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19-10-2009, 23:26
Ok im making my army based of chaos book and its of course going to be a thousand sons army, i got some ideas currently and ill run them by you guys.

for basic CSM troops, i plan on using space marine box with thousand sons heads and backpacks

thousand sons squads will be represented by there normal box

im making rules for a thousand sons chosen squad, wich would be a squad of sorcerers that can upgrade to terminator armour and with ws5 and adjusted points. wargear would be force weapon, bolt pistol, bolter (storm bolter instead of gun and pistol when in terminator armour) and there ap3 bullets of course.

khorne bezerkers would be represented by thousand son models that look like there forming "razer winds" to fight with in combat

and then theres things i need help with for ideas to represent with

noise marines
plague marines

EDIT: also just to let u know im using the pre-heresy color scheme and a picture of a pre heresy land raider would help me finish of that model

powa bear
20-10-2009, 00:18
What i have seen for ore heresy thousand son obliterators is just saying they're really powerful sorccers, or defiler I think it would be cool if you made something like a scarab or scorpion.

21-10-2009, 13:49
I''ve been thinking of TS Oblitorators being just really powerful sorcerers on Discs, model them to look like they're going nuts with spells.

22-10-2009, 15:17
Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons hold such an appeal. Look for a similar log in the Imperium section for ideas. Also, Mk. I Rhinos (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225932) may very well be of interest to you.

Are you going to arm your Thrall Psykers (or what the squad leaders were called) with nitbitz from the Empire Wizard and High Elf Mage box?

The Defiler could be represented with those prototypish grav-tanks that were becoming common in the Imperial arsenal back then (yes, it's a six-legged walker, but still), although the basis for that I can't come up with at the moment.