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26-10-2009, 21:54
So there is a 1000pt Escalation tourny starting at my local GW in 2 weeks and seeing as I've got number of armies within that point range I figured I'd right up 3 lists and take the army that no one/the least amount of people are playing. So I've got 3 lists for 3 different armies!

First off HE

Noble 101
DragA GW Sheild
Mage 165
vlv2 Seerstaff
10 Archers 110pts
14 Sea gaurd 207pts
5 Reavers 112
5 Dragon Princes 200
Bolt Thrower 100
I think this list is pretty hard, good amount of shooting a tough unit of cav in the form of the Dragon Princes,
and the mage getting to pick his spells and his lore making the magic phase pretty reliable though in all honesty it'll probably be curse of arrow and the shield for most opponents. Noble there to buff the sea guards combat ability

Total 995

Second WE

Spellsinger 175
Dispell scroll Cal's stave
Branchwraith 165
lvl1 Clus of Radients nettlings
10 Glade Gaurd 120
5 Glade Rdiers 129
16 Dryads 204
3 Treekin 205

Decent combat ability a little light on shooting but should be able to control the magic phase at 1000pts with
5 DD and 5 PD plus the fun of spamming treesinging

Third DE

Sorceress 185
lvl 2 Sac Dagger Dispell scroll
10 PD em... er ... Warriors 60
5 DR 92
5 DR 92
10 RXBmen 110
18 Black Guard 286
FC ASF banner
5 CoK 175

1000 Exactly. A powerful list feel kinda bad about th blackgaurd unit seems kinda rough at this points lvl.
Sac dagger allows my one caster a good amount of power dice a turn if need be.

Well what do you think?

26-10-2009, 23:42
Dark Elves are your best option competitively. Is that what you want?
However, that warrior unit is worthless and can panic as a result of sacrifices made... and anything getting remotely near it will annihilate it. Probably be better off with just the cloak.

Wood Elves seem reasonably balanced. But I wouldn't kid yourself about controlling the magic phase. At 1000 points I faced a chaos list with 2 Lvl 2s each with a bonus power dice and a unit with a bound spell level 4. 8PD + Bound a turn.

High Elves. I think that Seaguard unit is kinda worthless.

27-10-2009, 00:09
Yeah the seagaurd might not be the strongest of the core choices but I wouldn't say they are bad. I think they contribute to what is essentially a 1000pt gun line list extra shooting and the stand and shoot are nothing fantastic but I feel they will get the job done. They're in there more because I like then unit and that I Just spent awhile converting them to do the job of protecting my bolt thrower/archers. You are correct though for the points spearmen do nearly the same job better, I just want those extra shots. I'm tempted to just make them spears and use the 56 points to get the reaver bow for my noble but I kinda like keeping my combat heros cheap and ASF+GW is pretty effective on its own.... not sure gonna see if I can get a few test games in before I commit to any of these lists. the league dosn't start till the 13th.

I was scoping out some of the fantasy players last Sunday a 1 WE 1 HE 2 VC 1 LM where there in the shop at the time not sure if these numbers are consistent to what will be appearing in the league

27-10-2009, 00:11
Oh don't get me wrong. I'm a big proponent for Seaguard... I just think there should be more :P

27-10-2009, 03:10
Well after this set of games the next set is either 1250 or 1500 I'm not sure which. But I'm new to the HE I'm just not sure how exactly to run them I'll have 30ish of them soon how do you run them?
Allot of how I build my units stems from the MSU tatics I used to run my DE with back in 6th ed so I have a hard time break from it some times. How do you recommend using them? 7x3? Bigger? I was gonna run them 7x2 for these games. I might drop the Dragon princes down to Silver helms to free up some points.
My HE is my newest project and I've been splicing in allot of WE bits because A: I want my units to look unique and B: I hate most of the older HE heads. My knights are modified silver helms kit that turned out pretty good and I figured they would be fine stand ins for DP's or SH's.

But at these points values I find it hard to balance the minimum chars and the troops necessary to support them. From the players I saw the other day, admitted allot of younger guys they dint seem to go too nuts on chars so I think fro the most part I should be ok with the minimal magic defense I've included in these lists.

27-10-2009, 03:51
Sorceress 185
lvl Dark Star Cloak Dispell scroll

5 DR 92
5 DR 92
10 RXBmen 110
18 Black Guard 311
FC ASF banner Crimson Death
5 CoK 200

I changed around the sorceresses gear and added a magic weapon to the BG and a warbanner for the CoK upping their combat potential but leaving me with 10 unused points no where to put them...