View Full Version : 2250 Tournament Lizards

15-10-2009, 18:26
The plan is to run the following:

Slann mage priest 475pts
Full lore
Free dice
Negate enemy 6s
Cupped Hands
Bane Head
Power stone
Power stone

Skink priest lv2 440pts
Engine of the gods
Curse-Charm of tepok
Rod of storm

Skink priest lv2 430pts
Engine of the gods
Plaque of Tepok
Dispell scroll

Scar Vet 136pts
Charm of Jaguar

16 Temple Guard 316pts
Full command
Blood statute of spite

10 Skirmishing skinks
10 Skirmishing skinks
10 Skirmishing skinks

This leaves me with 243pts to play with.

What do you think I should do from here?
I could take a unit of spear saurus, or 2 units of skinkrox.
The other option would be to drop a whole bunch of items and try to fit in both, a unit of spear saurus and the 2 units of skink krox or perhaps something better.

I don't have any terradon riders at present.

15-10-2009, 18:37
Not shure, but you definately need more models on the table...
you only have 5 units as is.

would you have points for a smaller unit of spear saurus and 3 krogors (no skinks)

15-10-2009, 19:14
Sadly 2 units of 4 terradons riders would IMO be a perfect fit for this list and would run you 240 points so would complete your list well.

15-10-2009, 19:28
2 units of four dose not sound bad ... but a unit of spears would work better, or just hw&s as you need the bodies.

16-10-2009, 11:25
Nope, 2x4 terradons will do more. THis list is NOT about engaging the enemy with weak units. Its about the big deathstar and engines. The terradons will do more to eliminate flankers/artillery, which otherwise threaten your big stuff. However, if you don't have any terradons...

However, find 1 point (take the musician off TG most likely, they don't care if they lose by 1) and you can 'upgrade' your scar vet to a skink chief on ancient steg, which will do far more. Thats assuming you've done all the maths perfectly.

Also, why Blood Statuette? I'd have thought War Banner better, just to have the big block of 'no'.

16-10-2009, 11:43
I like the blood statute because it allows me to take take out enemy skink priests on engines, its also great against Teclis (though named characters are not allowed in this tournament) and its also nice for taking out enemy lord level priests, the bane head slann might be able to put 2 wounds onto 1 allowing the statue to finish it off.

Your right about the warbanner though, I seem to have missed that, I should add warbanner and bsb onto the Slann, though that brings its cost up to a massive 525pts!