View Full Version : How to beat Wood Elf Forest Spirit armies?

Captain Cortez
20-01-2006, 04:22
Usualy I would just find a strategy of my own to play against a army, but the Spirit (I think that's what their called) army list has been a constant thorn on my foot.;)

Last time I played against them was with my Tomb Kings army, and I was uterly desimated:( . Boring...

Now I am playing Empire and need some tips on what is the best to use against them. A guy at my local store plays one in a Fantasy league, and I'm afraied that he uses lots Dyrids (24) and Tree Kin(15?) at his advantage.

Help and tips greatly appreciated!:skull:

20-01-2006, 06:10
I'm sure your artillery would put some hurt on those units... or any sort of magic... ignores their ward save outright.

20-01-2006, 07:06
Shoot the crap out of them, and when they charge, counter-charge them in the flank.

20-01-2006, 07:55
Take advantage of the fact that not a single forest spirit unit can flee. You can use units like pistoliers and small knight teams to patrol the extremes of their charge range with no chance of them trying to outrun you.

A team of six knights will be able to put a nice sized dent in a wardancer unit. They could drop three or even four on the charge. That's enough to neuter a unit of eight.

20-01-2006, 08:51
Watch out though, a cunning Wood Elf player will gladly sacrifice one dryad unit (under a hundred points) to lure the charge, lose his unit and then slamm several other dryad/wardancer units into the flanks of the victorious unit.

Just a few counter-attack unit are not enough, you'll need to be able to threaten/lock a large part of the frontline into battle.


20-01-2006, 10:42
Lore of fire. Direct damage, ignores the forest spirit save, and causes double damage against Treekin and Treemen.

Shouldn't be too difficult to out-magic a forest spirit army. At 2000 pts the absolute maximum dispelling ability is 7 dice with no scrolls, and that would mean no treeman ancients.

Take as much artillery as you can manage;
Helblasters and mortars are viciously effective against Dryads. Cannons will only really pay off against treemen and/or a flank shot against treekin.
Get a Lord with a GW (and a ward save!) on a Griffon to deal with treemen.

Captain Cortez
20-01-2006, 19:46
Their's some good points here. My oppents list is a tricky one to counter, and he isn't no dummy himself. I'm not to familiar about the new Wood Elf codex names. But he play with a Highborn riding a Eagle, with an annoying magic Bow that shoots like Bolt thrower. Hit and run sound familar:rolleyes:.
He has another Eagle I believe also. I'm going to use a Orb of Thunder, that el teach him.:p

I should have said, I was the one who played him with my Tomb Kings. He did use the bait my unites tactic with his Dyrids, and then charged my flanks with his Treekin. However now I know he was cheating because, he told me that his Dyrids and Treekin always get their ward save. Now I know why my Tomb Guard and Ushubti were having such a hard time:rolleyes:. Back to Empire..

I have noticed that he has been using Waywatchers to take out War machines also. So this guy method doesn't realy change much, because I have been watching his resent games. He sends his eagle out to kill the War machines (cannons), then sends a suicide Dyrid unite to **** people off, while two other Dyrids stay out of charge range (he is a gutless player by the way), and then uses his 2 Branchwraiths forest spells to widdle you down. Finally his Tree kin come and squash the remnents of the army (mine). Thankfully I don't think he uses Tree men, at least what I have noticed?

This is my army:


Elector Count, with Icon of Magnus(fearless), white cloak(5+ Ward+, sword of might(1+str),

1 Captain, sword of power, full plate armor,

2 Wizards(1 Jade, 1 Grey), Grey wizard has Dispel Scroll and Doomfire ring, Jade guy has Orb of thunder.

20 Swordsman/ w command, War banner,Captain will be in this unit.
+10 Free Company Detachment
+5 Handgunners Detachment

15 Spearman/w command (my suicide unit)

10 Handgunners

5 Knights/w command, innercircle, Elector count supports this unit.
5 Knights/ only champ

2 Cannons (should I swith to a morter)

10 Kislev Gryphon Legion/ w command

3 LeadBelchers

20-01-2006, 20:30
Here's my advice. Swap out the spearmen and second knight unit for another 20-man swordsmen unit, and attach the other handgunner unit to it. If you have enough points, maybe add some more free company too. Also, change both wizards to bright, and burn his **** off.

Deploy your army in a conical shape, so that your army has no flanks. Then simply smash his army with shooting until he decides to advance. Soften up his lead unit with the leadbelchers. Then let the swordsmen take the charge, and use the free company to break them. DO NOT PURSUE! Hold the line, make him come to you, and keep pounding his army. If he sends in his treekin, drive them off with the gryphon legion, with the knights in support if need be. This is, of course, if the treekin have survived the wave of fire spells heading their way. And once the troops are gone, then go after the characters. As for the waywatchers, if they're out in the open, knights. In the woods, leadbelchers. Let's see them flee that!

20-01-2006, 20:44
any daemonic legion army is good against forest spirit.
everything have magical attack, no ward save for them.

magic is good against them too.

flamers, changebringers all have D6 magical shooting attack EACH..


21-01-2006, 02:10
Shooting and magic should do in a Forest spirit army. I would agree that Empire have got a lot of answers to the questions posed by this type of Wood Elf army. The list I am hoping to construct in the future should give those damed Dryads and Treemen a run for their money at least.