View Full Version : 1K Combat/Fast VC Army

17-10-2009, 23:35

Here is a list I am thinking about for 1k.

walking death
flayed hauberk
black periapt
biting blade

ghoul x 19
(insert vampire gives US 20)

ghoul x 10

fell bat x 4

black knight x 10
full command
stirgos banner


I need the 10 black knights as I am assuming several will die to missle fire magic before I get these guys into combat. I don't think the barding is worth it as it is expensive and I need to the extra movement as all the best heavy calvary (except brettonia) are movement 7.

The unit of 10 ghouls will hang out with the varghulf on the other side during deployement. With ghoulkin, it will be able to march with the varghulf for an extra turn.

Tell me what you guys think.