View Full Version : Wikipedia - a complete guide to all known space marine chapters!

21-01-2006, 17:26
Its amazing what you can find on wikipedia! Take a look at this:


21-01-2006, 17:53
I couldn't tell whether all Black Library is considered a canon source, but if it is, then they've missed one.

*prepares to look smug*


21-01-2006, 17:56
I couldn't tell whether all Black Library is considered a canon source, but if it is, then they've missed one.

*prepares to look smug*


You should add it then.

21-01-2006, 18:09
there is another page that is actually a bit larger

Hideous Loon
21-01-2006, 18:31
They have forgotten to include the Emperor's Pointy Sticks! How could they?!

21-01-2006, 18:34
If anyone can see any chapters missing, please add them.

21-01-2006, 18:38
This is very different. Since when have people been putting all this stuff up on wiki? It shouldn't I guess, but wow. That's a lot of chapters.

21-01-2006, 18:40
Seems to be missing loads from the latest Space Marines Collectors Guide.

24-01-2006, 01:28
Where the hell are Space Sharks? One of my friends oldest and official found chapters from version 2. Not sure where he got the info but I will ask and post a picture of his army with official gw photocopied (gasp) banner and chapter icons. Anyone got any more info?


A lot of the chapters have full fledged backgrounds and close ties to their founding chapters. Many are not mentioned, how can you guys not remember rainbow warriors seriously!? They looked so good way back when fighting eldar harlequins.

24-01-2006, 01:44
wikipedia has everything

24-01-2006, 02:18
this is true even a cleaveland steamer which i really had no clue what that meant when peter said it in family guy..

24-01-2006, 05:29
I'm sooo tempted to add my custom chapter. But I won't.

24-01-2006, 07:44
While putting everything on Wikipedia is an awesome idea, how long will it be before war breaks out between lovers of certain old (and, as GW keeps pointing out, 'outdated') fluff elements and those of new? Pages will continually be rewritten concerning the weaponry Horus carried ("Two lightning claws!" "No! Lightning claw and mace!!!").

On another note, how long until GW legal department demand the removal of official fluff from Wikipedia? :D

24-01-2006, 10:59
Legion of the Damned are missing and Rainbow Warriors, that's two I've found off the top of my head without looking through any publications. Extensive - yes, all encompassing - no.

Nice resource though.


Kargos Bloodspit
24-01-2006, 11:04
Legion of the Damned Read Fire Hawks.

Pwnt :p

Theres 89 in that list there (well I counted 89, not easy when you've got Hives going on in the background) .... only another 911.......:D