View Full Version : rhino/chimera with hatches up count as wartrukk with armour plates?

21-01-2006, 20:45
I actually have wartrukk models but they are to small to make sense. Kind of like having a pistol sized heavy shoota. I was thinking of putting a heavy weapons guy in the back of the wartrukk and making it a warbuggy. For wartrukks I will use a rhino and a chimera with open hatches and handles on the sides. I suppose I could put some exposed fuel tanks and make the driver exposed. These vehicles are still a bit more armoured so I would make them wartrukks with extra armour.

21-01-2006, 20:50
For Orks, I could see that working, as most of their vehicles are open-topped. Just couldn't see a Space Mairne or Imerial Guard Player getting away with that...

21-01-2006, 20:54
As long as they were suitably "orky", like extra plates stuck on the sides, and a Big Shoota stuck on instead of its regular guns, then its fine by me. Would make a nice Deffskullz army, with looted rhinos as truks.

Thats similar to my plans, my truks are going to be orky rhinos with extra platforms on top...cuz orkses need more space dan da beekies.

21-01-2006, 20:59
As long as:

a) they are suitably *orkified*
b) you stay consistant (Trukks = Buggies, Rhinos = Trukks, etc)

I wouldn't have a problem, in fact I'd look forward to seeing it.:D

21-01-2006, 21:59
Sounds like a great idea. The current Truck models suck a$$. Even if it was a light conversion of a Chimera it would still look fourty thousand times better than the current incarnation.

21-01-2006, 22:32
If the orksez can have looted leman russes, than why not a looted rhino kustomized for jumpy orkz? Fine with me.

Post up some pics if you are finished! Would be a good 'how to convert' article for Warseer.

21-01-2006, 22:49
Nice idea.

If you want to do a tiny bit more converting, you might want to take a look at the griffon/basilisk chassis. It's very similar to the Chimera chassis but is much more truck-like.

And the Chimera chassis can be modified to look like the basilisk one with one chop of a knife. :evilgrin:

21-01-2006, 23:49
The best way to Orkify an Imperial vehicle is to hit it with a hammer and throw it out the window. Then tread on it a few times, and glue it back together. It helps if you re-glue it with some of the pieces slightly misaligned for that 'fresh from the scrapyard' look.

I'd probably go one step further than having the hatches open, and remove the roof completely. But open hatches should look fine.


22-01-2006, 00:33
Forgeworld actually make a Rhino conversion kit Link (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/lrhino.htm).

A looted rhino would be continually reworked by a Mek untill it was no longer a rhino

22-01-2006, 19:19
the simplest modelling option is just to leave all the hatches and doors off the rhino/chimera - naturally the orks would remove them as the hatches and doors were slowing down the boyz getting on and off. If you're a good modeller, you can go further and actually remove most of the roof of either model, leaving nice authentic welder cut marks - done carefully this can look great.

22-01-2006, 19:40
Forgeworld actually make a Rhino conversion kit Link (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/lrhino.htm).

But half the fun is DIY-ing the conversion yourself from random stuff you find in the depths of your bitz box!

Its looks nice enough, but its not terribly Orky to have one standardised conversion kit.

A looted rhino would be continually reworked by a Mek untill it was no longer a rhino

Precisely my objection to Orks being able to field looted vehicles using the rules from the IG or SM book, actually.


22-01-2006, 20:24
If it looks suitable orky and can;t be mistaking for something else then it's fine with my, btw I'm using eldar falcanons and Ed raiders for my trukkz:skull: