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24-10-2009, 14:51
I'm fighting an ogre army at 1000 points tomorrow. I've never fought them before.

I'm taking high elves, I'm thinking..
3 mages
15 spearmen
lion chariot
5 shadow warriors
5 sword masters
2 bolt throwers

Anything I should watch out for?

bork da basher
24-10-2009, 15:41
lead belchers will make a ruin of your small units. 3 mages is probably not really needed. 2 will do, ogres have to invest a lot of points in a butcher to have any kind of magic and you will likely shut his phase down with 2 mages if he even bothers with a butcher at all at 1000pts

id ditch the lion chariot and get another 7 sword masters if you can afford it (2 ranks of 6 will shred ogre units). shadow warriors may be handy for march blocking and knocking off the odd wound and your bolt throwers will be a real nightmare for him, just set them up well apart, if he has a gorger in his list it'll go for them and loosing one instead of both is obviously better.

id probably try to add another ranked unit, maybe seaguard or something which can multi task. with ASF and a few ranks + standard most ogre units will lack the umpf to beat you in combat.

at 1000pts i don't rate ogres at all. your looking at 3-4 small units of 3-4 ogres with maybe some gnoblars and probably a brute, 2nd heros are too expensive at this level to be worthwhile. you can probably give them a mauling with your shooting and outclass them in combat and own them in the magic phase. don't see why you can't win. good luck

24-10-2009, 16:31
I would remove a unit of shadow warriors and take an additional unit of swordmasters. They have a higher strenght than this scouts. But remember about ogres' impact hits - they are BEFORE Always Strikes First (for sure you know it), so you will must drive their rational and skillfull.

24-10-2009, 16:56
thx for the advice guys. I reckon I'll do ok.

25-10-2009, 22:42
Make him take as many panic tests as possible. Theyre only Ld 7 which gives them about a 45% chance of failing. Also dont let him hit you in the flank, it hurts.

General Squeek Squeek
26-10-2009, 07:13
Best way to counter their impact hits is to move up on them first. By this I simply mean if You believe they'll be able to charge you next turn , and you can't get out of their charge range (and there out of your charge range), just close the gap. If your within their 6'' mark they don't get those nasty impact hits.

26-10-2009, 07:55
well another cheap way of doing things is using an eagle :) but in general get a unit of about 18 spearmen (6X3) get a unit of 6X2 swordmasters, bolt thrower, 2 mages and if u have point more sword masters or even better a killy elf character:)

29-10-2009, 10:51
Thanks again for the tips. I won the game, lost 1 swordmaster model, wiped out ogre army. Bolt throwers, magic missle spam and lion chariot worked well.

Gabacho Mk.II
29-10-2009, 16:51
Interesting. Well done!:)

29-10-2009, 17:47
Hmm... sounds like a not vey skilled/new to ogres opponent, as the big guys can withstand the pain and move fast enough to either charge you or deal a few blows. Then, he might have missed all the great screening you get from the walking ablative armour (a.k.a gnoblars) which again gives you time to get up close and very personal with almos anything.

Or he just rolled like I do sometimes!

"I mean, guys... c'mon! We need 3+ to hit and you can only manage a 2 on six dice... For the 3rd. time!?!"

Still, at a 1k, we don't get too many options unless you are willing to gamble, take 39% of them on Butchers, a 4-man Iron Gut units and two 4-man bulls unit, then sprinkle 45 gnoblars in two groups (20 and 25) to screen you big ones as they advance.

Leadbelchers are too expensive and not as reliable as Gut magic, so I wouldn't take them at all. Rather have the Butchers dealing ranged attacks if those are worth taking the chance, or just dispelling/boosting the units.

Still, it'lbe nice to to see what the OK player fielded.

And 'grats on the win... and absolute massacre, no doubt!

30-10-2009, 10:04
I was lucky cause one of the butchers killed himself. My opponent didn't use a ghoblar screen which to me seems like the only sensible option. It's also quite easy for high elves to get out of the bull charge simply by marching right in front of the enemy (cause of strikes first.)

If I was filedig ogres at 1000 points I'd take 1 bruiser, a ghoblar screen and then as many bulls as I coud afford (I think that's about 20.)

30-10-2009, 10:29
Gnoblar screen? A screening unit that moves 33% slower than the unit it's screening sounds a little inefficient to me.

30-10-2009, 10:37
They cost nothing really and ogres are easy to shoot to death so I reckon if you want any of your army to get there at 1000 points gnoblar screening seems efficient from a 'not getting killed before you get there' point of view.

31-10-2009, 11:27
Gnoblar screen? A screening unit that moves 33% slower than the unit it's screening sounds a little inefficient to me.

It is, at least for me. Add Bickering and it hurts more than it helps imo.

I rather take a unit of Bulls or two to screen the most important units (like Maneaters) and take my luck with the rest. You have to come into combat as quick as possible, and a M4 screen with a 1/6 chance to do nothing is rather counterproductive.

Sadly, HE are a hard encounter for Ogres, simply because of ASF and how easy it is to avoid the Bull Charge (the impact hits).

The fact that most Ogres are only T4 with low armor doesn´t help either against shooting.

Anyway, congratulations for the victory ;)