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25-10-2009, 20:16
Lord: Warhorse, Questing Vow, Virtue of Purity, Birthsword of Carcassone, Shield-201

Paladin: BSB, Questing Vow, Warhorse, Virtue of Duty -112

Damsel: Lvl 1, Dispel Scrollx2, Bretonnian Warhorse-130

Paladin: Virtue of Heroism, Grail Vow, Pegasus, Lance,Shield-177

8 Knights of the Realm: Full command-216

5 Knights of the Realm: Full command-144

9 Knights Errant: Full command, Errantry Banner-221

24 Men at arms, Full Command-147

16 Peasant Bowmen: Braziers, Musician-106

4 Pegasus Knights: Musician-230

5 Grail Knights: Musician, Standard-220



I'm very new to Bretonnians but I've had always had an interest in them. I want a balance of Peasants and Knights, but that being said I do really love Questing Knights/ Grail Knights, so I may drop the errants for some of the more beefy knights.

25-10-2009, 21:01
Not bad for your first Bret list. Here are some thoughts as I do love the Questing and Grail Knights myself but I have learned many a lesson with them.

When you take big units of Grail and Questing knights it is expensive. Unless you have a specific mission for the questing knights leave them at home. Bring 5 Grail KNights to every battle. At the very least! You can pop a damsel in their lance formation to protect her and she gives the grail knights a Magic resistance. Big units of Grail or questing knights will draw enemy shooting like you would not believe.

Knights Errant rock. They are comparatively cheap, immune to fear/terror on the charge, and they are a core unit. I have one unit of five knights of the realm and 3 units of knights errant on my 2250 list (2 lances of nine and one formation of just five).

For your Trebuchet (I love these!) make sure you remember the dimensions of the table before you start each battle. A 4' x 6' table with a 12" deployment zone on each side... Starting with just that will aid you greatly in determining distance for you guess range attacks, which go before your BS shooting by the way! :) Don't forget that.

4 Pegasus knights is the perfect number of PK to take. Make sure to take a musician and only buy the standard if you have extra points.

Take only 20 men-at-arms, take at least two units of 10 peasant bowmen and make one skirmishing preferably. This helps mitigate against scouts in other armies. Plus it gives you more shooting for very little points.

Mounted Yeomen are awesome charge redirectors and fast cav to boot. I usually do well when I have a unit of them in my army.

Just thoughts.

Once Bitten
25-10-2009, 22:34
Lord: Warhorse, Gauntlet of the Duel, Virtue of Confidence, Birthsword of Carcassone, Shield-204 (Joins one of the KotR)

Personally, I don't see the point of the Gauntlet of the Duel. I've only had people refuse a duel once or twice (ever), instead they throw a champion into the duel. I've always found better stuff on which to spend points than this one - albeit a lot of people seem to like it.

Also, I would consider giving him the questing vow, as your unit of KOTR could re-roll failed fear/terror tests. I've had the worst luck failing those things - and every army I face has them.

Paladin: BSB, Grail Vow, Warhorse, Gromril Great Helm, Virtue of Duty, -155 (Joins the Other unit of KotR)

I like this build - although you may want to consider the questing vow.

Damsel: Lvl 1, Silver Mirror, Bretonnian Warhorse-120 (Joins the Questing Knights for MR and adding a Rank)


Damsel: Lvl 1, Dispel Scroll, Chalice of Malfleur-115(Hovers around the Peasants)

I always put my damsels with knights becuause it, in essence, also gives you an additional knight (by taking up space in the lance formation).

8 Knights of the Realm: Full command-216

8 Knights of the Realm: Full command-216

8 Knights Errant: Full command, Errantry Banner-201

Your two KOTR units will be full, but your Errants will be down 1. If you have the points, I'd put this one at 9. If you need more points, convert one of the KOTR to Errants - saving 4x8 points.

24 Men at arms, Full Command-147

16 Peasant Bowmen: Braziers, Villein-106

I like the M@A. On the bowmen, drop the Villein and put in a musician. You don't gain much with the champion, and the musician will help you rally them when they inevitably flee.

5 Questing Knights: Full Command, Twilight Banner-192

I'm not a fan of the twilight banner because you can't use it on the charge. It's only good for allowing you to hide on 1st round and then come out of hiding - and in over half of your games, it won't be that big of a deal. Also, you may or may not want to give them a banner. If you use them in conjunction with other units, then the banner is superfluous. I would only invest the points (and the risk of giving away victory points) if I planned on using them as a stand-alone unit. (I do, in fact, give my Grail Knights a banner.)

4 Pegasus Knights-220

Give them a musician.

Trebuchet-90 I LOVE my trebuchet.

Malorian gave some advice that I found very valuable. Bretonnian core knights are CHEAP. Before you spend points on ANYTHING else in your army, consider what you could get for those points in KE or KOTR. You may decide to drop a damsel and just give your lone damsel 2 scrolls. Your magic defense would be lighter, but it would free up 95 points (I think). That's almost 5 KE. (Of course, by putting the damsel in a unit, you don't have to pay for a knight in that slot - so it only saves you 71 or 75 points by dropping her.) Decide if the magic defense will save you enough to justify NOT having that extra unit of knights.

How are you going to handle the big nasties - especially that fly around the board? The dragon, greater deamon, etc.? And/or, how are you going to keep your knights from being hampered by flying units that charge you in the flank just to hold you up until the rest of your enemy's army can join the fight? One of Brets' biggest weaknesses is that they are worthless if they don't get the charge. I'm not saying that your list can't do this, but I would definitely encourage you to consider how you're going to handle those things.

25-10-2009, 23:58
Yeah seems like a pretty decent list for a beginner.

I concur that Yeomen absolutely rock (I have 18 of them :p )!

PKns at 4 models is good w/musician.. sometimes I take a std if I have the points, and/or a 5th PKn. That's about the max size for that unit.

I think your BSB build is illegal... I haven't got my book handy, but I'm pretty sure GGHelm + VoDuty > 50 points.

QuKns are pretty meh since the Great Weapons got attacked by the nerf bat. I tend to take Grail Knights first, and then QuKns if I have the points/room.

I'd stick the War Banner in there somewhere. I usually take it on the unit std that will be joined by the BSB (I use SoMight and VoDuty). This make a nice high static CR unit.

26-10-2009, 02:47
I've revised the list, which is now back in the first post. I dumped the Questing Knights for Grail Knights, dropped down to one damsel on horse and included a Pegasus Riding Paladin who I hope to have go monster hunting.

I also reworked the output of the Lord and the BSB, but I'm still not really happy with the Lord. I'll keep playing with him and get it eventually.

26-10-2009, 03:03
Just be wary of lone combat characters with your Grails... Or they'll end up challenged every round of combat and lose their fightiness. ie, one Chaos character on Jug (as seen in most armies) will be 1v1ing every round... And stomping you hard.