in an effective but not overly cheese ridden list and would love help to get to this stage. the models i have are as follows

3 vamps

2 corpse carts with necromancers

20 skellies

40 zombies

10 ghouls

10 dire wolves

25 grave guard

2 vargulfs

and 5 blood knights

i dont mind adding to and having to buy new models and
wanted to know people thoughts/experinces with wraiths as
i could consider putting in these also

thankyou in advance

15-10-2009, 15:10
forgot to mention that i also have an old blcak coach model knocking about

Ultimate Life Form
15-10-2009, 15:15
Well, this looks like a decent starting point. In fact, my own list doesn't look much different. What I would advise is getting something that adds a little punch, so either take the Blood Knights or get yourself a few Black Knights if you want to save Rare slots. Speaking of which, general consensus seems to be that all Rare choices are almost equally useful (or useless depending on the circumstances), so it is up to you to decide what you want. They're all situational. Cairn Wraiths, for example, range from an unbeatable nightmare against magic-free lists to an overcosted nuisance against anything that likes dishing out magic attacks, like Wood Elf Forest Spirits or Daemons.