View Full Version : best wood elf lord for 2000pts?

Necro Angelo
18-10-2009, 16:03
Level 4 spellweaver or Highborn on dragon with loads of gear? recommend any good configurations?

vinny t
18-10-2009, 16:52
MOstly depends on the rest of your army and your playstyle.

18-10-2009, 17:44
I'm tempted to say neither!

If I'm running a Treeman in my list, and I don't have a specific Lord combo in mind, I might as well upgrade him to an Ancient, which allows him Ld9 Stubborn and can take some spites if I wish as well. My other favourite is the Wardancer Lord.

I would say out of the two though, a Dragon seems a bit expensive for 2000 points, so I would take the Lv4 myself.

18-10-2009, 17:52
I usually run one of the following;


Wardancer Lord

Alter Lord (with a hero as general)

Dragon Lord

Extra hero, no lord

Of these choices the dragon is the one I dont particulary like. All the other builds are ok at 2k.

Necro Angelo
18-10-2009, 19:19
would you pick a treeman ancient over a spellweaver?

The Blades of reason
18-10-2009, 21:00
i would take a wildwider on stag at 2000pts and when painted and a willing opponent i shall test him out

he has oaken armour and spear of twilight (the KB one)

18-10-2009, 21:24
Ancient, no doubt about it whatsoever.

Highborns are just plain crap. The machine gun set-up is the only one worth its points and then they're still situational.

Spellweavers are worth their points, but spellsingers aren't, so your magic phase will end up being mediocre and costing a lot of points. Good for friendlies though.

19-10-2009, 00:49
i wouldnt say that highborns are crap at all. if anything with the current meta the TMA is becoming more and more usless and not as much of a no brain choice. the highborn can be effective as a machine gun or WD lord and for me he is pretty damn good at both of those roles. He can take out knights as the machine gun and forces your oppenent to limit their movment, combined with WW its a deadly combo plus he still has S6.

The WD can be effective because he makes a normal unit of WD into a deadly unit that can charge most units frontal charge and win, even take some charges too.

SW are a toss up depends on your army set up and if you are willing to spend alot of points for magic, that is usually not worth all its poitns but still effective, lore of beasts isnt too bad for our army. i think the choice really does depend on army, but i definetly think they are all competitive.