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22-10-2009, 20:15

Im currently building an 2250 DE army. My center piece is going to my block of warriors. In this block im going ta have 2 mounted chars on dark steeds. the reason is very complicated so ill just skip that.

The bases are going to be heavily converted. infact the whole movment tray is going to look like a ruined temple in witch the warriors will advance.

My question is, if I make this movment tray big enough so that the two mounted chars bases are represented in mm, can I remove the chars from their cav bases as long as they are in this slightly bigger movment tray, as opponents will hit it as if they had their cav bases. And then when/if the chars exit the unit put them on regular cav movment trays.

in my mind this will not effect the game, just make my centerp look awsome instead of rubbish.

Would you play it?

and, do you think tournaments would go for it?

EDIT: the look out sir rule.. might ruin this for me.. any ideas on that?

22-10-2009, 20:53
How about this: In addition to your awesome diorama unit, make a unit template. This is just a flat piece of cardboard with a grid that indicates the position of your rank-and-file troops and your characters. Whenever you need to determine the exact position of the models in the unit you can swap the diorama-thing for the template.


22-10-2009, 21:02
nice one! will do. it also gave me another idea. I can use small rubble on the movment tray to show the exact position of the cav bases. to avoid having to get into situation where judgment is clouded by warhammer fever.

bit tricky to make it look good. but ill manage.

bra grejer! thx.

22-10-2009, 21:03
Det är hur bra som helst!