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22-10-2009, 02:40
A few friends and I recently played a mini knock-out tournament. Here's a link to the reports: http://www.thezombiesquig.co.uk/autumn_2009/tournament.php

There were no special characters allowed. Also, we didn't include table quarters in the VP to allow some people to try out gunlines (to annoy the DOC player :D).

I was playing WOC and was knocked out in this game (http://www.thezombiesquig.co.uk/autumn_2009/dwarfs_vs_warriors_of_chaos.php) against a dwarf gunline, whose anvil snared and crippled me. With the list I had (here (http://www.thezombiesquig.co.uk/autumn_2009/warriors_of_chaos.php)) I decided to just advance and try to engage the anvil with a disc-mounted sorcerer, given that I only had two level 2s and they were not going to cast much with his amount of dispel dice. However this plan failed and I was brutally whittled down before reaching combat.

Would anyone have any advice for dealing with an anvil of doom with a WOC army? From that game, I imagine engaging it quickly with something violent, such as a lord on dragon or Tz hero on disc, would be a good start. He did have a lot of lucky rolls (getting ancient runes every turn), but nonetheless it does have defensive and offensive capabilities.

Once Bitten
22-10-2009, 10:27
I read your WoC vs Dwarf batrep. Ouch. He was incredibly lucky to get ancient power off 3x in a row, and to roll a 3 every time. I'm not sure what you could've done about that.

22-10-2009, 10:54
heya, I just read your WoC rep's :) I wouldn't worry too much when you play a new army, you're bound to make mistakes. The dwarf game just seemed really brutal, mind you, you did say that you took away VP's for quarters to encourage gunlines :D

22-10-2009, 14:24
That was a nasty anvil...

Best thing WoC can do is hunt it down with fast cav. At the very least it will tie it up and stop it from being used.

22-10-2009, 14:45
If I'm reading it correctly your Immune to Panic Slaaneshi Warriors failed a Panic test on turn 2, yes? ;)

22-10-2009, 19:37
Thanks for the advice guys. I guess some horsemen with MOS would be ideal for the job.

If I'm reading it correctly your Immune to Panic Slaaneshi Warriors failed a Panic test on turn 2, yes? ;)

You are reading it correctly... my second game using them and I forgot about it :( I don't think it would've made too much difference though.