View Full Version : 2250 orc army list for upcoming tournament

bazragh elfburna
22-10-2009, 12:58
Ok I got a tournament coming up in december and I would like a bit of advice on my army list, how to use some things, what to change any bit of wisdom is more then welcome.

Savage orc warboss
Wyvern, shagas screaming sword, iron gnashas,(changed to killing blow as per avians advice).

Black orc BSB

Goblin boss
charriot, triksys trinket (no ward saves in base contact)

Night goblin shaman
2x dispell scroll

23 night goblins musician, bow, 3 fanatics

5 wolf riders, spear musician

5 wolf riders, spear, musician

5 spider riders, musician

15 black orcs, full command, waaaghhh banner (+d6 charge range)

2x spear chucka, bully

goblin charriot, extra crew

6 savage boar biguns, banner, musician, noggs banner of butchery



2250 total pts

Basic plan is to combo charge a charriot with warboss or bsb, black orcs and savage boar boyz would draw some fire and have allmost the same charge range so they could support each other.
Deny a single flank with night goblins, and send wolf riders far out to bait, hunt warmachines, and maybe keep spider riders near terrain to take care of any scouts.
Chuckas would lend some much needed fire support on some big monsters before I charge them with my warboss and a charriot or 2.

So there it is rip it apart, I have allmost any model in O&G army save snotlings so I could put on the table pretty much anything I need.
Again all constructive advice is welcome, how would you play this list, what would you take and what would you remove???

22-10-2009, 13:52
well for starters you have no orc boyz to bulk out your army and second, savage orc warboss on wyvern, it will charge on turn 1-2 and you will have little or no controle over it so put a blorc warboss on it in stead as you dont wanna face the enemy units in the front.

22-10-2009, 14:08
- I'd get the Killing Blow item rather than the +1 A item on your Warboss. Regeneration is becoming more common these days and KB goes through that.

- I'd drop the Black Orc Boss and get the Goblin Big Boss the One Hit Wunda.

- I assume those Savage Boar Boyz have both spears and shields?

bazragh elfburna
22-10-2009, 14:28
Good idea, killing blow it is.
If i drop black orc then I will have no battle standard bearer.
Gotta playtest it a bit and see what happens, I may even drop BSB alltogether since this is a rather fast and hitty army instead of footsloggers Im ussually playing with.

Savage orc is there for tons of attacks, its a bit cheaper then black orc and it gives frenzy to wyvern giving it 4 attacks and warboss has basic 5+ attacks withs S5, since there will allmost certanly be some enemy chars around I estimate about 7 S7 attacks from warboss and 4 attacks from the wyvern, it could break rank and file infantry with good rolls even if front charged but I fully intend to combo charge warboss and a charriot at something and see what happens:D

22-10-2009, 14:54
Black Orc Boss not Big Boss. :p

bazragh elfburna
22-10-2009, 16:11
Ah I tried to get the 1hit wounda but due to army composition rules stating that I get penalty points for 849+ pts spent on characters I cant have it so it had to go.

Any other suggestions?

22-10-2009, 20:01
It depends on what kind of armies you expect to be facing. I for one would probably go for a cheaper Savage Boar Boy unit, drop the regular chariot and get a unit of Squig Hoppers. I'd also consider dropping one Giant and getting a Doom Diver and a small unit of Savage Orcs.

I also think I would take the One Hit Wunda anyway and leave the Trinket, just so I could have another magic weapon in the army to deal with Ethereals and smack chariots.