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24-10-2009, 09:47
Hi folks, you might remember I posted a TK list here a while back. Anyhow, stuff changed, I found some Empire available for cheap - so I picked them up. I'm using TVI style tactics but with a bit more of a balanced force. I've used my force a few times so far but at 2250 points - 2-2's my record so far.

Expected opponents : Elves (dark & wood, possibly high), VC, Lizards

As for models I'm not using but have available :
Grand Master, General/Captain, Handguns, Xbows, Halberds

240 Lector, horse, VHS, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Sigismund
146 War Priest, HA, Enchanted Shield, Doomfire Ring, Biting Blade

150 Level 2 Wizard Rod of Power, Ring of Volans
*This guy is usually light or metal, considering a powerstone instead of Volans
150 Level 2 Wizard 2x Dispel Scroll
*This guy is usually heavens so he can stay out of danger

All the characters go with the infantry, excepting the Lector who joins a squad of knights.

230 2x5 Knights
350 2x24 Swords, Full Command
85 1x5, 1x6 Archers
108 2x9 Swordsmen

The archers are deployed in front as a skirmish screen and generally get shot to pieces while the rest advances. The 6th archer is because I found myself with 5 points to burn at the end of the list. Knights act as a "super detachment".

110 Hellblaster
200 2x Great Cannon
114 5 Pistoliers, Musician, Champ w/repeater pistol
129 5 Outriders, Musician, Champ

Here's where all my shooting is, and its a doozy, generally Outriders play defensive, Helblaster does close support of the infantry blocks, Pistoliers run around making people angry and Cannons smack the big stuff.

Total :2000

I've been considering taking a single group of knights and then mixing in my Xbows. However, I like the flexibility I have with my current setup. All thoughts, comments and critiques are welcome!

25-10-2009, 05:02
yah its fine - my only change would eb to put both priests on horses instead of one so i have 2 knights with hatred - can never go wrong with hatred!
i like the charater set up - its about as magic defensive/offensive as empire gets, really helps the lis tout, suprisd to see a lack of fire magic though - my personal fav college of magic.
I also say boo to the archer screens and would have take the crossbows in their steed - having the extra long range shots make up for skrimishing units.
dont lose the 2nd unit of knights - you need them too much
down the road you can always drop 1 swordsman unit for upgrades as I find the empire infantary is there to just die, they dont have staying power anymore

25-10-2009, 05:25
He said he was using the archers to screeen as he moved forward. X-bows can't move and do anything.

25-10-2009, 06:57
yah that I read, but I think the power of crossbows would compensate for the lack of a screen for his units.
The long range of the crossbows makes up for the skirmish screen, and their str 4 is awesome for taking down targets.

26-10-2009, 15:04
Thanks for your comments, I was able to sneak in a unit of crossbows and keep my skirmishers. Let's see how you feel about the revised list!

Characters 641
231 Arch Lector, VHS, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon, Holy Relic

155 War Priest, Barded Horse, HA, Shield, Doomfire Ring, Wyrmslayer Sword

130 Level 2 Wizard, Rod of Power
*This guy is usually Heavens.

125 Level 2 Wizard, Dispel Scroll
*This guy is usually Light or Metal.

All the characters go with the infantry, excepting the Priest who joins a squad of Knights.

Core 820
230 2x5 Knights
350 2x25 Swords, Full Command
40 1x5 Archers
120 2x10 Swordsmen
80 1x10 Crossbows

Rare/Special 537
110 Hellblaster
200 2x Great Cannon
114 5 Pistoliers, Musician, Champ w/repeater pistol
113 5 Outriders, Musician

26-10-2009, 16:53
much better, very balanced list all round, though by no means the hardest list Empire can do. With this list you'll do well against most armies, but dont hold your breath against the top tier!
You have good magic defence - if you play your cards right and target enemy castors you'll be in posistion to start dominating magic phases.
Try to keep your fast cav alive for as long as possible though! I find that their presence LATER in the game is much better - they can actually destroy units with their firepower once those units have faced attrition from combat/firepower/spells during the game.
Good luck!
Oh, what province does your army herald from?

26-10-2009, 21:11
Yeah, I agree, in my game against Beasts of Chaos my Outriders were the stars of the show, killing his Shaggoth and a squad of Dragon Ogres by getting behind them so when they broke against my swords, they got run down. Over 400 points earned without "firing a shot".

I get bored painting the same style for each unit, so I'm doing an Imperial Coalition-type force. So far I've got a Talabheim swordsmen regiment.