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26-10-2009, 19:33
The ultimate predator rule states that "each unsaved wound is multiplied into D3 wounds." Is this only on models with 2+ wounds or can you actually remove 3 models from one attack?

I asked this because other things like the Sword of Waldenhof (Konrad von Carnstien's sword) specifically says "Any MODEL wounded ... loses 2 wounds instead of 1."

26-10-2009, 19:35
they all follow the rules for hits inflicting multiple wounds found on pg 31

26-10-2009, 19:54
Wow i never even noticed that section

26-10-2009, 20:08
also worth noting:

Q. Can you use the multiplying effect of weapons
whose hits inflict multiple wounds to generate
overkill against one-wound champions (or against
multiple-wound champions or characters in excess
of their wounds) in a challenge situation? For
example, is it possible for a character with 3
Attacks on his profile and wielding a weapon
whose hits inflict D3 wounds each to gain 6
combat resolution points from mincing a unit
champion with only one wound on his profile? Or
is the maximum combat resolution able to be
earned in this instance by the character only 3?

A. The excess wounds caused are those after the
multiplying, so in the example above the combat
resolution bonus from overkill would be the full


28-10-2009, 00:03
they all follow the rules for hits inflicting multiple wounds found on pg 31

Only that rule is under the section dealing specifically with shooting......

(not saying you are necessarily wrong, but ...Could you find something under close combat that says this is the rule for cc too?)

Sit uation:An old blood on carnosaur plow into and enemy infantry unit--the Carny get 2 hits, they both wound, the carny rolls a 4 and 5 on its to wounds so it inflicts (in theory) 5 wounds----Do you take 5 models out of the infantry unit as casualties? (excess casualties pg 36?)

Necromancy Black
28-10-2009, 00:41
There are rules on wounding in the close comabt section?

I thought all the rules for wounding appeared in the shooting section on the rules.

28-10-2009, 02:37
PG 35. "the procedure is the same as is described for shooting"

there are rules for wounding in the close combat section but they say as above, refer to the shooting section

Necromancy Black
28-10-2009, 03:17
Right, so then you follow the rules on page 36.