View Full Version : Trying a balanced Bret army 2000 pts

20-01-2006, 16:14
Ok after getting the book, I've totally tried my best to not go just all knights and archers, so I've been trying this list to try to be balanced. ok then well tell me what you think, here goes......

Lord-217 pts
Confidence, G of Duel, Questing Vow, Great helm, shield, horse

BSB-104 pts
V of Duty, horse

1 Damsel-155 pts
LV2, Staff of S or 2 Dispell

8 Kotr-241 pts(Lord goes here)
Warbanner, Full command

8 Kotr-216 pts(BSB goes here)
Full command

8 questing Knights-251 pts
Full command

10 bowmen-70 pts

10 bowmen-70 pts

20 M&A-115 pts
Mus, standard

20 M&A-115 pts
same as above

3 Peg knights-175 pts

9 Knights Errant-226 pts
Full command, errantry banner

ok so lets have now.......