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26-10-2009, 14:03
Hei guys!
I recently got hold of some WoC models after a trade, and I would like to build my army slowly from 500p up to 2250. The trade gave me the following new models, all built but not painted:

15 Marauder horsemen w/flails & 2x command
50 Warhounds (don't ask :D )
10 Chaos Knights
2 Spawns

In addition i have some vintage/older models:
Wizard on Disc
Crom the conquerer
Daemon Prince
Some stuff enough to make a Warshrine

I also have some Ogres that can be made into Chaos Ogres

I guess i need to buy a box or two of Marauders & warriors. Bus since I am new to WoC, I am not sure how I should mark them, and then also paint my models. Should I go for undivided, or paint them in a specific god's colors?

How many doggies do i really need? And what would be a good start for a 500p / 1000p army?

Hope you can help me out here. :)

26-10-2009, 15:59
For a 500 pt list, I'd go for something like this:

Exalted Hero with minimal gear - about 150 pts
Infantry unit (either decent marauder unit or minimal warrior unit) - about 150 pts
2x Horsemen - about 100 pts each

When expanding to 1000 pts

Extra gear to buff your Exalted - about 50 pts
Reasonably nasty combat unit (Warriors, Knights, Ogres, Dragon Ogres, etc.) - about 250 pts
A couple of Warhound units - 60 pts
Some other unit (or cheap character) you fancy - about 150 pts

I did my army by first deciding on a (not very limiting theme) - Tzeentch & Slaanesh - and then a colour scheme for each god, which were more or less reverses of each other. Then I assembled and painted some units I liked, played some battles, noted which units worked well and which did not, made alterations accordingly, painted some more stuff, etc, etc.

I can highly recommend making a thread in the Fantasy Painting Logs section of this forum, to make a record of how you get along and be a more permanent place where people can give you feedback on the army (army list threads tend to drop off the first page somewhat quickly).

26-10-2009, 16:56
Takk takk! :) I will try out some different color schemes and see. Slaanesh is abit too feminin for me, but maybe there is some colors that will fit well still. I guess I just have to experiment.

That being said, I reckon I don't need 50 dogs. :P How many should I keep?

26-10-2009, 17:13
If you're going to be playing tournaments in Norway, most of the time you will be limited to 3 units of them, so 15 should suffice. Even if not limited, 20 should be plenty.

Regarding colour scheme, that is entirely up to you. My slaaneshi units are blue.

26-10-2009, 23:54
Slaanesh is fine with any colour so long as it is bright. :) Usually bright against black or dark colours.